Sunday, April 20, 2008

Who is Naumanullah?

He's the man who made his debut for Pakistan in the 5th ODI against Bangladesh.

He's the 32 year old who looks younger than the 28 year old Afridi and the 30 year old Younis Khan.

He's the one who was awarded the best batsman of the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy 2007-08 for his 949 runs in 10 matches at an average of 63.26 with 4 centuries and 3 fifties.

He's the batsman who was the 3rd highest leading scorer in first class matches this season (2007-08) - 15 matches, 1,235 runs, average 53.69, 4 100s, 5 50s.

He's the right hander who justifiably made the squad for the 5th ODI against Zimbabwe earlier this year but unjustifiably didn't get to play.

He's the number 3 batsman who walked out at the fall of the 6th wicket in the 5th ODI against Bangladesh, when 2 overs of Pakistan's innings were left.

He's the debutant who did not get a knock when Pakistan lost its 2nd wicket at 207 in the 35th over.

He's the Karachi-ite who will not play for Pakistan again.

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  1. Viswanathan said...

    Uh! Why?

  2. Jrod said...

    Perhaps he should lie about his age.

  3. straight point said...


    i feel the pak cricket is slowly painfully relegating to mediocre level...partly for some reasons beyond their control...but mostly to their own cases...

    they had perfect opportunity to try some youngsters in this series but somehow they thought their life depended on this series win...against BD??

    they need a powerful man to shake things and mindset i guess...

    but the billion dollar q is who's that guy...??

  4. Anonymous said...

    that ain't the point. considering pakistan hasn't played much international cricket in recent times, it's not a surprise they made their main guys bat and bowl. it's all well and good blooding newbies but if the original members also need to get sme match practice...

  5. Anonymous said...

    Geoff Lawson is a ruthless selfish man (in a cricketing sense) and like most Aussie sporting folk he is not sentimental. He wants to win every match no matter the opponent and in a way I can see the sense in it.

    If he lost a match to Bangladesh that would make him one step closer to losing his job. He is only human and cares more about his own well being than that of Pakistani cricket.

  6. Q said...

    Ott - because something like this happens only in Pakistan.

    Perhaps he should Uncle J.

    SP - you have anyone in mind?

  7. Q said...

    Anonymous - I don't agree. The Pakistan cricketers were getting ample cricket on the domestic front. The Pentnagular and the ABN Amro One Day competition took place and all the internationals played. With all due respect the Bangladesh, their bowling wasn't any better than a Paki club side's.

    The tried something like a dozen a new players against Zimbabwe. They could have done the same here rather look to break some national records against a weak Bangladesh.

  8. Q said...

    Nesta, thats an interesting perspective. I never thought of it that way.

    But I'm not too sure how much of a say Lawson has. There were reports that he wanted Yousuf and Afridi out of the ODI side, that didn't happen.

    Moreover the squad and the playing XI has been wat the selectors have wanted and not what Lawson and Malik have wanted.

  9. Q said...

    The thing about Naumanullah is that guy was forced into the team by the selectors because his domestic performance was too good to ignore.

    The selectors wanted him in the I for the final game but the team management did not. The selectors due to the Veto rights got their way. But if the team management actually wanted to give the new comer a chance they would have batted him higher.

    What message have they sent by batting him at 8 when 2 overs were left.

    At 207-2 in the 35th over when Younis Khan fell would have been the ideal time to send the new comer to the crease. But none of the senior players wanted this man to make a mark.

    Its the same that Misbah and Faisal Iqbal faced from Inzi, Yousuf, and Younis in the last decade.


  10. Anonymous said...

    as i mentioned in my comments to an earlier post - pakistan cricket is ailing. i dont want to say that it's gonna die, cuz we have enough passion to survive the stupid adminstration - but remember we used to say the same about hockey in 80s.
    anyways - did anyone notice the "record-breaking 11th consecutive win" for Pakistan coverage at cricinfo, or for that matter in local media. no? cuz there wasn't any. they are drumming a totally useless stat made of 10 wins against banglas ans zimbos. what pathetic and misplaced arrogance.
    what's sen. enver doing - why isn't he getting this admin sacked? are they waiting for akhtar's review?
    i agree that this was the best time to let others shine - get some people in, test them rather than relying on yousuf, afridi, younis, malik, akmal etc. what a bunch of idiots.

  11. Q said...

    Enver Baig has already asked the Govt. to change this administration. Not sure if and when its going to happen...

    With 2 major tournaments being held in Pakistan - Asia Cup in June and Champions Trophy in September, this admin may get a lease of life for some time.

    I agree with you though on the misplaced arrogance, trying new players, etc.

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