Saturday, March 15, 2008

Best Swing Bowler

Somebody told me that during the lunch break of the England versus New Zealand, Alan Davidson said that Wasim Akram was the best swing bowler he has ever seen by a long way! I could not agree with that statement any more.

Akram could do things with the cricket ball that nobody could before and nobody has been able to since. He made the ball talk! Mark Waugh once said that if he was born again, he would like to be Wasim Akram because he can win matches in so many different ways by himself.

One of Akram's greatest strengths was his uncanny ability to know his limitations and his strengths and bowl accordingly. He never tried to lengthen his run up or bowl faster. He was always focused on bowling the best!

The art of reverse swing was really revolutionized by the 2 W's - Wasim and Waqar. I would say that the two of them are the best swing bowlers the game has ever seen. Boy, do I miss not having them in the Pakistan side!

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  1. straight point said...

    if only they could bowl forever Nazhar!!

    the more surprising and somewhat disturbing thing is pak has not utilized their experience the way they should have...

    ts really a pity that collective experience of more that 1000 wickets is going un-utilised...

  2. Q said...

    SP, more than 1000 is right, but collectively in ODIs and Tests, Wasim and Waqar have over 1,700 wickets!

    It'll be a good read to see how many other bowling combinations come close. Warne-McGrath would be up there and maybe Ambrose-Walsh as well.

    I think I'll do a post on this soon.

    And ur right on the other note as well. Waqar was used as a bowling coach but then dumped for no reason. He played a major role in developing Umar Gul. He could have done much more.

    I dont know why PCB hasnt used Wasim Akram other than for guest appearacnes as bowling camps and stuff.

  3. Soulberry said...

    I didn't think there was any doubt about it. Wasim is my all time fav bowler alongside Mikey Holding.

    Absolute gem of a bowler...if you asked him, he'd probably bowl 12 different balls in 12 balls. Complete master of the art of pace bowling.

  4. NAzhar said...

    Well said Soulberry...I agree.

    SP...I share your wish! I love watching cricket classics :-)

    Q - that would be an interesting post to see bowling tandems combined wickets.

    Pathan got tips from Akram and we saw the impact of that!

  5. Jrod said...

    Did Davison count himself in that estimation, can one see themselves bowl.

    Because from what i've heard and the little i've seen no one swung the ball like Davison.

    They are the best two left armers of all time, and also possibly the best two swingers of all time.

  6. Q said...

    I believe Davidson was considered the best left armer before Wasim Akram. Even today some may consider Davidson the better one, but surely the best 2 ever as u said Uncle J.

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