Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Uncle J Rod's Petition Pays Off!

About a month and a half back Uncle J of Cricket with Balls started a petition to get David Hussey into the Australian cricket team.

The arguements were all strong since Hussey Jr. was blasting away in the domestic matches, while the Aussie's international batsmen were struggling against an overgrown Adam's apple (referring to Uncle J's reference to Ishant Sharma).

That petition attracted some 130 signatures on Uncle J's blog. The petition was also added onto a facebook group and then it was said to be doing the rounds of the streets of Australia.

I don't have the total count of how many people actually signed the petition but Cricket Australia selectors probably got hold of it and realised that they had to bow down to the demands of the Aussie public.

This morning when CA announced the squad for Australia's tour to the Windies in May, David Hussey was part of the 14 man ODI line up.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Uncle J on all his efforts to get David Hussey into Office! Your work has paid off Uncle J. I know you are mighty pissed at Bryce McGain being ignored but savour this moment of glory - David Hussey is in the team because of you.

In another expected announcement, Micheal Clarke took over as the Vice Captain of the team following Adam Gilchrist's retirement and Brad Haddin replaced him as the #1 wicket keeper.

The Aussies have been going through a transformation of sorts since the heavy load of retirements during last and this season. And this is another step within the tranformation phase.

Will they hold on to their status as the #1 team in the world? Only time will tell.

Uncle J - now I suggest a petition for the inclusion of your very own Bryce McGain.

Make your pitch on this post...

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4 Pitched:

  1. Anonymous said...

    Nice work Q!!

    Who can resist the power of the J Rod..

    Not the CA Administracats, it would seem!

    All hail future PM David Hussey.

  2. Q said...

    Thanks Suave. Good to see u here.

    The power of the j rod is exactly why I have suggested a petition for bryce mcgain.

    I think the future PM should be used to open the batting.

  3. Jrod said...

    Thank you, but i think you guys have overestimated my powers.

    As James Van Der Beek said "I am only one man"

  4. Q said...

    One man who can shake up a bunch of administracrats ;-)

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