Sunday, June 29, 2008

Asia Cup 2008 and More: More Questions than Answers

For a change Pakistan have decided on the playing XI ahead of their match against Sri Lanka later today. Not only that but they have also made it public.

Fawad Alam has been dropped and leg spinner Mansoor Amjad comes in place of him, while Wahab Riaz replaces the injured Umar Gul.

Is it a good idea to play a 2nd leg spinner? With the so many left handers in Sri Lanka's batting line up, wouldn't an off spinner (Saeed Ajmal) have been a better option?

The Hong Kong cricketers were annoyed at the PCB officials at the National Stadium in Karachi when they came to the ground "un-invited" to watch the Pakistan vs India match.

Shouldn't the PCB be looking to be as hospitable as possible given the apprehension of foreign teams to tour he country?

Sanath Jayasuriya began the Asia Cup with a thumping 47 ball 72 against Bangladesh. He rested against the UAE but will play against Pakistan today. He turns 39 tomorrow and says he has no plans of retiring.

How long can he go on for?

Suresh Raina scored his 2nd ODI hundred 3 days after his 1st century.

Is he finally showing what he promised a couple of years ago or is it just the weak opposition?

MS Dhoni has complained about the back to back games that India has played. They played Hong Kong and Pakistan on consecutive days and then after a days break, they played Bangladesh. Complain justified definitely.

But why aren't the hosts, Pakistan, playing any back to back games?

I have never seen a score of 300 chased so easily in ODIs. Never!

Pakistan's weakest bowling attack ever? Or the weakest bowling attack in international cricket?

Pakistan and India have stated that they are going to support Zimbabwe on the issues it is facing in world cricket. Nianjan Shah said “We are very clear that we would like to fully support Zimbabwe..."

Didn't India cancel / postpone a tour to Zimbabwe earlier this year to accomodate the IPL?

The PCB is looking to get the result of the 2006 Oval Test changed to a "Draw", when the ICC big-wigs meet for some moot in Dubai from today.

What difference does it make? Aren't there more serious issues on the table? Like maybe Australia, New Zealand, and England touring the country?

Shoaib Malik told the journalists that the selectors give him the final XI, so any question regarding the make up of the team should be directed at he selectors.

As captain, doesn't Malik agree with the XI he's given? Doesn't he know why a Rao Iftikhar plays ahead of a Wahab or a Sohail Khan? Doesn't he know why he's opening and not Nasir?

Nasim Ashraf was surprised that a "sensible cricketer" like Majid Khan called for his ouster as the PCB Chairman.

Dr. Sahab, with all due respect, only a "sensible cricketer" can make such a statement.

Cricinfo is reporting that Saeed Ajmal will probably make his debut today.

Didn't they get the news of Pakistan announcing their playing XI?

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  1. Anonymous said...

    I don't feel like watching this asia cup... somebody please motivate me.

  2. David Barry said...

    I have never seen a score of 300 chased so easily in ODIs. Never!
    You mustn't have seen this game.

  3. Q said...

    Scorpi - Pakistan vs India.

    That should be motivation enough.

  4. Q said...

    Oh damn DB, trust you to find that. I remember that game - Jayasuriya just went wild, as did Harmison with some wides!

    But its still a distant memory - what another 1000 ODIs have been played since...

  5. Anonymous said...


    I think this was the reason Younis didn't accepted captaincy that is a fact that Malik has no say in selection and he accepted to become a dummy captain.

  6. Q said...

    But Wasim, the rule that selectors chose the playing XI came into effect only recently - before the start of the ODI series against Zimbabwe in Jan.

    Till before that the playing XI used to be the perogative used to be with the captain and coach.

    DNA changed the responsibilities to get rid of the factions and stuff...

  7. Gaurav Sethi said...

    DB: Initially thought that was harmison's last odi, went for 90 odd of 10. but no. his last odi was a few months later in Oct 06, when he went for 45 of 4.5

    Q- if Pak played back to back games, their bowlers would be in harmison's way.

  8. Q said...

    Their bowlers are already going Harmi's way NC:

    Wahab Riaz - 88 in 9, Fawad Alam - 64 in 7 ...

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