Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Party moves to Birmingham

Following a historic win at Lord's and a hammering at Old Trafford, Pakistan will now take the field at Edgbaston for the third test of the series.

In England, one finds a lot of Pakistanis. It is home to many, a second home for most holidayers, and a vacation spot for a lot. Birmingham is different though. It not only has a lot of Pakistanis, it almost feels like a Pakistani city. 

Over 15% of Birmingham's population is from Pakistan and you really do see them in every corner of every street!

So one thing Pakistan can count on during this third test is over zealous support. It will feel like a home game as Pakistanis in the ground will definitely out number the English. 

Despite that, Edgbaston remains one of the only two venues in England where Pakistan have never won a test match. And for England, it has been a happy hunting ground where they have lost only one test out of their last ten.

Not the kind of ground you want to play in if you are Pakistan.

Pakistan have another dilemma on their hands.

Everyone knows that they like to bat first, however Edgbaston has never favored the side batting first. The first session of most tests played at this ground has belonged to the bowlers. The last time Pakistan played here, in 2010, they went to lunch with the scoreboard reading 37-6.

They were eventually bowled out for 72 and lost the test by 9 wickets.

With the way Pakistan's top order has performed in this series, that scoreline could be a reality too if Pakistan end up batting first.

However, if they don't bat first, then it puts them out of their comfort zone.

Talk about catch 22.

There is divided opinion our there regarding which match was a diversion from the current state of affairs - Lord's or Old Trafford?

We all know what the skeptics think, but I'll tell you this much - Pakistan had not faced a defeat like they did at Old Trafford in a very very long time.

Misbah and his team are keen to bring out the push ups once again and it is no secret that they will really have to up their game on all fronts to counter England at a ground that Stuart Broad has dubbed "England's Gabba".

That is quite an opportunity that Pakistan have - a once in a lifetime chance to silence not only the skeptics, but Broad as well!

Come on Pakistan, bring out the push ups once again.

Lets do it in Birmingham!

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