Monday, May 12, 2008

The Ul Haq Jinx

The Inzamam Ul Haq Jinx

Against: All international cricket teams.
Where: All over the world.
When: 1991-2007.
Dismissal: Numerous run outs.

Against: England.
Where: England.
When: 2001? (0r was it 1996?)
Dismissal: Andy Caddick bowls a bouncer. Inzamam ducks. Andy Caddick bowls a yorker next ball. Inzamam ducks again and gets bowled.

Against: South Africa.
Where: Sharjah? Kenya? Morocco?
When: Early 2000s.
Dismissal: Nicky Boje bowls a short one. Inzamam pulls over midwicket. Ball sails over the ropes. Inzamam's back foot hits the stumps. Bail dislodges. Given out "Hit Wicket".

Against: England.
Where: Pakistan.
When: 2005.
Dismissal: Inzamam plays the ball back to Harmison. Harmison throws the ball back at the stumps. Inzamam moves away to avoid getting hit. The ball hits the stumps. Inzamam is out of his crease. Given "Run Out".

Against: India.
Where: Pakistan.
When: 2006.
Dismissal: Inzamam at the striker's end. The fielder at mid off, I think Zaheer Khan, has the ball in his hand. Zaheer throws the ball towards the striker's end. Inzamam casually defends the ball with his bat. Fielders appeal. Inzamam given out "Obstructing the Field".

Against: England.
Where: England.
When: 2006.
Dismissal: Monty Panesar bowls. Inzamam plays a strange looking shot and loses his balance. Overbalances and falls over the stumps. Out "Hit Wicket".

Inzamam Ul Haq retired in 2007 and his replacement in the Test and ODI team was a man with the same name, Misbah Ul Haq.

The Misbah Ul Haq Jinx

Against: India.
Where: South Africa.
When: 2007.
Dismissal: Joginder Sharma bowls a full one outside off. Misbah hits it over long off for six. Sharma repeats the same half volley outside off. Misbah moves toward off stump. Lobs it over to short fine leg and is out caught by Sreesanth.

Against: South Africa
Where: Pakistan
When: 2007
Dismissal: Don't remember the bowler. Misbah moves way outside offstump to play a stroke. Ball crashes into leg. Misbah was probably standing on the 6th sump outside off.

Against: India.
Where: India.
When: 2007.
Dismissal: Misbah pushed the ball to the covers. Runs for a single. Makes his ground at the non-striker's end. Jumps in the air to avoid a throw from Yuvraj Singh I think, or maybe Dinesh Karthik. Ball hits the stumps. Replays show Misbah's feet and bat in the air. Out "Run Out".

Against: Kings XI Punjab
Where: India.
When: Today.
Dismissal: Misbah hits Sreesanth for 2 consecutive 4s. Next over he hits him for a 6 and a 4. Next ball he moves back and across, hits ball to the covers and takes a single. Replays show backfoot hitting stumps and dislodging bail. Out "Hit Wicket".

In the span of 8 months, Misbah has managed to do what Inzamam managed over 16 years.

Surely Misbah is making up for lost time.

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  1. Pankaj said...

    Nice compilation of these events. Would be wonderful to do a video blog of these events. Some of them will be on youtube for sure.

  2. Q said...

    Thats a great idea Pankaj. I'll look for them soon and put them up on our facebook page.

  3. SledgeHammer said...

    In the situations where you avoid being hit after making your ground, it should technically be not out. Inzi was given out incorrectly against Harmison's throw. Which is why he tried to justify the Zaheer Khan situation! LOL!

    I don't remember the Misbah run-out perfectly, but once again if he was avoiding after making his ground, it should be not out.

  4. Q said...

    Sledge, Ive given the links to the videos in a post above this.

    Misbah was given out correctly cause he had not made his ground and just casually jumped from outside the crease to inside the crease to avoid the ball hitting him. The ball missed him but went under his feet and on to the stumps while misbah was in the air.

    Jumping Jack.

    Inzamam however had not made his ground. He was out of the crease as he defended a ball from Harmison and Harmison threw it at the stumps and to avoid the ball hitting him, Inzi jumped to the side and the ball hit the stumps. He was out of his crease.

    Now that is run out but the technicality is that a batsman not attempting a run avoiding a throw to avoid injury is not out.

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