Monday, February 20, 2023

Cricket Footwear

It’s important to find the best cricket shoe for your specific needs. Batsmen and fielders will want a lightweight and comfortable cricket spike that is suitable for spending hours in the field and is going to give them a spring in their step when they need to react.

Whereas bowlers are going to need a specialist bowling boot that can handle the rigours of the bowling movement and provide traction whilst preventing injury. That is why cricket bowling shoes typically have a strap across the ankle to keep the foot locked in as it goes through the bowling motion at the crease. Bowling spikes also feature reinforced toe caps with extra internal padding to protect the big toe with cushioning as with fast bowlers it is very heavily planted and has to withstand considerable force. Jofra Archer can bowl pacers up to 150kph and the feet positioning is integral to generating such speed. A reliable bowling shoe is therefore crucial in being able to aid this and Archer currently relies on the Adidas Adipower Vector.

All-Rounders may favour having one pair of cricket shoes that they can use for both slower speed spin bowling, that can provide suitable traction. As well as being light enough for the quick, explosive moments required when batting. Something like New Balance’s CK10 spike as worn by England white ball captain Jos Buttler.

When it comes to choosing which style of cricket shoes is down to personal preference. One of the most popular cricket footwear brands is Puma, as it is worn and endorsed by the iconic Virat Kohli , and their eye-catching colours are popular in the IPL. The wide-fitting Puma 22.2 bowling spike is very popular in its current white, orange and blue colourways.

It's also worth considering the Australian brand Kookaburra for their large selection. A cheaper alternative to bigger brands such as Adidas and New Balance, yet still offering great value for money with their running shoes styled cricket footwear. The Kookaburra KC 3.0 Taron Spike is a brand new style for their design featuring a padded tongue and is a consistent bestseller famed for its comfort and is available in junior sizes.

You might also want to consider a pair of rubber cricket shoes especially for winter nets, if you’re training indoors on astroturf or hard wickets. Cricket “Rubbers” feature small, spiked pimples on the sole, which provide enhanced grip and traction when training compared to wearing regular trainers. Two of the most popular cricket rubbers are the New Balance CK4020 turf shoe and the Adidas 22YDS Boost which features a modern boa tightening system.

The cricket footwear marketplace is uber competitive and it’s worth seeing what other specialist suppliers such as Gunn & Moore and Gray Nicolls offer, or newcomers DSC, to see if they have a pair that meets your requirements and tastes.

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