Sunday, July 13, 2008

All Pace no Guile?

David Lloyd said this about Steyn, Ntini, and Morkel:

"Pace is nothing with guile"

Big words those from Lloyd.

He's talking about the same men who didn't let New Zealand go beyond 188 in 4 innings.

Or didn't allow Pakisan to get over 300 apart from 1 occasion when Pakistan battled to 315-4 to save the test.

The same men who allowed the Windies a score of 408 once and the never more than 300 again.

Or who allowed Sehwag to smash 319 in an Indian total of over 600 but never let them cross 400 in the series again. In fact got them out for 76 as well.

Surely Steyn, Ntini, and Morkel have something more than pace.

Or is Lloyd correct?

If trends are anything to go by, both the Windies and the Indians got high scores of 408 and 627 in their 1st innings of the series - after that it was all Steyn, Ntini, and Morkel.

Shows what the English are in store for after their 593-8 in the 1st innings.

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3 Pitched:

  1. Viswanathan said...


    We will know for sure when they bowl in the second innings.

  2. Q said...

    Will they bowl in the 2nd inn Ott?

  3. Viswanathan said...

    Listening to TMS. No loss of wickets as yet. Good chance.

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