Sunday, May 18, 2008

Poor Old Gilly...

He played 96 tests. Australia won 73. They lost only 11.

He played 287 ODIs. Australia won 202. They lost only 73.

He played 13 T20Is. Australia won 7. They lost 6.

Thats a great way to end one's career and Adam Gilchrist did just that. Called it a day when on top.

Now Gilly, arguably the best batsman to don the keeper's gloves, finds himself playing for the Deccan Chargers in the Indian Premier League.

He has played 11 20-20 matches. The Chargers have won 2 and lost 9!

What must be going through poor Gilly's mind?

He spent 8 years playing for a champion team and now, after retirement, he finds himself captaining a team that is at the bottom of a league.

He played in 3 consecutive successful World Cup campaigns with the last 2 of them involving winning the cup without losing a single game. Today, his team can't even win 1.

One must feel for poor Gilly. He isn't used to losing. He isn't used to being 2nd best on a cricket field. He isn't used to captaining a side that can't deliver on the plans. Poor Gilly must be pulling his hair apart when the camera's aren't around.

How difficult is it for Gilly to be a part of a losing team?

Its definitely a first for him.

Or does it not mean much when he picks up the $700,000 cheque?

Its gotta hurt. It surely is.

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  1. Jrod said...

    It's hard to say how much it hurts him.

    I suggest someone gives me 700,000 clams, lets me play for the chargers, and then i'll work out if it hurts and write about it for you.

  2. Soulberry said...

    It is a test of the man. Gilly is also captain and a key member of the Deccan Chargers. How they go about changing things for the next season will be interesting to watch. If they do and Gilly is able to contribute in it, it will yet another feather in his much decorated cap.

    Winners usually find a way...sometimes it takes a bit more time.

  3. straight point said...

    rather than that it must have surely hurt him managing players like afridi and gibbs who dont care hoot to the team called DC!

    in one of his comment after taking field first time as DC captain...he said he is merely extending the 'good work' done by VVS...

    he surely is...

  4. Q said...

    Uncle J - 700K for 45 days, or rather 14 days of 3hr cricket ain't that bad at all.

    Thats like 50K per match!

  5. Q said...

    He must be pulling his hair apart everytime he says something to Afridi, Afridi nods, and does the exact opposite.

    I would like to interview Gilly and ask him how it was playing alongside shahid afridi. That will be one entertaining interview.

  6. Q said...

    SB - Gilly did say the other day that his team was already looking forward to the next season.

  7. Anonymous said...

    Very well written Q, it should have definitely hurt his pride,DC was my favorite team, but I think their pace department is very weak and gives away too many, Nehra impressed me more that RP Singh, Their Allrounders Afridi and Symonds one failed with the bat and the other failed with the ball, except Sharma and Venu Gopal no body lent support to Gilly consistently,and they lost too many close games.
    Hopefully a they will make a few changes and wil come out strongly in next season.

  8. Q said...

    Hopefully Wasim. I thought they would be one of the strongest sides but DC proved everyone wrong..

  9. Anonymous said...

    well the saying goes that you are only as good as your team but the same is not true for your bank account.

  10. Q said...

    Nice saying Scorpi ;-)

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