Saturday, May 10, 2008

Misbah Sacks Charu Sharma

I read a report this morning that mentioned that Charu Sharma, now the former CEO of the Royal Challengers Bangalore, was sacked because he benched Misbah for 2 games.

This sacking has been the most bemusing incident in the on-going Indian Premier League.

It beats the Bhajji-Sreesanth slap-gate saga, as well as the Warne-Ganguly spirit-gate episode.

RCB's offices claimed that Charu stepped down due to personal reasons, while a source close to Charu denied that and said he had been fired. Charu spoke a day later and said he was "summarily dismissed".

No one spoke of the reasons though.

This morning, however, the above report disclosed that the reason was Misbah.

I find this totally absurd.

Misbah didn't play 2 matches and RCB lost both. Then Misbah was included in the XI as soon as Ross Taylor left for Kiwi duty and RCB won that game, but Misbah failed. Misbah played the next game as well, failed again, and RCB lost.

It was THEN that Charu got sacked. After Misbah had played 2 matches.

And guess what happened in the match RCB played after Charu's sacking. Misbah did not play and RCB lost.

So who kept Misbah out last night? Will that person also be sacked?

And what exactly is the job description of the CEO of a cricket team?

Make your pitch on this post...

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  1. Viswanathan said...


    There is no clarity. However, what bemused me in the entire episode is this:

    Venkatesh Prasad - Coach (now he claims he is only the bowling coach)

    Martin Crowe - Cricketing Affairs

    Charu Sharma - CEO

    On first sight there is no overlap. Charu Sharma is the CEO of the franchisee. However, the roles seems to have overlapped once the team started losing.

    It indicates that Dravid is a weak Captain. He is incapable of having his way and hence fails to deliver.

    My conclusion - Sack Dravid.

  2. Som said...

    Q, that's an absurd proposition which appeared in The Jang. Anyway, give a dog bad name and then hang it. I guess Mallya wanted to send a message that he would not brook failure and someone had to go. Dravid was upset and offered to resign. Prasad too was told in clear terms that his performance was being watched. Expect some shake-up in the lowly team managements.

  3. Anonymous said...

    Misbah has become a victim of Dravid's ego,no body can deny Misbah's capability in T20 he is a solid player and was unlucky that he failed in the first two matches,
    Can somebody ask Dravid why he gave kallis so many chances.

    Dravid will eventually get sacked as he is the one who advised the management to pick up all these test players, and when Vijay expressed his concern to him about a roster filled with test players,
    Dravid smiled and said "test maches are the ultimate test of a cricket player if he can succeed in tests he can succeed in any other format"

    Well his theory has been proved completely wrong, he didn't respected the T20 sepecialists in his roster and now his team is almost out of the race, IMO he is the sole person to be blamed.

  4. Som said...

    Wasim, Dravid said Ross Taylor was doing well, you needed Boucher behind the stumps and can't think about dropping Dale Steyn. Now for the 4th foreigner's slot, they went for the all-round abilities of Kallis over Misbah only because Kallis could bowl and their bowling attack lacked tooth and fire.

  5. Anonymous said...


    I know what Dravid said, but in 7 matches kallis took only 4 wickets
    and his ECON rate was 9.65 and his SR for batting was only 114, Chanderpaul in 3 matches scored only 25 runs and Cameroon white in the first 2 matches scored only 6 runs,if you look at the last match the BRC played their bowling looked good for the first time in the tournament,Kallis was a weak link as far as bowling was concerned.
    Cameroon white, Boucher, Misbah and Steyn were the best choice for T20 format.

    Regardless of the above, Dravid is still responsible for picking up a roster filled with test players.

  6. Anonymous said...

    Dravid as a leader also failed,he is too slow to react to the moves of opposition just look at the last match, when the BRC lost a few wickets Ganguly quickly brought himself into attack and saved the overs of his strike bowlers he only gave 7 runs in his 3 overs, any other captain in place of Dravid would have gone after Ganguly, they started the on slaught too late, at times I was wondering if he really wanted to win the match.

  7. straight point said...

    every body is flying kite in the RC haze...

    my sources told me that charu was so inebriated with 'kingfisher' at auction that he thought IPL is for test championship...he was also caught seen making faces when drinking kingfisher sitting next to mallya which eventually proved final nail on the coffin...

  8. Q said...

    I agree with Wasim. It should have been White, Misbah, Boucher, Steyn.

    Dravid and all others involved with RCB should have known better than to give Kallis and Chanders chances in 20-20.

    It amazes me that even in their last game they decided on Chanders over Misbah.

    White should be a no brainer. As well as Misbah.

    Oh and White can bowl too.. did Dravid know that? Who needs Kallis.

  9. Trideep said...

    Even in my opinion, Misbah and White should be regulars in RC team. Kallis has been given enough chances and has failed to perform. There is no replacement for Boucher behind the stumps and no sensible person can allow Steyn to sit outside in T20. Hence I guess the 4 foreign players are pretty much settled.

    As far as Charu Sharma is concerned, I guess someone had to face the blame and it unfortunately turned out to be him. On a lighter note, I saw Charu Sharma having breakfast with Ajit Wadekar couple of days before the auction of players. I guess he got the idea of picking up the test players from there.

  10. Q said...

    Ott - Prasad has conveniently shifted blame as you pointed out in your post. And also in the report that I have linked to says that Prasad saved himself by apoligising.

    Martin Crowe has also pulicly stated that he wasn't impressed by the squad given to him.

    And then the one sacked is Charu.

  11. Q said...

    Trideep - wasnt Charu hired after the auctions? I believe it was only Dravid and Mallya at the auctions.

  12. Trideep said...

    May be Q. I am not aware of it.

  13. Gaurav Sethi said...

    cracker headline Q. some write too.

  14. Q said...

    Thanks NC :-)

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