Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tales from the World of Cricket Blogging

Some very interesting reads that I have come across from around the blogging world of cricket:

Uncle J Rod's piece on Cricket's most prominent back sides. A hilarious take on the largest assets to take the field.

Soulberry's take on the pink balls MCC is looking to introduce. Interesting facts on a Windies team once being asked to wear pink attire, and how men could object to bowling with a pink one.

Ottayan's view on the boards charging agencies for taking pictures. I love the way Ottayan relates pics to a blog. Also check his take on the pink balls.

Mikesiva's assessment of the greatest captain, which inspired me to start the series on the greatets captain of the last 40 years.

Make your pitch on this post...

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26 Pitched:

  1. Anonymous said...

    q - question for you: didn't razak, inzamam and yousuf all went back on their contracts with ICL? was just reading a news that said that inzy will join icl next week. what the scene there?

    ps: as for "about me", you know me. so let me blog!!

  2. Q said...

    Mr. Anonymous - I know too many people, I need to know who u are before I grant u permission for blogging. Either way I'll need an email address to invite u as an author :-P

    As for the ICL. Only Yousuf backed out of the contract on Nasim Ashraf's insistence. Inzi is set to play for them as are Razzak and Farhat. While Ashraf tried to convince Farhat out of it, no effort was made to get razzak back, which is sad.

    Azhar Mahmood, Shabbir Ahmed, and Taufiq Umer are the other Pakistani cricketers set to play for the ICL.

  3. Obaid said...

    wonder why people dont know the meanin gof "anonymous"... anonymous = anonymous, ,i.e. no way of knowing who you are :)

  4. Q said...

    Exactly Obaid - if people blog as "anonymous", I will never know who they are, so how can I accept their demands? :-P

  5. Anonymous said...

    i remember dr ashraf saying that inzy has backed out of the icl, and will join ipl when he announced the inzy-test.

    anyways - seems like you are no better than our good old gurnail in pak ... you are blacking out opinions just cuz you dont know me.

    what does it matter who i am? why do you need to know about me? it's not as if this is mcmahon-clan who will only let those writers write their shows who they know, and who they can control.

    you are making a clique here - which will limit both the readershop and authenticity of this blog.

  6. Q said...

    Hahahaha! At least i know u r a WWE fan, but then again I know too many people who are that.

    My anonymous friend, I can only allow u to blog if I know you cause I need to send an invite to your email address to authorize u to blog.

    Ashraf did say that Inzi will not play in ICL and will sign up for IPL but Inzi came out saying that he wants to play for both ICL and IPL and that he will not be cancelling his ICL contract.

  7. obaid said...

    mr anonymous, seems like you are getting worked up about nothing. The point of the blog is to promote discussion, we dont care who you are or what your name is. However as q says, you cant really start blogging here if we dont know who you are.

  8. Anonymous said...

    yet again you miss the point here. asking for an email to write on a cricket blog is like asking for a user id to read news related to srk.

    besides how can i be sure that you will not sell my email id to make money out of those mass-email marketing companies?

    too much restriction - too much debate ... about writing a friggin' blog.

  9. Q said...

    Anonymous - u r missing the entire point.

    I need an email ID to authorize u to write a friggin' blog. If I don't have one, there is no way u can write a blog.

    Whose missing the point again?

  10. Anonymous said...

    i would insist that it's you who's missing the point.

    there SHOULD BE NO such restriction on potential writers. get rid of your stupid rules and regulation. media needs to be free and open to all.

    i heard you went to the orange-country earlier this year. how would you like the coffeeshops asking you for a stupid email address so that you can have coffee there?

    it's all about trust ...

  11. Q said...

    My dear anonymous friend, it is not MY rules and regulations, but BLOGSPOT's and eBLOGGER's rules and regulations.

    If you have an issue with their restrictions complain to them, not me :-)

    There is no way to allow u to blog on any site till you register with an email ID. If you want to have your own blog, u need to register an email ID with Blogspot / eblogger. If you want to write on someone elses blog, they need to send an invite to your email ID.

    Go figure my friend.

  12. Anonymous said...

    that sounds more like that i am with musarraf but want to do good for the country.

    if you are part of a stupid system, you are willingly accepting it, and being a part of it.

    hence, my complaints to you are justified. i dont care what blogspot of eblogger say ... there should be no schemes for getting email addresses and potentially exposing the trusting party to all sorts of identity theft issues.

    give me a reason to trust you ... give me some sort of indication that you aren't gonna use it for all the malicious reasons.

    and yes - i did start blogging ... and then realized that i cant really be party to this manilpulative corporatization of "free" internet.

  13. Q said...

    Your analogies are tranforming from being hilarious (e.g. Mcmahon clique) to nonsense (e.g. Musharraf, manilpulative corporatization).

    If you do not want to be a part of this "free" internet, why do u want to write for this blog?

    As for giving you a reason to trust me - its the same reasons u have for me trusting u with writing on this blog my friend.

  14. Anonymous said...

    ok - there was no reason to be abusive in your comments.

  15. Q said...

    What did u regard as abuse anonymous? The word "nonsense" ?

    Then how do u explain the following used by you:

    "seems like you are no better than our good old gurnail in pak "

    "you will not sell my email id to make money out of those mass-email marketing companies?"

    "get rid of your stupid rules and regulation"

    "if you are part of a stupid system"

    "give me some sort of indication that you aren't gonna use it for all the malicious reasons."

    "party to this manilpulative corporatization of "free" internet"

    That my friend is abuse to me, this blog, and blogspot / eblogger. I haven't even started...


  16. Anonymous said...

    whereas my comments were directed to the blog, yours were aimed at myself.

    it was free speech to try to show you my point of you without attacking your person.

  17. Q said...

    You make me laugh anonymous.

    Comments like:

    "your stupid rules and regulations"

    "you are no better than our good old gurnail in pak"

    "you aren't gonna use it for all the malicious reasons"

    Were directed right at me my friend.

  18. Anonymous said...

    the difference is that my comments were aimed at the actions that you took, and the rules that you adhere to (and expect others to do the same as well). they were never directed at your thinking for frankly i think you guys are doing a good job. it's just that you are selling your soul in the process.

    your comments were directed at my thought process ... which is extremely abusive.

  19. Q said...

    They were never directed at your thinking --- your joking right?

    Telling me that I am following stupid rules and regulations and that I have sold my soul on top of giving several opinions on how i couldn't be trusted with an email ID is directing it to my thought process.

    Listen my friend. All this started in good fun. Let it be. Comment all u want here, but nothing directed at me or Obaid. You can do that personally on - not on a public forum.

  20. Anonymous said...

    so you are saying that you and obaid have the right to comment on the commentators on this site, but not the other way round?

  21. Q said...

    No we don't have the right. But it is our right to defend ourselves, our blog, and blogger. :-)

  22. Q said...

    May i remind u that this is a cricket blog to discuss cricket opinions. Please no comments on musharraf, dictatorship, and how we are. There are personal spaces for that.

    Its a request.

  23. Anonymous said...

    ok - fair enough.
    but if i ever ended up writing for this blog, which i will, you can be sure that the cricket post will be full of references to politics and films. and no, films dont include mcmahon-sham (i hardly follow it anymore - but am curious to see how y2j comes back) ;-)

    oh - and a message to the other conspirator of this regulated-blog ... "sleeping is a waste of time" - the current captain of pak.

  24. Q said...

    In the blogs u can refer to as many politicians, films, actors, writers, whoever u want buddy - no issues :-)

  25. Viswanathan said...


    Anonymous seems to have got your goat.:)

  26. Q said...

    Hahaha...u think Ottayan? I thought i was having his ;-)

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