Monday, April 21, 2008

Who are you supporting?

I got this from Cricinfo's ball-by-ball update of the Indian Premier League match between Kolkata Knight Riders and the Deccan Chargers.

I followed the 1st half of the match on Cricinfo from work and the man updating the site every ball had asked fans to comment on which team they were supporting and why. The few that I caught were all quite interesting.

See what these guys had to say:

"It is difficult for me to decide where do i belong. I am punjabi. Born in Bengal. Studied in Chennai and working in Hyderabad. And My favourite player is Sachin Tendulkar. I am yet to decide which team I support."

Poor Jagdeep Singh is a confused man.

"I am from Madras, so I root for the 'Super Kings'. I also support Kolkata Knight Riders because I am a very big fan of Dada. However, it's bit of a quandary for me as I can't stand SRK."

Uncle J Rod will like this man, Arunan. Oh no he likes Ganguly despite not liking SRK.

"I am from Punjab and there is noway i will support any other franchise even if they have better sides. Go Kings XI!"

Amit Talhan has no doubts whatsoever.

"We enjoy & cheers all the runs scored and all the wickets falling. Our favorite players in all the is very diffcult to be with One team....Just Enjoyment."

Jaufer is surely being entertained. Way to go my man, I'm with you.

"My heart is with Kolkata 'cause -- Bengali is my mother-tongue, lived in New Zealand for 4 years and Shah Rukh khan is my favourite actor."

Alright Shameem Haque!! SRK is also my favorite actor and KKR is my favorite team.

"To hell with this franchisee stuff.. i always support Tendulkar.. whichever team he is in..."

Rohit Sen speaks like a true Indian.

"Unless you support a team , the enjoyment doesn't continue long. after the initial hype people will have a better alternative for entertainment."

Karthik feels the novelty of the IPL will die down soon.

"I'm watching this match from Virginia, US. It's early morning here and raining heavily.A smoking cup of coffee, the sweet sound of pittar-patter rain-drops on the window panes and the Knight Rider's run chase on the sopcast..aha, this is what life is all about?"

IPL has broken all barriers and attracted viewers from the US of A. Surely Joydeep is more excited than the Indians even.

"I wish for a team from my native place, Kerala - cochin thunderbolts!"

Mr. Lalit Modi, are you reading? Sandeep Sathyan has a request for you.

"I want to support each and every team and congratulate the winning team. One thing I have noticed even the foreigh players are getting along with each and everyone. Example, the match between Knight riders and Banglore RC, ishant got the wicket of dravid and Ponting was the first one to congratulate him and ruffling his head. This is sportsmanship and spirit of the game. I love it."

Shankar Iyer - I am with you Sir!

Who are you supporting and why?

Make your pitch on this post...

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4 Pitched:

  1. avik said...

    I am a 'bong' in Bangalore and I am routing for the Riders... No doubt about it. In fact i went for the 1st match (K'kata vs. B'lore) and I was the only one with a grin(among my friends) end of game... I loved it... :)

  2. Q said...

    Welcome to Well Pitched Transmitter.

    I'm rooting for the riders too but my reasons are different :-)

    Why weren't your friends grinning?

  3. Anonymous said...

    Its hard to pick any one team as a favorite as T20 game is very un predictable but teams which have good local players will find it much easier to pick good combinations as opposed to those teams which have picked a lot of International Stars but will always be facing a dilemma
    that which 4 players they should pick,Kings XI is a prime example,they will have to find a replacement for Piyush and Sreesaanth if they have to fancy any chances.

    So far KKR, Delhi Daredevils,Deccan chargers are my favorites to be in the final four the fourth one can be an upset.

  4. Q said...

    I agree Sam - Delhi have the best Indian star cast I think.

    I m unison with your 3 for the final 4. I would give the final spot to Jaipur. They are the dark horse here, the weakest team of the lot but with Shane Warne at the forefront, they could do wonders.

    Kings XI still have time on the side, they could do well. I don't want to see Priety in tears.

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