Monday, September 8, 2014

Is it in fact better that England are once again bad at cricket?

Alastair Cook has taken his fair share of the blame surrounding England’s downfall, but should he in fact be lauded with praise?

Well, just as it looked like English cricket had weathered an incessant and seemingly insurmountable storm, the crushing nine wicket defeat by India to send their nation 3-0 in the five game One Day International series proved otherwise –in staggering fashion.

‘Beefy’ Botham believes it is time for action within the ranks, as a revival is now unquestionably needed in the build-up to the Cricket World Cup – which starts in five months’ time, but this tongue-in-cheek list may sway some opinions otherwise. It’s good to be bad, and here’s why.

The kit sponsors
England cricketers – such as Alastair Cook (pictured above) now proudly walk about their business with the sponsor of ‘Brit Insurance’ across their chests. The truth is, you would need plenty of insurance for this type of car-crash couple of years for English cricket. In fact, if we were to apply this to household items, then you would find that this is in fact past that scenario and is now reminiscent of a house on fire. In past years, England have worn several beer sponsors on their jerseys, and in light of recent performances, it would make a lot more sense.

Everyone loves an underdog
When you are an underdog, victory tastes that much sweeter, while defeat is almost expected and nobody really bats an eyelid. If we were in the latter predicament now, the state of the English cricket team wouldn’t be half as bad, it may even seem positive to some fans! Not only this, but the England would also present more value in the betting department. Several leading sportsbooks – and you can click here for more information on them – offer odds on England’s cricket matches and performances, but there’s a lot more reason to have a quick punt if the odds aren’t short and the team isn’t expected to perform at such a high level! Which brings us onto our next point….

Nothing left to celebrate
Years of hold have brought about emphatic levels of success for the English cricket side, in both Test and One Day International formats and while that seems a good thing, in a long term projection it is quite nerve-racking. Should a crisis happen – like the ongoing one inside the England cricket halls – then it is drawn out, painful and all the more excruciating to watch as you see pundits galore remind you of sweeter times gone by. If we hadn’t won anything at all, the emphasis would likely be on ‘can we go and win the Cricket World Cup?’ rather than ‘these lads won’t win the Cricket World Cup and here’s why, it’s a case of when they will get knocked out really’, which is hardly inspiring is it?

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