Wednesday, May 21, 2008

You Can Still Do It SRK!!

I didn't see this anywhere esle but in a daily Dubai based tabloid.

It mentions that Shahrukh Khan is disappointed at the underperforming Kolkata Knight Riders and wants to auction his team to recover his investmet of 70 odd million dollars.

Well firstly I hope King Khan is aware of the fact that he can't sell of the franchise before 3 years. That rule was in the guidelines for IPL franchisees.

Secondly, I never thought that SRK known as the King and Baadshah and what not in India and around the world would be one to lose hope so easily. Or rather one to give up. At least that is how the media potrays him.

So what happened? Why is SRK wanting to sell his team off? Is the story even true? It intrigues me that the story hasn't appeared anywhere else.

I too have been disappointed by the Rider's performances. But I do believe they still have a chance. Even if it's a far fetched one.

They just need to make sure that they win their next 2 matches, while Mumbai, or the Super Kings, or the Kings XI lose all of their next 3 or 4 matches.

You can still do it SRK!

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  1. Viswanathan said...

    The news channels are talking about disagreements between SRK and Ganguly.

    Most franchisee owners are disenchanted with their icons.

  2. Q said...

    Actually only Mallya and SRK have been vocal abt their players and teams.

    Preity has been quiet. Ambani has hardly been heard or seen. The corporates - India Cements, GMR, Deccan, and Emerging Media have been invisible.

  3. Tazeen said...

    Ganguly is painful, if SRK has issues with him, thats understandable. I think the smartest people have been the Rajhastan royals who have hired half the australian team and have a non indian captain ...

  4. Q said...

    Welcome to Well Pitched Tazeen.

    Actually the Royals don't have half the Australian team. They just have Shane Warne, who is retired and Shane Watson, who can't make it to their team.

    The rest are non Australia.

    I think the smartest thing that Emerging Media (owners of the Royals) did was appoint Shane Warne as the captain and coach.

    Its been Warnie all the way.

    Read this:

  5. Anonymous said...

    These are all rumours and I read this news in Daily Jang,SRK has said on TV last week we know we might not win this year but Ganguly will be our captain for the next three years, He also said in another interview he knows he is going to lose money but he brought the franchise for different reasons.

    Also he has paid only 7 million in the first year, along with the money owed to the players,even if he will suffer a loss it will not be that much, most of the franchises were projected to suffer an operating loss in the first year or a negative cash flow in the first year of operation.

  6. Q said...

    Time will tell if its true or hearsay Wasim.

    Todays Jang and Dawn are reporting a rift.

  7. Anonymous said...

    ha ha ha... if it is true, i will be dancing silly to bollywood blast beats

  8. Q said...

    If what is true Scorps? The SRK Ganguly fight or that KKR can still do it?

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