Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sri Lanka 2nd Test Selection

Sri Lanka will be happy to be getting back some of their stars for the 2nd test match versus Australia. Sangakkara is slated to make a comeback if he is fit and he will definitely bolster the visiting side's batting which struggled in the first test match against Australia.

On the bowling side Sri Lanka is hoping to have the fiery Malinga back in the line up. The rumors are that Vaas will be dropped if Malinga makes it back to the line up. I would think they should drop Fernando and keep Vaas. Vaas is an extremely experienced campaigner and especially on an Australia tour that counts for a lot.

Ponting and the Aussies will be looking to win their 14th win in a row. This should be a closer match, but until somebody can prove otherwise, the Aussies are just in a class of their own. And 20/20 does not count as it is not main stream (at least not yet).

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  1. Q said...

    I too read reports suggesting Vaas will be dropped for Malinga, and I also think that will be a mistake. As u said Nazhar, experience is needed.

    But I wouldn't drop Fernando - he's been bowling well. I would rather drop Maharoof.

    If this Aussie team wins its 14th game in a row it will be well set to break Waugh's team's record of 16 consecutive wins. That is also the world record.

    Another world record under threat is Shane Warne's 708 test wickets. Murali is well set to break that requiring another 6 to equal and 7 to go past. The Aussies will be determined not to allow Murali that honour on their land.

    Expect a good contest and hopefully a good 5 days of cricket.

  2. Jrod said...

    I think Vaas should be dropped, i love the dude, but i can't see him taking a big bag of wickets, and they need to bowl australia out twice.

    Losing after putting up a measured effort don't mean a cracker.

    But all your marbles on the ground, or go home i say.

  3. Q said...

    Experience Uncle J experience..don't u think Malinga, Fernando, Mahroof is too raw of a pace attack? If they were playing any team but Australia I would've agreed with Vaasy's exclusion.

    I don't see the Lankans taking 20 Aussie wickets unless Murali takes 15 of them.

  4. Anonymous said...

    Vaas or no Vaas,I dont think Sri Lanka has a chance.

  5. Anonymous said...

    I say drop Marahoof for Malinga, and keep Fernando and Vaas. Maharoof just doesn't really do it for me.

  6. Mani said...

    I think Malinga is their first priority. Vaas might prove a more experienced customer but SL need need wickets not line and length. I think the younger fast bowlers have a better chance of attacking Australia than Vaas. I say keep Maharoof, Malinga, Fernando and drop Vaas.

    Murali just HAS to get those 7 wickets. Even if it means chucking a few down the pitch haha.

  7. Q said...

    Hahaha...I was reading that Murali wasn't too happy with Warne's suggestion of getting his action tested in a match situation. murali went on to say that Warne was a miserable man and not too happy with the fact that Murali was going to overtake him as the leading bowler.

    Warne replied saying that he had no problems with Murali and he though that the Lankan would end up with a 1000 wkts.

    Both kissed and made up at the launch of the Murali-Warne trophy to be given to Australia, I mean the winners of this test series.

    I do agree with one of Warne's assessment - Murali has too many cheap wickets - 163 of them against Zimbabwe and Bangladesh (good topic for a blog).

  8. Soulberry said...

    I too feel Dilhara will be dropped for Malinga. But what about Sangakkara? Whom should he replace?

    That will be the more testy choice.

  9. NAzhar said...

    i think Dilhara should have been dropped....Maharoof and Vaas can bat, which is essential when you are playing the Aussies....but they dropped Vaas.

    Australia 152/2 with Jaques in full form...he is quite a find for the Aussies...I guess they wont miss Langer any more.

  10. Q said...

    Soulberry, I would have said Sangakkara for Samaraweera as Vandort did will in the 1st test as did Chamara. The Lankans did just that.

    Plus it was Vaas who was dropped after all. Malinga couldn't do much better than Vaas did in the 1st game.

    The Aussies play in a league of their own. A totally different plane actually. Players like Jacques wait to play for the country and look what they do replacing a Langer - score a 100 and 150 in 2 tests. Wonder why the subcontinental players cant start off like this?

    Speaking of starts - Hussey got a 100 yet again today, his 7th in only his 18th test match. Before today, Hussey had played 17 tests, scoring 1730 runs at an average of 82.4! 6 100s and 8 50s!! Wat a batsman.

    His currently unbeaten - expect him to add to his 101* and watch Australia post a 550+ total.

  11. Mani said...

    Check this out... Hussey gets a 160 this innings he will end up with an average of 90 in test cricket. Talk about goddamn Mr. Cricket! Two thumbs up for class batting today to the Aussies.

  12. Q said...

    Mr. Cricket he is! U know why he's called Mr. Cricket?

    Cause he remembers cricket stats on the back of his palms! Leading run scorer, highest averages, most 100s, his average, Pontings average, Yousuf's average he knows it all!

    A test average of 90 is amazing! Wonder what he'll end up with. He has an ODI average of 59 as well. WOW! Unmatchable he is.

  13. Obaid said...

    Q, there is hope for you to still play for your national team, after all you know all sorts of averages as well

    Uncle J also deserves a special nick because he knows all sorts of stats for Hollywood hotties off the top of his head. I think his specialty is Natalie Portman

  14. Q said...

    Uncle J can be known as Mr. Hollywood. Actually that would be too much like Hogan...ummm..wat about Mr. Crickwood Uncle J? Or Hollycrick?

    I think I can also solve the national teams opening problems. but Im unavailable for a month. Pulled my hamstring in yesterday's match and am on painkillers and 3 weeks rest.

    Have a look at the Aussie scorecard - Now thats a team performance!!

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