Monday, December 3, 2007

A long absence

A combination of work and travel has kept me away from blogging. I was in Portland, OR, this weekend watching the USA capture a record 32nd Davis Cup Tennis championship. I know tennis is not related to cricket, but few people know that the Davis Cup competition has a very interesting connection with cricket.

In 1877, the Longwood Cricket Club was established in Boston, very close to Fenway Park. This club was used for lawn tennis, cricket as well as baseball. The first Davis Cup was also held at Longwood in 1900. This is the second instance that I know off where a cricket field was used for tennis. The other one is a Davis Cup tie between Pakistan and India that was played on the outfield of Bombay's Wankhede stadium a couple of years back. I wonder if grass fields in England and France were used for both cricket and tennis in earlier days when these sports were ... I need to investigate some more.

Anyways, to prove that i wasnt slacking and was actually away, here is a picture I took of the winning team. In the picture (from the left) you can see James Blake, Billie Jean King, one of the Bryan twins, Andy Roddick, Patrick McEnroe, the other Bryan twin. the Davis Cup has a very rowdy and partisan atmosphere and it was a great experience

Back to cricket... it seems the the Pakistani cricket team does have a spine but the lower part of the spine has more substance than the upper half. Will Misbah engineer a draw in this test? Is it too late for the Pakistani team in this series? Or is this the start of a fight back that will continue to the next test?

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  1. Viswanathan said...


    Misbah has delivered. Its going to be draw.

  2. Q said...

    Yep I agree with Ottayan - it seems headed for a draw but knowing Pakistan, u never know!

    Misbah played a gem. Pure test innings. He batted for over a day, coming out before lunch on day 3 and ending not out half way after lunch on day 4. Wat an innings.

    I liked Akmal too - he was quite aggressive and played many beautiful drives. his strokeplay was brilliant!

    The pitch has been a batting paradise actually. Lots of runs scored. But India will probably bowl 80 overs at Pakistan tomorrow and with kumble and harbajhan turning it square on day 5, u just cant call this match over.

    I wouldn't.

  3. Soulberry said...

    Not too late in this series at all.

    This test match very much depends upon the timing of the declaration, which I suspect should be in another four-five overs from now, and Paksitan's willingness to go for it.

    The rough is outside the line of effectivity to all except Butt.

    Misbah, Akmal have truly revived Pakistan and this series.

    Misbah is having a glorious year now.

    Cricket, Lawn tennis, Bowling, Croquet...all have some old and intimate connections besides British origins and patronage.

    Must have been fun watching the Davis's been a while since I picked up a match...India vs Chile with Marcello Rios (remember him?)in the fray.

  4. obaid said...

    hey Soulberry. Ofcourse I remember Rios... I think India played Chile in Chennai (clay courts). Is that right?

    I agree with you about the test match. Pakistan needed to show some fighting spirit to keep interest alive in the series. They have done just that, and I hope this match ends in a draw so that we're set for a thrilling final test... double or nothing!

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