Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Cricket Fan's Weekend

(NOTE: All times are UAE standard time, +4h GMT)

This is what the weekend would have looked like if we had an international weekend, i.e. Saturday / Sunday.

Saturday 24th May 2007

1:00pm: Alarm Rings. Press Snooze.

1:05pm: Alarm Rings. Press Snooze Again.

1:10pm: Alarm Rings. Press Stop. Get up and sit. Look outside the window. Change Alarm to 1:30pm and sleep again.

1:30pm: Alarm Rings. Jump out of bed.

2:00pm: Fox Sports. England vs New Zealand 2nd Test LIVE from Old Trafford.

2:30pm: Switch to Prime Sports. Chennai Super Kings vs Rajhastan Royals LIVE from Chennai.

2:30-6:00pm: Keep switching from Prime to Fox and back.

6:00pm: Fox Sports. Watch end of Session 2 on Day 1 of England vs New Zealand.

6:30pm: Prime Sports. Delhi Daredevils vs Mumbai Indians LIVE from Delhi.

7:00pm: Ten Sports. Day 2 of Australia vs West Indies 1st Test LIVE from Kingston, Jamaica.

7:15pm: Switch back to Prime and IPL match.

7:15-10:00pm: Keep switching from Prime to Ten and back.

10:00pm: Ten Sports. Last session and a half between Australia and West Indies.

2:00am: Go out.

3:30am: Come back home. Watch LOST.

5:00am: Set alarm for 1:00pm. Sleep.

Sunday 25th May 2007.

1:00pm: Repeat above.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Wish I was a rich dude who nothing else to do but watch cricket... enough dreaming... got to get back to work :)

  2. Q said...

    Isn't Saturday / Sunday off for u Scorpi?

  3. Arjun said...

    Love the fact that you added LOST as the only non-cricket thing up there. It surely is the best thing since sports.

    Anyway, you guys have a Thursday off there, right? So don't fret, you got to stay up all night after United won the CHAMPIONS f'kin LEAGUE!

  4. Arjun said...
      This comment has been removed by the author.
  5. Arjun said...

    And before anyone asks....there is ONLY ONE UNITED!!!!

  6. Q said...

    Arjwiz, LOST is awesome!! The only thing I missed when the writers went on strike! And heroes too actually.

    No more thursdays off here. They changed the weekend to fri/sat abt 2 yrs ago.

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