Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Asia Cup 2008: Pakistan's Tormentor - Nadeem Ahmed

Pakistan scored 288-9 in their 50 overs but only thanks to a face-saving 100 run partnership for the 8th wicket between Fawad Alam and Sohail Tanvir.

Hong Kong had Pakistan reeling at 161-7 with more than 20 overs to go and if it wasn't for some responsible batting from Alam and Tanvir, Pakistan could have folded for less than 200.

Actually had Pakistan's chief tormentor, Nadeem Ahmed, continued his spell after picking up 4 wickets from 7 overs, Pakistan would have definitely folded for less than 200.

Why Tabarak Dar, the HK captain took Nadeem off is anybody's guess. But he truly was on top of Pakistan.

Playing only his 2nd ODI, the 20 year old left arm spinner, destroyed Pakistan's middle order.

He picked up the wickets of Younis, Yousuf, Misbah, and Afridi in 4 consecutive overs as Pakistan fell from a well placed 120-2 in 19 overs to 150-6 in 26.

Some people may say that Pakistan batted poorly, but what happened last night shouldn't have suprised or shocked anyone as Pakistan's fragility against left arms spinners is well known around the world.

Paul Harris, Monty Panesar, Ashley Giles, and Mohammad Rafique have all in recent times shown that Pakistani batsmen are suspect against left arm spin.

Why that is, I am not sure but here is a brilliant piece by Osman Samiuddin on Pakistan's track record against left arm spinners.

Coming back to Pakistan's Tormenter-in-Chief, Nadeem Ahmed. He finished with figures of 4-51 from 9 overs, which would definitely had been better had Dar kept him on after his 7th over.

Nadeem Ahmed played his 1st ODI 4 years ago when he was only 16, also against Pakistan in the previous Asia Cup. Then he had figures of 0-63 in 10 overs as Younis Khan and Shoaib Malik had piled on the runs.

Last night though, Nadeem Ahmed had different ideas.

He managed to induce a top edge from a sweeping Mohammad Yousuf.

He managed to entice Younis Khan down the track and have him stumped after he had been hit for a 6 and 4 in the same over.

He managed to fox Misbah and trap him plumb in front with a straighter one.

And he managed to catch Afridi's checked stroke near his feet off his own bowling.

With figures of 4-33 in 7 overs, Nadeem should have definitely continued bowling.

Inzamam Ul Haq, whose career ended with an ugly swipe against a left arm spinner, would be proud to see a Multan boy do well in world cricket.

George Binoy had warned Pakistan about Nadeem Ahmed a day before the match, but we all know about Pakistan and their preparations for matches, don't we?

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  1. A P Webster said...

    I have to say, I'm enjoying the opportunity to see the standard of sides like Hong Kong and the UAE.

    Nadeem Ahmed could have a big say on what happens in Tanzania, when the World Cricket League Division 3(I think) gets underway.

    I wonder if, in this age of club cricket seemingly overtaking international cricket, players like those of HK or the UAE (or Scotland, for that matter) who aren't involved with Test sides will get more of an opportunity to enjoy the spotlight?

  2. Jrod said...

    He made a solid 2 off 14 as well.

  3. Q said...

    I'm sure they will in the near future AP. If not the IPL, the ICL will give them opportunites. Or maybe Stanford will.

  4. Q said...

    Lets see what he does against India today.

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