Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Graphical Tribute to Inzamam

I have been meaning to honor Inzamam in my own way for his contributions to Pakistan cricket. Q has already written a great piece on Inzamam's last test (I posted it for him), I'd like to focus on the statistical highlights on Inzamam's career. Ive always wondered how statsical highlights related to achievements on the field such as wins, best innings etc. After all a triple century is still counted a sa century when it comes to stats.

So, here it is, my own tribute to Inzi. Below you will find a plot of Inzi's test career, with career highs called out. the circular bullets represent statistical accomplishments, while the square ones represent other notable highs. Drag a square on the graph to zoom in on an area.

Let us know what you think - Im thinking about comparing Inzi and Miandad's stats next since there had been all that talk about Inzi falling just short of Miandad's run tally by 3 runs. Stay tuned for more.

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  1. Unknown said...

    I think a very relevant statistical comparison would be the number of matches in which he played a match winning innings. The interesting part is both Inzi and Miandad have played great match winning innings. Merely scoring runs is nto enough. Its whether u can convert them into match winning knocks. That is why Lara is always gonna be a better player than tendulkar

    Anyways Inzi is and was a legend and we should nto forget his favors to pakistan cricket...

    This was my two bits...

  2. obaid said...

    Good point Tayyab. A lot of the suggestions will come from the community, so I will definitely work on putting together a chart which compares match winning contributions

    Thanks for reading and commenting

  3. Q said...

    I believe Inzamam played a lot more match winning innings than Miandad did and that doesn't include only 100s, e.g. 92 vs SA in Jan '07.

    Inzi i think has one of the best ratios in the world for winning hundreds to those in lost causes.

    But a statistical comparison will show a better judgement.

  4. NAzhar said...

    no doubt Inzi has played more match winning innigs...that is something so evident even without looking at stats! He is and will be a legend in cricket!

    Great post Obaid!

  5. Unknown said...

    I for one dont agree that inzi has played mroe match winning innings.. u say that hes played more innings because hes played more matches since in this era there are so many one day internationals. If you look at inzi's macth winnings innings percentage i.e. number of match winning innings divided by number of matches played and similarly of miandad, i personally think miandad will come out the winner...

    Miandad was and is a bigger legend than inzi anyday.. a fact also acknowledged by inzi himself... look at teh conditions in which miandad played compared to inzi's era. This is not to take anything away from Inzis greatness and status as a legend but in my opinion miandad was a bigger match winner and a bigger legend than Inzi.

  6. Q said...

    Tayyab, I am working on analyzing the career paths of Inzamam and Miandad. I personally feel Inzamam is the bigger legend of the two. And I'm talking about test matches solely, not taking into account the ODIs.

    I think both of them have played the same number of tests, 123 for Inzi and 121 for Miandad..this ios from the top of my head, I might be wrong.

    Stats may not tell the full story but they will show something. If you start talking abt a cricket brain, then no doubt Pakistan hasn't had a better one than Miandad's but I'm just talking abt comparing them as batsmen and the contribution of their bat to Pakistan cricket.

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