Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A guy named DOLLAR!

DOLLAR Mahmud.

Thats the name of Bangladesh's new pace bowler who has been selected in a 14-man squad to take on India and Pakistan in next month's tri series.


I have never heard that one before.

He'll make some amazing headlines.

Dollar to make his debut against Pakistan.

Bangladesh lose, Dollar shines.

Dollar on the rise.

Dollar fastest to 50.

Dollar going through a rough patch.

Dollar strikes for Bangladesh.

Dollar rips through India.

Dollar on a high.

Dollar tops ICC ODI Ratings.

Dollar has a bad day.

Lalit Modi seeking Dollar.

Riders & Daredevils fighting it out over Dollar.

Dollar gets a million dollar IPL contract.

Dollar hits all time low.

Can you think of anymore?

Check out his profile.

As Aamir Sohail would say - He's looking like a million dollar!! (what does that mean anyway?)

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15 Pitched:

  1. Miss Field said...

    mmm reminds me of those hundred and thousands sprinkly things... you know the ones.

  2. Anonymous said...

    Lalit Modi seeking Dollar - good one

  3. Anonymous said...

    Preity wants Dollar to perform !

    Dollar to the Rescue
    Dollar dominates
    All round performance by dollar
    dollar dollar everywhere
    Dollar saves the day

  4. Anonymous said...

    Dollar trails rupee.

    BTW, his parents certainly have a sense of humor.

    Reminds me of Major Major in the novel Catch-22.:0

  5. straight point said...

    who needs dollar now?

  6. Anonymous said...

    "Only Dollar can win us matches, admits Bangla captain."

    I guess headilnes like this would send ICC ACSU into a tizzy.

  7. Q said...

    Haha good ones guys..

    Som - The ACSU might as well sit in Bangladesh now... imagine them tapping the phone lines and hearind Murtaza say "man Dollar wasn't enough or we would have won"... Or "we lost because of dollar"..

  8. Q said...

    Yep, I know the ones MF !! We all want some..

  9. Q said...

    AMK - I wonder how Priety wants Dollar to perform..

  10. Q said...

    Ott - I would really like to know what the parents were thinking when they named him.

  11. Gaurav Sethi said...

    richie rich's dog was dollar.
    with parent's like his, who needs an ATM

  12. Gaurav Sethi said...


  13. Anonymous said...

    Hope for his sake he's not the US Dollar - cause he'll soon depreciate so far that he'll need to change his name.
    Maybe Yuan Mahmud would be better - it's pretty stable. Or perhaps Pound Mahmud ... a name that could lead to a thousand sexual puns.

  14. Miriam said...

    I try to follow Bangladesh cricket and Dollar Mahmood has been kicking around on the fringes for a little while, so it's great to see his FANTASTIC name finally get the recognition it deserves.

  15. Unknown said...

    Dollar recovering after fall

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