Sunday, May 25, 2008

The RACE Continues as Sachin & Warne Come Face-2-Face...

About 10 days ago all spots of the Final Four of the Indian Premier League were wide open and 6 teams were in the RACE.
4 days ago, Rajasthan Royals were the only team to have confirmed their place in the Final Four, while 3 other spots remained open and 5 teams were in the loop.
2 days ago, Kings XI Punjab joined the Royals in the Final Four.
The other 2 spots are still open and 3 teams are going to fight it out over the next 3 days to gain a place in the Final Four.
Well actually 2 are going to fight it out as the Delhi Daredevils anxiously wait for the results of those matches to find out their fate.
The Daredevils have played all their 14 matches and stand on 15 points.
For them to go through either one of the Super Kings or the Mumbai Indians have to lose 1 match.
The Super Kings are on 14 points with 1 match left against the Deccan Chargers.
The Indians, standing on 12 points, have it tougher with a match against league toppers Rajasthan Royals and bottom of the table Royal Challengers Bangalore.
If the Super Kings and the Indians win their remaining matches, they will join the Royals and the Kings in the Final Four.
The Super Kings and Daredevils will go through if the Indians lose both their matches.
The Indians and Daredevils will go through if the Super Kings lose and Indians win atleast 1 match and maintain their run rate above the Super Kings'.
Even now, anything can happen.
That's the IPL!
The next 3 days will decide the winners of the RACE and it all begins with the Mumbai Indians taking on Rajhastan Royals tomorrow.
Its a big match for the Indians. They need to win.
They're up against the top side of the league.
Even at the fag end of the league stages, the IPL promises yet another battle that the viewers have not had the privelege to watch for a long time.
It will be Sachin Tendulkar taking on Shane Warne.
Warne has a very poor international record on Indian soil. His record against Sachin is even worse whether its in India, Australia, or Sharjah.
In the IPL though, Warne is one of the highest wicket takers and he has been at his best.
Sachin made a late entry but hit top gear in the last couple of matches.
Both will walk out for the toss tomorrow. Both will walk out to outplay the other.
Who will come out on top? Will Sachin be able to lift his team and push for a place in the Final Four? Or will Warne's Royal Juggernaut keep rolling on?
It all goes down tomorrow at 230pm GMT!

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