Thursday, November 1, 2007

Overload of Cricket World Cups

The ICC have announced the groupings for the next 20-20 world cup to be held in 2009. When I first saw the headline, I thought to myself, already? But then something else struck me - there are going to be as many as 5 cricket world cups in the span of the next 4 years. The list is:

1. ICC Champions Trophy in Pakistan 2008
2. T20 World Cup in England 2009
3. ICC Champions Trophy in West Indies 2010
4. ICC Cricket World Cup in Pakistan, India, SL, Bangladesh 2011
5. T20 World Cup in ? 2011

And this will continue...

I have never believed that there is anything such as "too much cricket". The more the cricket the better, and I love watching it. I never feel overloaded, in fact at times I feel there isn't enough. I understand that it takes a toll on the players, but then it provides a chance for new players to emerge and also the opportunity for specialized players to develop.

Despite that, 5 world cups in 4 years, isn't it a bit overwhelming? And its not gonna stop, these cycles will continue...

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  1. blogger34 said...

    too much cricket will lead to situation where less number of players will be fit...and less time for injuries to heal.

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