Friday, December 7, 2007

3rd Test: Double or nothing

On the eve of the final test match in the India vs Pakistan series, there is a lot to play for. India is up 1-0 in the two match series, they have not won a test match in Bangalore since 1995 and Pakistan have never lost a test series in India since 1979/1980.

Looking back at 1979/80, things are back full circle. In that series, the first test was played at Bangalore and in the current one, the last test is being played at Bangalore. A look back at the scoreboards of those 6 test matches makes for interesting reading. Mudassir Nazar made a century in the first test match... that alone should tell you something about the pace of the game. In the second test at Delhi, India was in a position to win the match, requiring 390 to win the game in the last innings. They were in a strong position at 117/2 at the start of day 5, but decided not to chase the target, falling short by just 26 runs with 4 wickets still in hand !?! India won 2 of the remaining 4 games and Pakistan remained winless on tour.

Other interesting facts from that era.

- The 2nd edition of the world cup had been played in the summer of 1979. Sri Lanka upset India by 47 runs - this must have been as big an upset as Bangladesh beating India this WC or Ireland beating Pakistan (how long ago was that...!)

- Imran Khan picked up an injury in the 2nd test match and did not bowl till the 5th game I think. You can draw parallels between him and Shoaib, but then thats where the comparisons stop :)

- The Kotla at Delhi somehow favors one bowler running through the opposition. In teh 2nd test which was played there, Sikandar Bakht took 8 Indian wickets in teh first innings bowling India out for 120 odd... how Pakistan didnt win the game from there and actually set India a target they almost reached is incomprehensible. Maybe Soulberry can shed some light on this trend, being a citizen of Delhi.

- And finally, those who argue for more games in a test series... I think 6 is way too many. It looks like the players really got into it after the first 2 test matches and were more concerned about not losing at the start of the series.

Now to the present era, the game is about to start in a few hours. Seems like wellpitched readers have once again conspired to influence things like team lineups. Younis Khan is going to continue as Pakistan captain (donkey rides and all) and Yuvraj is set to make his entry to the test side. I think Yuvraj and Pathiv may come in for India in place of Tendulkar and Dhoni. For Pakistan Abdur Rehman, the left arm spinner may come in for Sami.

Make your pitch on this post...

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11 Pitched:

  1. Viswanathan said...


    I predict the match will end in 4 days.

    What is your feel.

  2. obaid said...

    Hey Ottayan,

    I think the pitch is holding up for now... but it may start spinning 3rd day onwards, knowing Pakistan's brittle batting a finish inside 4 days is definitely possible. However, I feel that the match may go on till lunch on the 5th day

  3. Viswanathan said...


    Have shot of some more assumptions on my blog.

    Hope you will agree! :)

  4. Jrod said...

    Oh Shoaib...

  5. Q said...

    Another draw!

  6. Q said...

    Yuvraj got his highest test score and his 4th century in tests and as many against Pakistan.

    Ganguly got his 1st double and his highest test score.

    Pathan just went past his previous test best of 93 and is on the verge of his 1st hundred.

    Record breaking test for the Indians. Pakistan's bowling has been a good punching bag for the Indians.

    Lets see how many Pakis get their highest test scores in the match.

    Even if none do I think that this match has already produced the most number of 'highest test scores' for individuals.

    Some research is called for.

    BRB :-)

  7. David Barry said...

    With a qualification of ten innings played before getting the highest score, I find five Tests that have produced five highest scores.

    Ind v NZ at Madras, 1955/6: Mankad, Roy, Moir, Leggat, Cave.

    Aus v Pak at Adelaide, 1972/3: Intikhab, Wasim, I Chappell, Marsh, Lillee.

    Ind v WI at Kanpur, 1978/9: Viswanath, Gaekwad, Amarnath, Bacchus, Jumadeen.

    NZ v Eng at Wellington, 1983/4: Smith (1st inns), Crowe, Coney, Cairns, Smith (2nd inns).

    Ind v Eng at Chennai, 1992/3: Tendulkar, Hick, Fairbrother, Lewis, Tufnell.

    The Ind v WI game is probably the most noteworthy in this regard, as four of the five highest scores were centuries, and the other a half-century.

  8. Obaid said...

    David I see that you are well and truly back from your break, churning all kinds of wonderful stats :)

    Welcome back my friend

  9. Q said...

    Thanks for the amazing stats David!

    No one from Pakistan got theit highest test score apart from Yasir Arafat but it was his debut test so it wouldn't qualify as per David's criteria...

  10. David Barry said...

    Extras got his highest score though. :)

  11. Q said...

    He did indeed David. Poor DK - he gave away 35 byes! Not only is his form lacking in front of the stumps, even behind them he can't get much right...

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