Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Boycott attacks Fletcher

Geoff Boycott has come out with a scathing attack on Duncan Fletcher's take on Flintoff's drinking on the last Ashes tour. Those of you who have read that, please read my post 'A coach's betrayal' below, which I posted a couple of days back. Boycott also uses the words 'betrayed' and 'keeping inside the dressing room' and as you would see from my post, I completely agree.

Boycott goes on to say that 'Fletcher should be ashamed' and I think, he definitely should be. Fletcher was England's coach for 8 years and he should stick to that, leave the dirty reporting to the journalists.

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  1. Viswanathan said...


    Even I thought it a betrayal.

    Similar to a wife revealing her husbands' inadequacies.(spell?)

  2. Q said...


    Ottayan - I love the analogy of the wife and husband. Spelling is correct :-)

    Had Fletcher been a coach for say a year or less and was fed up of Flintoff's problems and resigned and come out with this, maybe then I wouldn't have been too harsh on him.

    But the man clung onto the job for 8 long years, during which apart from an Ashes victory, England didn't achieve much and were just as good as a mediocre side. You're right, the team must've been family to him and to disclose things like these is morally incorrect.

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