Sunday, May 4, 2008

IPL Teams are Clones

It hurt again to see the Kolkata Knight Riders lose last night.

KKR are looking like Pakistan - started their IPL campaign with a bang. Lost their next 4 games. Lose 3-4 top order wickets for less than 40 in every match. Have had a new opening combination every game. Even a top coach can't change their fortunes. Hurts to see them lose. Yep definitely Pakistan.

So who do the other Indian Premier League teams look like?

Mumbai Indians - Can't win anything. Original captain hasn't played due to injury. Stand in captain now also on the sidelines. Playing with a 3rd choice captain. Line up on paper shows some match winners. But they keep losing. The West Indies.

Deccan Chargers - Couldn't defend 17 off the last over. Couldn't chase low scores when they looked well on their way. Have choked in half of their matches. Look strong, look to be winning, and then they choke. Chokers! The South Africa.

Rajhastan Royals - Average cricketers inspired by a shrewd captain. Playing like a team in high spirits. Winning every game in the tournament, beating sides stronger than them. Will go into the last 4 but not all the way. The New Zealand.

Chennai Super Kings. Led by the youngest captain in the tournament. Looked very strong but now weakened after senior batsmen have left. Joginder Sharma bowls the last over in each match. Captain stands behind the stumps. The India.

Delhi Daredevils - Strongest team in the tournament. Top 3-4 batsmen enough to chase down any total. Strongest bowling line up. Very strong batting line up. Don't look like losing anything. The Australia.

Royal Challengers Bangalore - Find it hard to win a game. Cricketers hell bent on playing proper cricket. Only 1-2 players who are good at limited overs cricket. Look good in bursts. The England.

Kings XI Punjab - On a hot winning streak. Looking like a team enjoying their cricket. Perfect blend of youth and experience. Lots of left handers in the top 6. Coached by an Australian. Have the best keeper batsman. The Sri Lanka.

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8 Pitched:

  1. Jrod said...

    So Rajhastan will struggle in the finals then.

  2. Q said...

    Exactly what I said Uncle J:

    "Will go into the last 4 but not all the way"


  3. Viswanathan said...
      This comment has been removed by the author.
  4. Viswanathan said...

    Thanks for pronouncing CSK as the Indian team. I am now fully confident that CSK will win the Twenty20 World Cup, sorry IPL.

  5. Pontings_baldspot said...

    so are u saying Hayden just played for the Indian team?!?!?! my head just blew

  6. Q said...

    PB - whether he did that or not, he sure did play for the Indian captain.

  7. Arjun said...

    Have to say I agree with all your analysis.

  8. Q said...

    Good to hear that Arjwiz.

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