Sunday, April 6, 2008

Shoaib Akhtar in Hotter Soup - The WAR Continues...

The PCB banned Shoaib Akhtar, Nasim Ashraf gave a press conference, Shoaib gave an interview to GEO, Hamid Mir disclosed off-camera talk, Shoaib confirmed off-camera talk on other TV channels, and now it has all come back to bite Shoaib on his back side!

To read about what has happened over the last few days since this war started, read here, here, and here.

Had Shoaib remained quiet after the ban, seemed apologetic for his indisciplinary acts, and filed an appeal, maybe, just maybe, he could have gotten away with it. He has filed an appeal and the PCB is setting up an appellate tribunal to her it out but I highly doubt Shoaib would be listened to this time round.

His vindictive interviews to the media regarding match fixin, former cricketers, the PCB, and Nasim Ashraf have completely back fired.

  1. The ICC have stated that the ACU is going to question Shoaib - this is going to get him or others into serious trouble. In order to keep intact whatever little integrity he has left, he cannot go back on what he has said. If he speaks the truth and is able to give some sort of evidence, it could potentially shake up cricket in Pakistan, India, and South Africa.
  2. The IPL have disallowed Shoaib from playing for the Kolkata Knight Riders - Lalit Modi said that since the IPL was looking for global acceptance they had to follow international guidelines, thus it would be wrong of them to allow a player banned by a home board to play in their league. Fair enough, but there could be more to this. Ottayan has pointed out that it was the BCCI that requested the ICC to question Shoaib regarding his claims of being approached by bookies in India. This could have triggered the BCCI barring Shoaib from the IPL.
  3. Nasim Ashraf and the PCB have filed a defamation case against Shoaib - a lawsuit demanding millions of dollars in compensation for making derogatory comments about the PCB and Nasim Ashraf has been filed by the PCB. If he cannot provide evidence against Nasim Ashraf and his "fee cuts", Shoaib is going to be poorer by some $3 million! Plus I doubt the tribunal will reverse the ban following these statements.

  4. The ICL looks out of the options list - Shoaib publicly spoke about slapping Inzamam and Moin Khan who are the captain and coach of the Lahore Badshahs respectively. Playing for the Lahoriyas is out of the question now. He could play for some other ICL team but then Moin Kan is the agent for Pakistani players taking part in the ICL and I believe he will put in all efforts to keep Shoaib out of it.
What now for Shoaib? I think he has bowled his final delivery in all forms of cricket.

Bollywood and Rakhi Sawant look like the more realistic option.

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4 Pitched:

  1. Arjun said...

    So what does this mean? It's all too much to follow now.

    Will he or will he not play for Pakistan? And IPL? What's likely?

  2. Q said...

    PCB has only banned him to play for and in Pakistan. They have given him an NOC to play in the IPL.

    But according to the BCCI, he will not play in the IPL unless PCB lifts the ban.

    SRK however is trying to persuade Lalit Modi to allow Shoaib to play despite the ban.

    Shoaib has filed an appeal against the ban and the PCB is setting up an appellate tribunal that will hear his case.

    It will take at least 3 weeks before any verdict is reached.

    My view is that whether or not the ban is lifted I really doubt that he would get selected for Pakistan, but he will end up playing in the IPL.

    I hope I have answered ur questions Arjwiz.

  3. Arjun said...

    You sure have! Thanks!

    I really hope for everyone's sake that he does get to play!

  4. Q said...

    I sure hope so too ...

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