Friday, November 2, 2007

Why isnt anyone talking about India vs Pakistan?

For those of you who want a good recap of past India Pakistan series, I was going through the blogosphere and came across this great piece by Dr Saad Shafqat titled "The Complexities of Playing With India". Even though this was written for the 2004 series in India, a lot still holds true. Also, you may recall that Dr Shafqat wrote Miandad's autobiography titled "Cutting Edge"

Anyways, amidst all the other stuff going on, the traditional India vs Pakistan hype hasnt built up yet. Is it because the two countries have been playing each other quite regularly (after a long gap)? Or is it because the fragile internal situation in Pakistan has had its people focussed on issues much bigger than mere sport? Or maybe its just randomization due to Inzi's retirement, Pakistani self destruction while playing South Africa, Indian over exuberance at winning the Twenty20 world cup, sledging, racial slurs and an Indian thrashing at the hands of Australia? Phew, thats a lot of randomization which may be hindering the context switch to an India Pakistan series. Is that even possible? What do you think?

The interesting part is that this series may well be the last one for many Indian greats namely Tendulkar, Ganguly and Dravid. I think the pressure will be on India for exactly the same reason Graeme Smith mentioned during the Lahore test. India will be hoping to script a fairytale ending for their senior batsmen who will be playing their last home series against Pakistan. I usually am not a big believer in this distraction theory, but we all saw it in action when Inzamam went for a big stroke in his last inning. Whether you try for too much (in his case), or being defensive (by not wanting to be the guy that lost his last match), it can have a negative effect on the team.

Let the games begin. Its going to be a great series for two teams who have gotten a reality check after being on Twenty20 cloud 9.

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  1. Viswanathan said...


    We are just waiting for the fireworks to start.

    BTW, over here, we are obssessed with Dravid's exclusion.

  2. obaid said...

    Great, I cant wait either :) I have a piece in mind on Dravid's exclusion and have my own theory... look out for it on the weekend

  3. Q said...

    People are quietly waiting for the series to get underway, but I agree with Obaid that to a certain extent the increased number of exchanges between the 2 teams has somewhat taken away the charm associated with the tour - definitely an India-Pakistan series is always SPECIAL but the atmosphere that surrounded the 2004 tour of Pak by India was just too good. Initial euphoria has definitely dies down with 4 series between the 2 teams in as many years.

    I think the 2 should play every 2 years, just like the Ashes, but i guess both the boards are making up for the time lost in the 15 years prior to 2004...

    I've been reading the Indian media going crazy over Dravid's exclusion. It is for only the first 2 ODIs and he will most definitely be back for the last 3, but just like the majority I too am against his absence from the squad. I think the Indian selectors got a couple of other things wrong as well, as I mentioned in my previous blog on the flawed selection of the Indian squad:

  4. Q said...

    Younis Khan supports my idea of an Ashes like series between India and Pakistan. I wonder if he read he read my blog before attending the press conference? :-)


    Sehwag lost his father a few days back and some members of the Pakistan side visited his house to offer their condolences.

    Just a show of what the spirit is between the 2 camps.

    Cant wait for tomorrow morning.

  5. O2 said...

    The fireworks begin tomorrow and like Q i can't wait for some CRASH, BANG, WALLOP sub-continent style!!

    Let's hope this series produces quality like the last two one day series' between these two great rivals. Who can ever forget Inzi, with 3 runs required to win off 6 balls, non-chalantly straight batting the first five deliveries from Sachin before slashing the final one for four.

    What drama!

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