Sunday, May 4, 2008

4-0-14-6 !!!

Where would you see a bowler rattling the batsman's stumps and then give him a high-five?

No where but at the Indian Premier League.

Thats exactly what Sohail Tanvir did after his record breaking performance against the Chennai Super Kings - He clean bowled Makhaya Ntini with his final delivery and then nonchalantly walked across and high fived him.

Ntini was Tanvir's 6th wicket and his figures at the end of CSK's innings were 4-0-14-6.

Those figures are the best figures in all 20-20 cricket, domestic and international. No bowler has produced better figures than those in 20-20 cricket.

They would have been even better had Ntini not hit him for two 4s in the final over.

Tanvir's figures at the end of his third were 3-0-3-5. Simply Remarkable!!!

Tanvir's effort helped the Rajhastan Royals destroy CSK's batting line up, which just couldn't get underway. As I said, Chennai don't look all that Super anymore without Hayden, Hussey, and Oram.

To add to those 6 wickets, Tanvir was also involved in another 2 wickets taking a catch at long on and mid on.

2 LBWs, 1 caught at slip, 2 catches, 3 bowled. He could have been playing alone for the Royals.

For those who don't already know, Sohail Tanvir was discovered by the great Wasim Akram at a camp for all rounders last summer. It was also Wasim's recommendation to send Sohail Tanvir to the 20-20 World Cup once Shoaib Akhtar headed back after smacking Asif with a bat.

Shane Warne grooming talent found by Wasim Akram. What an exceptional thing this IPL is.

And what an exceptional performance that was by Sohail Tanvir.

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  1. David Barry said...

    Those figures are the best figures in all 20-20 cricket
    All officially sanctioned T20 cricket - Absolem took a 7for in the ICL.

  2. Anonymous said...

    "Chennai don't look all that Super anymore without Hayden, Hussey, and Oram. "...

    My Reply: Let us wait and see... Still there is 8 more league games to go..

  3. Q said...

    Thanks for the correction DB.

    I had forgotten about Absolem's feat and when I checked T20 records obviously the ICL figures were not there..

    CSK Fan - Its been 2 games without the big 3 and CSK's batting hasn't fired and they've lost both the games.

  4. Anonymous said...

    I agree about Chennai looking a bit lost without their all-stars. When I picked Rajasthan as 'my' team for this competition, it was partly because I knew Warne was going to stick around - perhaps the 'worst team' will turn out to be the best?

  5. Viswanathan said...

    He just got lucky.:)

    Seriously, even though CSK was at the receiving end, I enjoyed it tremendously.

  6. Anonymous said...

    Q, I was cribbing till the other day that no Pakistani players yet came up with a match-winning performance. Tanveer sealed my lips. Guys, here they come.

  7. Q said...

    Spunout - Rajhastan are already looking like the best. They're sitting pretty at the top.

  8. Q said...

    Lucky Ott? Keep watching buddy..

  9. Q said...

    Yes SOM, here they come. Watch out for Misbah today..

  10. Soulberry said...

    Brilliant stuff from Sohail Tanveer!

    I was so peeved by the earlier match ( Delhi hates losing to Bombay ) that I crashed out. My son told me all about it later.

    Anybody have YouTube of it?

  11. Q said...

    SB, if ur on facebook, I have added the video to the Well Pitched page there:

    Otherwise you can view it on youtube, here:

  12. Anonymous said...

    Fleming out for a duck, LBW to a left-arm seam bowler.

    Well fnacy that...

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