Saturday, November 17, 2007

News, Rumours, and Pics of the Week...

Shoaib Akhtar has been visiting orphanages, schools, and other places on the current India tour in a bid to shed his 'bad boy' image. In one of the recent school visits, he proposed to a 12th grade Indian school girl, who accepted! Now how does Sania Mirza, who claims she has been 'bowled over' by Shoaib Akhtar feel about this? And is proposing to a school girl shedding Shoaib's 'bad boy' image?

And why did he visit a girls' school again? I wonder which girl from the pic was the one proposed.
Former Australian coach, John Buchanan has suggested that international cricket be converted from matches between countries to matches between franchises to reduce the gap between Australia and the rest. Whats even more surprising is that ICC Chairman, Ray Mali, has said that the ICC will look into this. Are these men gone crazy? This can work for club level 20-20, something like the ICL and IPL, but to do this at international level is a joke. Which teams will people support? Imagine a Bill Gates' team including Ponting, Sachin, and Kallis against a Warren Buffet owned team including Hayden, Yuvraj, and Smith. Who will you support? Surely the public wants to see their country battle it out against other countries. So what if the Aussies are dominating? - TheWindies did the same in the 70s and 80s.
The Pakistani and Indian cricketers visited the Gwalior fort on the eve of the 4th ODI. I posted a picture in the preview of the match here on wellpitched, but there were some other interesting pics that the cricketers posed for.
Shoaib Akhtar looks like he's posing to impress Sanjay Gupta to get a role in his next movie considering Sanju baba is in jail. Maybe thats why Shoaib Akhtar is keen on visiting Sanjay Dutt in jail. RP Singh on the other hand is probably thinking that someone should remake 'Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke' and cast him in Aamir Khan's role. His pose reminds me of the song Aamir sang from the some fort for Juhil Chawla.

Adam Gilchrist became the first person to hit a 100 sixes in test cricket this morning when he smashed Muralitharan for 2 consecutive ones. Some achievement. Gilly also won the award for the best ever Australian ODI cricketer. I'm a major Gilly fan, but isn't this award too high an honour for him? How did he manage to get more votes that the likes of Dean Jones, Mark Waugh, Micheal Bevan, and Ricky Ponting?
Quote of the week.
"I've only been in the match referee's room once and that was for wearing the wrong-coloured undergarment. It's ridiculous." - Stuart Broad.

Now imagine that - wrong coloured undergarment! What exactly are the rules for that? Which colours are allowed and which not? Moreover, how did the match referee know what colour broad was wearing? Very strange if you ask me.

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8 Pitched:

  1. David Barry said...

    I remember a Cricinfo April Fool's joke back around 2000, in which a report said that the ICC was considering allowing players to move between countries, speculating that McGrath and Ponting could be playing for England in a future Ashes series.

    As I always did, I fell for the joke and was ranting about the complete stupidity of the ICC all day to anyone who'd listen. And now they're actually considering it.

    Of course, this is the same Ray Mali who said that Zimbabwe could be the best one-day side in the world in three years.

  2. Obaid said...

    I think he was wearing pink underwear which interferes with the MCC's plan of pink balls. The batsman can have trouble sighting the ball in the bowlers hand if he's wearing pink underpants! This is one of the biggest issues in cricket

  3. Q said...

    David - I don't remember that joke, but the current one being floated by Buchanan and Mali is really disturbing. And I remember that Zimbabwe comment Mali made...and he's ICC chairman!

    Obaid - I still can't get over the fact that the match referee spotted the colour of someone's underwear!

  4. NAzhar said...

    seriously the match referree should be observing other stuff!

  5. Q said...

    Still cant get over it ;-)

  6. obaid said...

    Next thing you know the match referee will also be asking players with dirty underwear to change it - just like an old ball :)

  7. Anonymous said...

    I reckon it was a t-shirt. I remember during the Twenty20 Stuart Broad wore a t-shirt under his actual shirt and you could see part of some kind of coloured logo / picture on it. It looked a bit like a souvenir t-shirt that you might buy on holiday.

  8. Q said...

    Interesting point Miriam. But then would you refer to a t-shirt as an undergarment?

    Why don't i remember this t-shirt..And i thought i knew everything going on in cricket :-)

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