Monday, November 5, 2007

India vs Pakistan: 1st One Day PostMortem

So the first one day is over and I have to say that the quality of cricket was quite poor. Initially when Pakistan batted they seemed to be playing without purpose. A thoroughly listless performance! India were efficient when bowling, but they were also quite unimpressive, specially in the field. Ganguly's crucial dropping of Yousuf will only fuel arguments for a youthful Indian team

India's batting was as impressive as Pakistan's bowling and fielding was poor. Shoaib looked like he was laboring and whenever bowlers succeeded in creating chances the fielders let them down. I thought Umar Gul was the best bowler but he was a bit unlucky, with low bouncing balls barely passing the stumps.

Pakistan's performance was summed up in the space of two balls in Shoaibs opening over. Gambhir edged great deliver in the corridor of uncertainty between Akmal and Younis at first slip. They both didnt move an inch and watched the ball pass by. Next ball - same result, this time Younis made a half hearted, one handed attempt. Pakistan's performance was the same - a half hearted attempt to put on a semblance of competition. The big question is why? Every Pakistani is affected by the genaral situation in their country? Do you think its that or is it unispired leadership from Malik?

What do you think?

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  1. Q said...

    I dont think the Pakistani cricketers are affected by whats going on in Pakistan - they are happy to be away from it.

    I think theres a correlation between whats happening in the country and their cricket. Any individual after assuming a position of power within Pakistan, be it president, PM, or captain of the cricket team forgets the job that they have to do and start focusing on how best they can continue to remain in power!

    I am quite unimpressed with Shoaib Malik's captaincy. Agreed that he is new to the job and that he's learning, agreed that he is in fine batting form, and also agreed that he did very well in the T20 world cup.

    But how does he justify, firstly the spin-pronged bowling attack against SA in the tests, batting as low down as 5,6, or 7 himself, and feeding the Indian batsmen the spin of Rehman last night.

    When he wasn't captain Malik was the player every team wanted. He was willing to open in tests, bat at #3 in ODIs or open, bat anywhere in the line up and he always said he's do it for the team.

    Now when he's captain and Pakistan faces an opening problem, he hasn't put his hand up to be counted. He is a very able opener. The least he can do is bat at 3 instead of Younis, who can come in at 5 or be dropped from the ODI side altogether.

    All these, the spin attack, playing lower down, are defensive tactics. He needs to be more daring and attacking. He just needs to look at his opposing captain, Dhoni, for example. At 2 down, needing more than a 100 to win, and Yuvraj expected to wealk out to the crease, we all saw the young Indian captain walk out and take his team to victory.

    Now thats a captain!

  2. obaid said...

    So the second one dayer starts in a few hours... I wonder if there are going to be any changes in the Pakistan lineup?

  3. Q said...

    I think Pakistans going to bring in Sohail Tanvir instead of Rehman. They need a wicket taking bowler and Mohali generally favors fast bowlers so a 4 man pace attack may do good for Pak.

    I dont think they'll make any other change, nor will India.

    Whats interesting is that India's new test captain will be announced while the match is going on. Keepyour eyes and ears open for that, I'm sensing its not going to be Dhoni...

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