Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pakistan 3-2 tomorrow?

A pity for the Karachi fans with the ODI being shifted to Lahore but a fitting finale to the ODI series. Pakistan have never won an ODI series against South Africa losing 4-1 in SA in 2002, 3-2 in Pakistan in 2003, and 3-1 in SA earlier this year. However, they have the best opportunity to turn the tables over tomorrow.

With Shoaib Akhtar making an expected return to the ODI side after over a year, Pakistan's bowling will have a much stronger look to it. Asif and Gul have done exceptionally well in his absence but I have always maintained that Shoaib's pace has the ability to topple over the best of batting line ups in a matter of overs. Only if he can stay disciplined and not feel above the game. Hopefully a 2-year probationary period will do him and Pakistan some good as I believe he can still do a lot for Pakistan for the next 2-3 years provided he stays fit and mentally stable.

Cricinfo is reporting that Pakistan are set to move back to Imran Nazir and Kamran Akmal as openers with Yasir Hameed facing the axe. Why these musical chairs? Yasir Hameed fails in 2 games and they move back to Imran Nazir who has been constantly failing forever. In my previous post (below) I mentioned that people will scream for his neck if Hameed doesn't do well in the next 2 games and thats exactly what has happened. He deserves a decent run at the top of the order. He has performed before and can be a better opener than any that Pakistan have at their disposal these days.

Nevertheless, the match tomorrow has the potential to be a cracker. Both teams have shown their brilliance throughout this series and its only fitting that the 5th game is a decider rather than a dead game. My money's on Pakistan, and its not an emotional wager - I have been predicting a 3-2 victory since before the series began and I feel the team will be charged up tomorrow to wrap up the series and move on to India on a high.

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  1. Q said...

    Pak goes up 3-2.

  2. Anonymous said...

    fire afridi

  3. Q said...

    Afridi is one of the best cricketers Pakistan has and one of leading ODI cricketers in my opinion.

    I have mentioned time and again that Afridi has always been a bowler who can bat a bit if you perceive him as that, you will realise his value to the team. His bowling efforts, fielding, and the way he spurs the team on in the field goes a long way to show how valuable a player he is for Pakistan.

    Here I would like to mention that Afridi was brought into the team as a replacement for Mushtaq Ahmed, who got injured on the tour to Kenya back in 1996. At that time Afridi was playing for the u-19 team as a legspinner. And even today he is a legspinner first and a batsman later.

    I believe that the PCB and different team managements in the past have not used Afridi the right way. He was never an opener and never will be. If throughout his career he had been recognised as a spinner who can bat, he would have had a lot more fans.

    Afridi has proved his worth in the recent years batting lower down and leading on the field, and thats where he should stay.

  4. obaid said...

    Didnt we win that one one day series in SA when Waqar had a few 5 for's or was that a triangular tournament?

  5. Q said...

    Your right Obaid that was a triangular series involving Pak, SA, and WI. Pak beat SA in the 2 group games with Waqar taking a 5-for in 1 game and Wasim in the other.

    It was the same series in which Pakistan was bowled out for 43 against WI - the lowest ever score back then.

    Pak went on to play the final of that triangular losing to WI.

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