Sunday, November 4, 2007

Dhoni's haircut and Shoaib Akhtar's new job!

I had noticed that Dhoni had trimmed his hair after the 20-20 world cup, probably to have a neater look as the new Indian Captain. But now, prior to start of the Indo-Pak series, he is sporting a new shorter haircut. Why Dhoni Why? I wonder if it has anything to do with a certain Deepika Padukone. Hmm. This pic is from India's training session yesterday.

In another pic from Pakistan's practice match against Delhi, Shoaib Akhtar is seen bonding with the security officials - even trying out their cap. Thinking of a new profession post your life ban, I mean, retirement Mr. Akhtar?

Source for Pics: Cricinfo, AFP.

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  1. Mani said...

    If i am not mistaken, Shoaib Akhtar recently announced he wanted to shed his 'bad boy' image and start clean. An analogy to such a claim would be a repulsive larva transforming itself into an elegant and beautiful butterfly. Unfortunately, Akhtar is more like an old moth still desperately seeking a 'spotlight'.

    Maybe his flirting with the police there was a frail attempt to get the law on his side. Nah, thats just wishful thinking. I think you're spot on with Akhtar there, he is probably better off with a baton in his own hand. After all, his authoritative dressing room policing will be invaluable experience on his resume.

    As for M.S. Dhoni, I think you missed his quote: "You [media people] change my girlfriends every two days. Please let one continue for some time." I think the man speaks for himself.

    Maybe the clean up operation was for his bollywood entrance but his loud-mouthed fast bowler Sreesanth, was to say the least, rather modest in his approach: "I am handsome but all the actresses can wait."

    (quotes courtesy of Cricinfo)

  2. Viswanathan said...


    I learnt that Dhoni's that Dhoni's haircut was for an advertisement shoot.(Brylcream?)

    As for our man Shoaib Akthar, as you and mani pointed out, it is a PR excercise.

    Did you notice, that he had taken the cap from a female cop, that woman must have burst into an organsm!

  3. obaid said...

    haha, good observation Ottayan. I hadnt noticed that the cap belongs to a policewoman :) I also saw pics of Akhtar commiserating with Sehwag on the recent loss of his father

  4. Q said...

    Mani that Sreesanth comment was hilarious. I couldn't believe he was saying that when I read it...modesty sir?

    As for Akhtar, u got it spot on - he's better of with the baton in his hand.

    Ottayan - I think the woman would have burst into multiple ones ;-)

  5. Q said...

    Oh and abt Dhoni, I'm not too sure abt the ad, but i read an article in this morning's daily tabloid, in which Dhoni said that he did it as he was tired of his look, which he had for a long time.

    He also mentioned that he was not seeing Deepika and it was all rumours. The tabloid went on to report that Yuvraj Singh was also interested in Deepika and it might be a love triangle - trust the media to turn anything into a bollywood flick.

    Let me see if I can find the link to this article...

  6. Unknown said...

    i think umar gul has also cut his hair may be its the in thing now

  7. Q said...

    Hahaha...yeah i saw Umar Gul with his short hair this morning..Akhtar got a trim too.

    But Dhoni doesnt look like Dhoni without his hair!

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