Thursday, November 22, 2007

Pakistan vs India 1st Test Day 1

It's a foggy morning - reminiscent of December fogs in Lahore. Pakistan won the toss and elected to bat first. An interesting choice given the morning conditions on the first morning and the fact that they have only one specialist spinner.

The Indian bowlers have gotten off to a good start, especially Zaheer Khan who seems to be putting the ball on the right spot more often than not. Salman Butt was out early on a ball that nipped back and was too close to cut. Younis Khan got out to a bad shot pulling a short delivery down the throat of fine leg.

The Indian bowlers are appealing way too excessively and most of these appeals are quite ridiculous. The umpiring has been really good to date, Taufel definitely is one of the best umpires in the world. I have serious doubts about the hawkeye being used in the Pakistan India series. In the ODI series and on the first morning of the 1st test a lot of the hawkeyes view seem to be a user making the trajectory according to his whim - and for both teams! The hawkeye really needs to be an accurate one.

Pakistan 52/2 - need Yousuf to play a long innings and for Yousuf and Hameed to put on a big partnership.

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  1. Q said...

    I think batting first was the right choice. I watched the pitch report in the morning and it looks like a very good batting wicket. It was very dry which means it will eventually break up and support the spinners. In that case its better that Pakistan do not bat last in the test and face Kumble and Harbhajan.

    Only the 1st hr is supposed to be heldpful to the seamers cos of the foggy conditions, from hereon it should be a batting paradise.

    As always bad start for Pakistan.

    Im disappointed that Faisal is not playing. Excited about Sohail Tanvir's debut though - hope he does well.

    Indian media is too worried about Yuvi not playing. They should concentrate on the game now.

  2. Q said...

    Oh and the Indian media is also too worried about Shahrukh Khan trying to promote his latest movie during a 5 minute chat with Rameez Raja while the 5th ODI was going on. Hahaha..what a joke.

  3. NAzhar said...

    Hameed out to such a loose shot! Need captains innings...hope to see Shoaib come in!

  4. Q said...

    Misbah's come in. He needs a big innings.

    First wicket for Kumble as captain of India. This is the same ground where Kumble got all 10 pakistani wickets in 1999 - well 8, 2 were for the umpire.

    Pakistan have never won in Delhi. Lost 2 and drawn 2.

  5. NAzhar said...

    yeah there was a sign...same opposition, same ground...what he forgot to add was different umpire :-D

  6. Q said...

    What a pathetic display by Pakistan!!

    Ganguly gets Yousuf - how dreadful is that!!!

  7. KC said...

    disappointing ... woke up to 100 for 5, with misbah playing for time rather than runs ... though like the selection especially the bowling one. hope this performance doesn't convince the mgmt to play an extra batsman in the next match.

  8. Q said...

    Sad. Really sad. As I said, Malik to open, Faisal at 5, followed by Misbah!

    Maybe Akmal can do what he did in 2006 in Karachi. Pakistan were 50-6 or something like that then.

  9. Q said...

    Well I guess not.


  10. NAzhar said...

    terrible stuff! i like Tanvir's shot to get off the mark in test cricket!

  11. Q said...

    Tanvir's batting reminds of Wasim Bhai. I hope he can bowl like him as well.

  12. obaid said...

    very ordinary batting by the Pakistani batsmen... I used to get out like Akmal did... i.e not coming forward to a well pitched ball.

    Also, I have been very impressed by Kumble. He is lucky that his first game as captain is on his favorite venue. He appears very relaxed

    well, Tanvir just got out... looks like we will be batting soon

  13. Q said...

    Im surprised to see shoaib akhtar come in front of sami.

    Sami is a decent batsman at the domestic level. He opens for Mohammad Hussain Cricket Club :-) Sami also has a hundred of 40 balls, which he scored last season in the UAE domestic season.

    I can't believe I'm discussing Pakistan's number 9 and 10 on the first day of a test match before tea!

  14. NAzhar said...

    yeah Sami should have come before Shoaib.

    I agree Kumble is bowling really well today!

  15. Q said...

    200 up! Im surprised to say the least. Pakistan giving the Indians a fight. Hahaha! wat a joke!

  16. Q said...

    As i said, Sami should have come in before Shoaib and we would have been only 7 down at the end of days play.

    Misbah has done well and Sami has supported him well. Pakistan have gone past 200, which is a good sign considering the start they got.

    I doubt these 2 will continue fir long in the morning. Early morning moisture and conditions will help Zaheer Khan and Munaf wipe of the tail. Pak would have done well of they get to 250.

    Miserable day with the bat but a good fightback.

    Shoaib & Co. will have to be at their best with the ball, otherwise India could possible bat us out of the match.

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