Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Recognition for Well Pitched

Its been a interesting journey since we launched this blog in October - even though its only been 4 months or so, it seems like ages. O2, one of our very own writers has gotten married, Q has gone on wild partying trips to Asia, Nazhar sprained his back, Inzi retired, Pakistan toured India, India lost in Australia but flexed its political muscle and Uncle J kept churning out wonderfully perverse and risqué content. But most importantly we all kept at it - the writers kept churning out good material and you, the readers continued to visit and leave some great comments.

We were pleasantly surprised when the folks at Simply Cricket picked us as their blog of the month. This is a great honor for us and we would like to thank Tom and others at Simply cricket for plucking us from the blogo-sphere. Please visit the site and read the article on Well Pitched. This recognition would not have been possible without you, the readers who visit Well Pitched, leave great comments, give us ideas and inspire us to continue writing better. Hence, this recognition should be celebrated by all of us, the writers, and the visitors.

Finally writing by our very own contributer and co-Founder, Mr Q has been showcased in the article on Simply Cricket. Congratulations Q! All that partying is doing wonders for your writing :)

Thank you all - please keep visiting, leaving comments and blogging about us.

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6 Pitched:

  1. Jrod said...

    Well done chaps.

  2. Q said...

    Thank you Tom @ Simply Cricket, thank you Obaid, and thank you Uncle J.

    Its been a team effort here as Obaid mentioned. Bloggers @ wellpitched, keep up the good work.

    Other bloggers and our regulars in the comments section, i.e. Uncle J, Soulberry, Ottayan, Straight Point, Scorpi, and others - I hope u keep coming back.

  3. straight point said...

    congrats q and for you team mates!!!

    keep it up!!

  4. Q said...

    Thank u SP :-)

  5. Anonymous said...

    great work dudey

  6. Q said...

    Thank u Scorp.

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