Thursday, September 28, 2023

The World Cup is here Again!

It is here again!

The time to - wear your greens, calculate your if and but scenarios, go through high level thrills and some heartbreaks, build your fantasy teams, place your bets, tune into your favorite sports channel, follow The Pavilion religiously, participate on numerous forums on whatsapp and all other social media, wave your flags, and support team Pakistan - is here again!

This time comes every 4 years and it is here again.

It is time for the ICC ODI Cricket World Cup!

It seems like yesterday that a few of us were gearing up to fly down to London to follow Pakistan at the World Cup. The 4 years since have flown by.

There have been two T20 World Cups between the last edition in 2019 and this ODI World Cup.

But this time that comes every 4 years is when the cricket frenzy reaches its peak.

Pakistan's cricketers landed in Hyderabad last night and received a very heartwarming welcome with fans out in big numbers cheering them from the airport all the way to the hotel.

Pakistan's campaign starts tomorrow with a warm up match against New Zealand, followed by another warm up game against Australia next week.

A week from now is when the actual World Cup starts with a repeat of the World Cup 2019 Final.

Whatever has happened over the past 4 years is now irrelevant. All teams have done their preparations and they all now start off with a clean slate.

It doesn't matter who is ranked #1, who was ranked #1, who won what when, nothing really matters.

All that matters is the performance on the day and Pakistan is ready for the challenge.

I reckon this is Pakistan's strongest World Cup team since 1999.

This century has not been too good for Pakistan in ODI World Cups with only one semi final appearance out of 5 World Cups. In 2019 they missed out narrowly due to Net Run Rate.

I know I said that all the past is irrelevant and nothing really matters now, but one thing that I and many other Pakistan fans continue to relate to is 1992 - the only time Pakistan won an ODI World Cup.

It has been over 30 years now, but those memories are still fresh in my mind.

Every World Cup campaign a number of similarities are floated around by Pakistan fans comparing the now to what happened in 1992.

Already there are a few regarding the 2023 World Cup!

So since no one has really dared to initiate this list, here goes ...

1. Babar Azam is the first unmarried captain to lead Pakistan at a World Cup, since Imran Khan in 1992.

2. 1992 was Imran Khan's third World Cup as captain, following 1983 and 1987. This is also Babar Azam's third World Cup as captain, following T20 World Cups in 2021 and 2022.

3. In 1992, Pakistan's premier right arm fast bowler - Waqar Younis - got injured and had to miss the entire tournament. In 2023, Pakistan's premier right arm fast bowler - Naseem Shah - is injured and has to miss the entire tournament.

4. Pakistan entered the 1992 World Cup as the #2 ranked ODI team. Pakistan are entering the 2023 World Cup as the #2 ranked ODI team.

5. In 1992, the host nation - Australia, was the #1 ranked ODI team and tournament favorites. In 2023, the host nation - India, is the #1 ranked ODI team and tournament favorites.

What else?

Feel free to add to the list ...

Because, 1992 me bhi ...


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Monday, February 20, 2023

Cricket Footwear

It’s important to find the best cricket shoe for your specific needs. Batsmen and fielders will want a lightweight and comfortable cricket spike that is suitable for spending hours in the field and is going to give them a spring in their step when they need to react.

Whereas bowlers are going to need a specialist bowling boot that can handle the rigours of the bowling movement and provide traction whilst preventing injury. That is why cricket bowling shoes typically have a strap across the ankle to keep the foot locked in as it goes through the bowling motion at the crease. Bowling spikes also feature reinforced toe caps with extra internal padding to protect the big toe with cushioning as with fast bowlers it is very heavily planted and has to withstand considerable force. Jofra Archer can bowl pacers up to 150kph and the feet positioning is integral to generating such speed. A reliable bowling shoe is therefore crucial in being able to aid this and Archer currently relies on the Adidas Adipower Vector.

All-Rounders may favour having one pair of cricket shoes that they can use for both slower speed spin bowling, that can provide suitable traction. As well as being light enough for the quick, explosive moments required when batting. Something like New Balance’s CK10 spike as worn by England white ball captain Jos Buttler.

When it comes to choosing which style of cricket shoes is down to personal preference. One of the most popular cricket footwear brands is Puma, as it is worn and endorsed by the iconic Virat Kohli , and their eye-catching colours are popular in the IPL. The wide-fitting Puma 22.2 bowling spike is very popular in its current white, orange and blue colourways.

It's also worth considering the Australian brand Kookaburra for their large selection. A cheaper alternative to bigger brands such as Adidas and New Balance, yet still offering great value for money with their running shoes styled cricket footwear. The Kookaburra KC 3.0 Taron Spike is a brand new style for their design featuring a padded tongue and is a consistent bestseller famed for its comfort and is available in junior sizes.

You might also want to consider a pair of rubber cricket shoes especially for winter nets, if you’re training indoors on astroturf or hard wickets. Cricket “Rubbers” feature small, spiked pimples on the sole, which provide enhanced grip and traction when training compared to wearing regular trainers. Two of the most popular cricket rubbers are the New Balance CK4020 turf shoe and the Adidas 22YDS Boost which features a modern boa tightening system.

The cricket footwear marketplace is uber competitive and it’s worth seeing what other specialist suppliers such as Gunn & Moore and Gray Nicolls offer, or newcomers DSC, to see if they have a pair that meets your requirements and tastes.

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Monday, November 28, 2022

Azhar Ali Deserves your Respect

Azhar Ali is probably the most under rated batsman ever to play Test Cricket for Pakistan. I am not too sure why he does not get the respect that a batsman like him deserves.

More than 7,000 test runs; a 40+ average; 19 test centuries; a triple hundred; a double hundred.

The only Pakistan batsmen ahead of him are the greats Javed Miandad, Inzamam Ul Haq, Mohammad Yousuf, and Younis Khan.

I get that he can't be classified as a test great given that his average is quite far from the coveted 50 mark, but he has been the mainstay of Pakistan's test batting line up for the past decade.

He is also the best test number 3 that Pakistan has had, barring the great Younis Khan.

As soon as Pakistan's 18-man squad for the Test Series against England was announced, there were a number of fans questioning the presence of Azhar Ali.


Maybe it has something to do with him not playing ODIs and T20Is, and the fans forget the value Azhar brings to the test side?

Maybe some fans don't fully understand the requirements of a batsman like Azhar Ali in a test batting line up?

I am really not sure what it is.

Especially considering he scored a 185 against Australia in the last home series that Pakistan played; in a game where no batsman from Australia got to a 100!

Some fans pointed out that Azhar has been living of past achievements and does not deserve to be in the team based on recent performance.


Here is a list of the top 20 run scorers in Test Cricket over the period 2020-22.

I see only two Pakistanis in the list.

And I can name a few big names from other countries, as well as, those from the "Fab 4" who are not in this list. Yet they continue to feature in Test Cricket.

Only our fans can have issues with such stars of the game.

I have another stat for you all.

Azhar bats at number 3, which is one of the most crucial positions in a batting line up. Especially in Test Cricket. It is also one of the most difficult positions to bat in.

Here are the best performing number 3s in Test Cricket over the period 2020-22.

I really wonder what these fan critics are on.

And it also does not make sense to drop someone who has been performing consistently!

Here is a summary of his performance in Pakistan's recent Test Series.

vs Sri Lanka (in Sri Lanka): Played 1 Test, scored 3 and 6.
vs Australia (in Pakistan): Scored 300 runs in 5 innings at an average of 60, including a 185 and a 78.

vs Bangladesh (in Bangladesh): 0, 24*, and 56
vs West Indies (in West Indies): 17, 23, 0, and 22
vs Zimbabwe (in Zimbabwe): 36 and 126
vs South Africa (in Pakistan): 51, 31*, 0, and 33

vs New Zealand (in New Zealand): 5, 38, 93, and 37
vs England (in England): 0, 18, 20, 141*, and 31

So where is the failure?

The only series where he failed was against West Indies.

A player is allowed 1 bad series in 3 years; or do Pakistan fans not have the patience for that either?

He has scored runs in every series, against all opposition, in all conditions home and away!

I will never understand the criticism against him.

Azhar is the mainstay of Pakistan's test batting line up, one of the best test batsmen produced by Pakistan.

I hope the fans will leave him alone, give him some respect, and let him play for as long as he keeps scoring valuable runs for the team.

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Thursday, November 10, 2022

Pakistan is into the T20 World Cup FINAL !!!

Can you believe it?

Rewind to a week ago and no one thought that in a week's time, Pakistan would be on the verge of a second T20 World Cup win. It still feels unbelievable that we are there, Pakistan's first T20 World Cup Final since 2009, but we are! 

I have so many thoughts about this World Cup that I am not really sure where to start. I may end up rambling. Let me try to break it down.

It has been one hell of a ride for the past month, no less than a high thrill rollercoaster. It all started for me with the qualifiers when Namibia upset Sri Lanka on day 1!

I haven't missed a single match out of the 44 that have been played so far. I have woken up at odd hours, I have had sleepless nights, but I have been glued to the TV since 16th October. Matches missed due to office hours, I watched later in the day. I watched every single episode of The Pavilion too.

The cricket has been so damn good in this World Cup. Every single game from the qualifying stages was total paisa vasool entertainment.

I have witnessed some amazing cricket, surprising upsets, nail biting wins, heartbreaking losses, some great batting, a lot of great bowling, and simply awesome competition between bat and ball.

I don't remember a World Cup, especially a T20 one, where the fight between bat and ball has been this close, with neither form clearly dominating the other. With the exception of England's onslaught against India.

I guess this has a lot to do with Australian pitches and conditions. If it were not for odd timings of matches for us, I would want every World Cup to be played in Australia.

After Pakistan's shocking loss to Zimbabwe and a World Cup ouster in sight, I maintained that if one keeps emotions aside, this has been a rocking World Cup. Many unexpected results, very closely matched teams with most games ending in the final over, and just edge of the seat cricket!

That kept me hooked to all the matches even after Pakistan's losses in their first two matches.

They are a blockbuster team, aren't they? The drama that unfolds with Pakistan cricket at world tournaments is more thrilling and entertaining than any mega blockbuster movie.

We have all witnessed it over the past 30 years. Yes since 1992.

You all would have seen the similarities with the 1992 campaign that have been circulating on social media.

Sure there are similarities, but more than that I feel that tournaments where Pakistan reaches the knock out stage from a hopeless situation, are the ones that they go on to win.

EXHIBITS: 1992, 2009, 2017

And tournaments where they dominate the group stages, are the ones where they fumble in the knock outs.

EXHIBITS: 1996, 1999, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2021

Nasser Hussain and Harsha Bhogle put it aptly - "When Pakistan are tagged favorites and their fans' hopes are high, they always disappoint. And when you write them off, that is when they come back to play their best cricket!"

In the last three matches against South Africa, Bangladesh, and New Zealand, Pakistan definitely played some of their best cricket.

The two matches they lost were off the final ball. Such a fine margin. Both matches could have gone Pakistan's way so easily.

Pakistan are an amazing team, one of the best T20 teams in the world as records suggest, they played their 6th T20 World Cup semi final - more times than any other team, they are going to play their third T20 World Cup Final - also the most by any team (albeit jointly), they are truly Box Office!

These are uncontrollable.

I guess it is the passion, or maybe a lack of faith in leadership, which is borne out of many other issues with the country, or a genuine lack of understanding, or maybe they have short memories and lack patience.

It could also be a combination of all of the above, but one thing is clear - no other cricket fan is sent into a thrilling ride with so many twists and turns than a Pakistan cricket fan.

As I said, Box Office Blockbuster.

There was heartbreak and a lot of disappointment after the loss to India in Pakistan's first match of the T20 World Cup. I know many people who stopped following the World Cup after that match.

It was disappointing to lose undoubtedly, but I felt at the time that the boys played one hell of a game.

A game they should not have lost, but a game that was taken away from them by the best batsman of our generation who played the best knock of his T20 career!

I felt that the boys gave it their all in the match, and I feared that because of the result they may not turn up fully switched on for the next match. It was a physically and mentally draining game, and to bounce back from something like that is nothing short of a miracle.

I had no idea how the team would pick themselves up for the next match.

What I feared came true as Pakistan imploded against Zimbabwe. That result sent the entire nation into shock and all the fans into an emotional frenzy.

I heard all sorts of crazy statements.

"Pakistan do not deserve to play the world cup", "Babar is not a good captain", "Babar and Rizwan should not open, they are wasting the powerplay", and so on.

For the more optimistic fans, the ifs and buts scenarios started.

Pakistan needed to win all of its remaining matches, and then hope for other results to go their way. Some results were likely, others quite unlikely.

After South Africa beat India, the door seemed shut on Pakistan. Everyone I know had lost all hope.

I also felt that Pakistan's campaign was over, but I maintained that let the team play and win its games, and if its meant to happen, things will fall into place.

On the eve of the last day of the Super 12s, I had a very strong feeling that I shared with most of my friends.

Some laughed, some hoped, some promised me all sorts of things.

I truly felt it as I went to sleep earlier than ever to wake up at 4AM to watch South Africa vs Netherlands.

That Sunday, magic happened!

Yet, the critics remained.

Yes it was a "backdoor" and unbelievable entry into the semifinal for Pakistan, but at the end of the day the two best teams from the group qualified.

For those saying South Africa deserved it more makes no sense at all to me given that Pakistan thrashed South Africa.

For all those saying South Africa would have qualified had their match against Zimbabwe not been washed out - please go look at the NRR. Even if South Africa won that match, Pakistan would have gone ahead with a superior NRR.

Yes the two best teams qualified. Doesn't matter who won the earlier matches and who won the later ones.

When it mattered, Pakistan won!

I have always maintained that Babar Azam is Pakistan's true leader. The way Babar has backed his players, motivated them, and kept the team spirit alive, is unlike any other Pakistan team I have seen in the past 2 decades.

Babar is a phenomenal leader.

His biggest criticism has been his tactics, especially the bowling changes in some crucial matches. But then that can go either way. Some work, some don't.

In my view, he may not be the most tactically sound captain, but he is the kind of leader that the Pakistan team needs. He should be at the helm for as long as he plays, and Pakistan will do wonders.

Under Babar, Pakistan have risen as an ODI team, played the semifinal of a T20 World Cup (2021) after a decade, played an Asia Cup final (2022) after a decade, and now will play a T20 World Cup Final after 13 years!

Tactics aside, he has the results to back him. He has the players that back him. He has a board and management that back him.

All criticism is a load of BS in my opinion.

This has been going on for a while, and largely it is do with their strike rates.

Babar just could not get going in any of the five Super 12 matches. Rizwan still had a couple of scratchy innings in two matches. But they both were far from their best and quite out of form.

The attacking stroke play in display from the bat of Mohammad Haris, brought in at the last minute due to an injury to Fakhar Zaman, escalated the voices demanding a change in Pakistan's top order.

Now here is the thing.

Babar and Rizwan are not only the best opening pair in Pakistan, they are the best opening pair in the world.

Do you break something up that has worked for you for two years on the basis of 5 innings? Do you change your plans overnight because your two best batsmen are not in form?

No, definitely not.

On Haris, yes he played two magnificent knocks in the Super 12s. A 28 off 11 when he batted in the powerplay and a 31 off 18 when he batted in the middle overs.

On the basis of that sample size how do you make a judgement to make Haris open instead of either of Babar or Rizwan?

Senseless really.

Babar and Rizwan came out to open in the semifinal and they batted as if nothing had ever changed.

Both knocked fifties and ensured Pakistan's march into the final on the back of a successful chase that Pakistan's openers are experts at.

Yes I am aware that Babar and Rizwan do not go all out attack in the powerplay and that their strike rates are lower than most T20 openers

Is the way well marketed by the likes of England, India, and Australia, the only way to play?

Surely not, as Babar and Rizwan are the only openers who have successfully chased scores in excess of 190 on multiple occasions. You cannot say that about the Buttlers, Warners, Finchs, Rahuls, Sharmas of the world.

There is a method to their madness, which they believe in. Majority Pakistan fans and critics will keep harping on about strike rates, while Babar and Rizwan will keep winning you games.

To the final ofcourse!

To hell with all the criticism, Pakistan is going to play their third T20 World Cup Final!

Yes it is like 1992! It is Pakistan vs England in the Final of a World Cup at the MCG!

Despite all these similarities with 1992, there are some parallels that can be drawn with the World T20 in 2009 as well.

Back then, I had arranged a viewing party for Pakistan's semifinal and final at Time Cafe at Ramee Royal Hotel. There was a lot of coordination, a lot of requests made to the cafe, and about 25-30 of us witnessed Pakistan's World T20 win together.

This time around, there is another venue, but the same arrangements and coordination has been taking place. A good bunch got together to watch Pakistan's semifinal, and an even bigger lot will be there on Sunday to witness the T20 World Cup Final!

In this World Cup, Pakistan has peaked at the right time and I can't believe that we are one match away from becoming World Champions one more time!


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Monday, September 26, 2022

A very Pakistani Win, But still so many Questions

Last night in Karachi, Pakistan levelled the 7-match T20I series against England, in a win that was completely Pakistani in nature.

Defending a middling 166, Hasnain got Pakistan to just the start they needed, as he had England reeling at 14-3 in 2 overs.

When England's new white ball stars - Ben Duckett and Harry Brook - built a partnership and got going, it seemed England will canter to a win. Even after Duckett got out, Moeen Ali continued the charge and England were well on their way.

But the two Mohammads - Nawaz and Wasim - struck in the space of 6 deliveries to dismiss both Moeen and Brook.

England were 6 down and still 54 runs away from the target with 34 deliveries left.

Pakistan were in the driver's seat and they remained there till the end of 17 overs when England needed 33 off 18 with only 3 wickets left.

Just when all looked good, Hasnain, who had made Pakistan's defense possible to start with, was targeted by Liam Dawson.

Dawson smashed Hasnain, who had so far given only 16 runs in his 3 overs, for 24 runs and it seemed all was lost for Pakistan with England needing only 9 runs off the final 12 deliveries with Dawson in fine form.

Enter Haris Rauf to bowl the 19th over of the innings.

6 deliveries. 5 runs. 2 wickets!

Haris, with his 150 kmh+ thunderbolts, brought Pakistan right back into it.

England who had stumbled, and then were cruising, before stumbling and cruising again, were left to get 4 runs off the final over with their final pair at the crease.

A run out, which was caused due to the panic that Haris Rauf had created in the penultimate over, meant that Pakistan had just snatched victory form the jaws of defeat!

It was a magical win. One that only Pakistan can produce, out of no where. Pakistan lost its grip on the match twice during England's chase, yet somehow still managed to pull off a thrilling victory when Cricinfo's predictor had them at 1.5% chance of a win!

Only Pakistan can do the impossible.

Only Pakistan can create such drama and entertainment in a cricket match.

And to steal a line shared by a friend:

"Only Pakistan can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, and victory from the jaws of defeat, in a matter of minutes"

That truly is Pakistan for you.

There was another meme that I just loved.

Poor Bhuvi thought, a trusted death bowler at one time, he is just having a horrid time at the death lately. 

But it is ok, we can all laugh a little at India's expense, especially when Pakistan has provided some heroics.

Haris Rauf was truly exceptional.

It really was a great win, and all Pakistan fans were back to cheering the greens on, just 1.5 hours after they had volleyed wide range of abuse on the batsmen who slugged their way to a middling 166.

The criticism, even though harsh, was not unjustified.

Babar and Rizwan, as always, had provided Pakistan a great start, having put on 53 in the powerplay.

The next 4 overs produced only 29 runs, and the critics were out with swords!

82-0 after 10 overs is a score I will happily take every single game. It was a solid platform that had been laid by the best batsmen in the business, who do this more often then not.

What happened after that is the problem.

From 82-0, a score of 180 should be no problem at all.

Yet, Pakistan ended on only 166, that too due to Asif Ali's two 6s in the final over. 

When Babar fell trying to up the tempo in the 12th over, Shan Masood walked out with 8 overs still remaining. 

Pakistan could have been more flexible by sending in a Nawaz or Asif Ali at that point, but given how Shan had batted in the 3rd T20I, it was a fair call in my opinion.

But Shan could not middle a single delivery during his stay at the crease. It was a painful innings from the "saviour" of Pakistan's middle order.

Rizwan also seemed to have lost his touch after Babar's departure.

Shan fell with 9 deliveries left in the innings.

Khushdil Shah, who has been the worst of the lot among Pakistan's middle order of rabbits, walked out and I was shocked!

Only 9 deliveries to go and you don't send out Asif Ali???


Why does Khushdil keep getting game after game?

How is he higher in the pecking order than Asif Ali?

It makes no sense to me.

Why is Pakistan's management not showing more flexibility? Where is the think tank that sent Nawaz up the order against India, and Shadab up the order against Afghanistan, during the Asia Cup?

That flexibility gave Pakistan the desired results, so why not do more of it?

Iftikhar bowled a great spell last night. Why doesn't he bowl more often? There have been previous games where Pakistan could have used additional overs of spin, so why wasn't Iftikhar used?

Despite this great win by Pakistan, there are still a number of questions to ponder on.

One can only hope that in future games Pakistan will be more flexible with their batting options, they will stop relying on Khushdil Shah, and they will utilize more spin.

It is about time!

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Friday, September 23, 2022

Babar & Rizwan: The Undisputed Champions of T20 Cricket

Last night, Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan gave the world the answer to that question.

Exactly that.


The two stalwarts of Pakistan's T20 team did not leave anything for Pakistan's unreliable middle order batsmen and completed a record chase of 200, against England in the second T20 International, all by themselves. 

They completely destroyed England's bowling attack and romped home with a thumping 10 wicket victory, unlike any other in all T20 cricket.

When Babar and Rizwan bat the way they did in Karachi last night, Pakistan don't need a middle order.

Babar and Rizwan shut down all critics questioning their presence as openers for Pakistan, their strike rate, their ability to utilize the powerplay to full potential, the pressure they were placing on the middle order, and all such garbage that was being said by experts and fans.

Last night in Karachi, the two champion batsmen showed the world why they are the best opening pair for Pakistan and why they are the best batsmen in T20 cricket in the world!

During the epic chase, Pakistan, along with Babar and Rizwan, created a number of records.


1. Pakistan successfully completed the highest run chase without losing a wicket in the history of all T20 cricket

Yes, the feat has not even been achieved in franchise T20 cricket, let alone internationals.

Pakistan now have two entries in the list of highest scores chased without losing a wicket in T20Is.

2. Pakistan became the first team to successfully chase 200 against England in T20Is.

3. Pakistan also became the first team in T20Is to defeat England by 10 wickets!


Not too long back they were ranked number 1 and number 2 in T20Is. The latest rankings have them at 1 and 4. I think when the rankings are updated next week, they will be number 1 and 2 again.

Undoubtedly, these two are simply the best in the world. What they achieved last night was quite unbelievable.

Having said that, if anyone had asked me before last night about which opening pair was the most likely to chase a score of over 200 without being dismissed in a T20I, I would have named these two!

Their ability to chase big totals in T20Is is quite unparalleled.

1. Their unbroken 203 run partnership is now the second highest partnership in all T20Is.

Babar and Rizwan now hold the record for 2 of the highest 5 partnerships in T20Is.

2. Babar and Rizwan are a part of all of the highest 5 partnerships for Pakistan in T20Is.

The partnership of 203* was their 5th partnership of 150 or more. No other pair in T20Is even comes close to that many 150+ partnerships.

3. Their partnership of 203* is now the highest partnership in T20Is while chasing.

Babar and Rizwan broke their own record of 197, which they had put on against South Africa last year.

4. Babar and Rizwan, during their partnership of 203 last night, over took T20Is most prolific opening partners - Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan.

Babar and Rizwan now have the highest partnership runs, most number of centuries, and the best partnership average in all T20Is.

5. Babar and Rizwan are the best openers in the world in T20Is in terms of Impact.

Yes you heard that right. Anyone who has any reservations about their strike rates or their impact at the top of the innings is only delusional.

Not only do they have the top two averages among openers in T20Is, they also have strike rates as good as other openers around the world.

When measuring their impact, I used an adjusted average metric (Average x Strike Rate / 100) to determine the overall impact made by an opener in T20Is.

The result is here for everyone to see and wonder.


Anything I say about him will not be enough praise, nor will it do full justice, to the absolute talent that he is as a batsman.

Babar Azam is the best batsman in the world across formats.

Here is what he achieved last night with his epic unbeaten knock of 110.

1. Babar became the only batsman from Pakistan to score two T20I centuries.

2. Babar joined Faf Du Plessis and David Warner as the only three batsmen in this world who have scored a century in each format at the same ground - Karachi, the Wanderers, and Adelaide Oval, respectively.

3. Babar is now level with Rohit Sharma with the most (2) centuries in T20Is as captain.

He also has the third most runs in T20Is as captain; is only behind Virat Kohli in terms of average as captain; and is ahead of everyone else with 16 50s as captain.

4. During his knock last night, Babar raced past 8,000 runs in all T20 cricket, getting there faster than all batsmen, barring one.

He got there in only 218 innings, 5 more than the Universe Boss - Chris Gayle.

5. Babar's 110* last night was his 10th century as captain of Pakistan across formats, beating the legendary Inzamam Ul Haq's record of 9 centuries as Pakistan captain.

6. Babar Azam won his 30th T20I last night, beating Sarfraz Ahmed's record of 29 T20I victories as captain of Pakistan.

I am still in awe of what Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan achieved last night.

And I am still in shock at experts and fans who have been harping on about how Pakistan needs to change their opening combination.

Last night was a good reminder about previous chases of 208, 201, and 189. Of previous wins set up by Babar and Rizwan. Of the so many platforms that these two have provided this team.

It is not their fault that the middle order is not good enough. It is surely their fault that the middle order does not get enough chances to bat, but certainly not their fault if the middle order can't finish games.

Babar and Rizwan will not always do what they did against England in the second T20I of the 7 match series.

They can't be expected to set up a platform as well as finish games. At times they will do both, at times they will just do their part and leave it to the rest to finish, at times they will fail.

Pakistan has two champions at the top of their order who need to be cherished by one and all. Such batsmen are produced once in generations. Savor their performances!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

What is Babar's Aversion with Utilizing Spin?

It has now happened way too many times for it to be a lapse of judgement.

Babar Azam has some aversion to fully utilizing his spin resources in T20Is, especially after the 14th over an innings.

EXHIBIT 1: Pakistan vs Australia, T20 World Cup 2021 Semi Final

The first time I noticed it was in the Semi Final of the T20 World Cup in 2021.

Pakistan had imposed a challenging 176 and had Australia in a precarious situation at 103-5 in 13 overs. 7 overs to go with 74 runs to get.

Imad Wasim had bowled his 3rd and the innings' 12th over giving away only 3 runs. Shadab bowled the final over of his spell and the innings' 13th over, where he gave away 8 runs and picked up a wicket.

Imad should have bowled the next over, i.e. the 14th, and finished off his spell. Especially considering a new batsman on the crease and Imad's previous 3-run over.

However, Babar turned to pace and handed the ball to Haris Rauf. It was a decent over and went for only 6 runs.

Still time to bring Imad back to finish off his spell.

But no, Babar went to Shaheen. Still a decent over with only 6 runs conceded.

Continue with Haris would be the wise choice, or even Imad; but Babar handed the ball to Hasan and that opened the flood gates.

Each of the next overs was a double figure one and Australia raced home with an over to spare.

Why didn't Imad complete his spell?

EXHIBIT 2: Pakistan vs Sri Lanka, Asia Cup 2022 Final

In the Asia Cup Final, Babar brought on Shadab and Iftikhar right after the Power Play, as they bowled the 7th and 8th overs of the innings.

The reason he went with Iftikhar, and not Nawaz, was because the left handed Rajapaksa was at the crease.


Both Shadab and Iftikhar bowled beautifully and had Sri Lanka by the throat on 62-5 after 9 overs.

At the end of 12 overs, Sri Lanka were 85-5, and Shadab and Iftikhar had bowled 3 overs each, giving away less than 7 runs an over.

For the 13th over, Babar went back to pace, and Hasnain leaked 14 runs!

Shadab bowled the 14th over for 7 runs and completed his spell.

The 15th was bowled by Haris and it went for 11 runs.

Why not let Iftikhar finish his 4 overs?

Instead of letting Iftikhar complete his spell, Babar turned to Nawaz for the 16th over, whom he had not bowled at all till now due to Rajapaksa's presence. Yet he still brought him on while Rajapaksa was smashing it around.

Nawaz gave only 3 runs in his over.

Now, with 4 overs left in the innings, Babar had the option to bowl Iftikhar for 1 over, and Nawaz for another 2!

But no! 

He went with pace and in the next 4 overs, Rajapaksa and Sri Lanka raced away and smashed 50 runs!!!

Why Babar Why?

Where is it written that your pacers need to complete their 4 overs? Where is it written that you cannot utilize spin in the death overs?

Clearly the Lankans were liking the pace and the spinners had kept them quiet.

Could Babar not read the game the way we did?

EXHIBIT 3: Pakistan vs England, first T20I

Pakistan's pacers bowled 11.2 overs and gave away 102 runs at a run rate of 9 runs per over.

Pakistan's spinners bowled 8 overs and gave away 56 runs at a run rate of 7 runs per over.

England's required rate at the start of the innings was 8 runs an over.

It was clear that England's batsmen were comfortable against pace, but struggled a bit against spin.

A few more overs of spin from Iftikhar or Khushdil could have pushed the asking rate a bit higher making it a difficult chase for England.

But no, Babar will never think of spin to win.

I find it really strange why he keeps repeating the same mistake in every match.

Has the coaching team not advised him on this?

Is there no one in the whole Pakistan set up that sees this?

Pakistan has world class spinners that can win them games...

... but why doesn't Babar utilize them more?

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Why Shan Masood Batted at 4

We all know Shan Masood the opener as that is what he has been for the most part of his career.

Even the international cricket he has played for Pakistan has been as an opener in Tests and in ODIs.

An average of 29 in Tests and 22 in ODIs suggests that he has been mediocre in international cricket, despite turning it on in domestic cricket for the past few years.

He was never regarded as a T20 batsman. So much so that he did not even make it to the XI at times for his PSL franchise, the Multan Sultans.

However, in 2022, Shan Masood transformed his game. He has had a fine year in T20 cricket in 2022 and he has credited Mickey Arthur for this success.

In yesterday's first T20I between Pakistan and England, Shan Masood walked out to bat at 4 and the commentators, particularly Wasim Akram and Urooj Mumtaz, went on about how Shan is an opener and that he would find it difficult to adjust to batting at number 4.

I wondered why both commentators were so clueless when making those statements. I also wondered why no one in the combox corrected them.

The thing is that Shan Masood has not only transformed his game to become an attacking batsman suited to all formats of the game, he has also shifted to playing at number 4 in T20 cricket.

I believe he made this switch considering that Pakistan currently possess solid opening pairs in all three formats. With no opening position up for grabs in the Pakistan team, Shan likely wanted to create his space in the middle order.

And this is how he did it.

In the just completed National T20 Cup, Pakistan's domestic T20 competition, Shan Masood played 9 matches for Balochistan, and he batted at number 4 in all of those 9 matches.

In these 9 innings, he scored 215 runs at an average of 31 and a strike rate of 128.

Decent returns that definitely made a case for his presence in Pakistan's abysmal middle order.

Here's a breakdown of his 9 innings at number 4 for Balochistan in the National T20 Cup:

So no, Shan Masood was not new to batting at 4, nor did the Pakistan team management make it difficult for him by making him bat at an unfamiliar position.

Shan Masood batted at 4 in the Pakistan's T20 competition with some success, which resulted in his selection for Pakistan, who were looking to shore up their middle order after the consistent failures in the Asia Cup.

Shan Masood batted for Pakistan in the same position that he batted in Pakistan's most recent T20 competition.

Would be good if the commentators had a bit more knowledge.

Anyhow, not that it makes any difference to Pakistan's middle order though - they are all damn rabbits!

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