Thursday, November 8, 2007

Interesting News from the Cricket World

A group of 18 people from the UK are planning to have the world's highest cricket match by playing a 3-way 6-a-side 5-over tournament at the foot of MOUNT EVEREST. Can you imagine playing cricket there? Definitely an adventurous lot we have here.

Did you know that in Estonia, you are offered 4 day packages to go and play cricket on Ice? Check it out here.

Pakistan's railway minister, Sheikh Rasheed was denied a visa to India to watch the 2nd ODI being played today between the two sides. I wonder if that has anything to do with Mr. Rasheed's involvement with a few Bollywood actress?

Cricket Australia (CA) has decided to charge journalists for taking pictures during international matches and as a result a number of the international news agencies are boycotting the test match (Aus vs SL) that started today. Moreover, CA also decided to stop other mediamen from entering the stadium. Here's a pic of Cricket Australia CEO, James Sutherland keeping mediamen out of the ground. I wonder where the security guards were?

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  1. Obaid said...

    heh, very interesting roundup... this blog is getting a tabloid like flavor in addition to the more serious writeup... I like!

  2. Q said...

    Hahaha...with me around u should always expect the juicy gossip along with the serious fact reporting ;-)..

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