Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Carry For...What?

I just realized that India and Sri Lanka got 2 carry-forward points each from the group stage. My simple reaction was...WTF??? Why???

CF points are normally used in lieu of playing the same team again in the next stage. But in this tournament, each team plays each other again anyway. What were the organizers smoking when they put the rules together???

So thanks to the pointless CF points, Sri Lanka has to beat India for Pakistan to have a chance (assuming Pakistan beat Bangladesh). Without CF, even if India beat Sri Lanka, it would come down to NRR between Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka (again, assuming Pakistan beat Bangladesh).

Last time it was some obscure bonus point that screwed Pakistan. This time it very well could be CF points.

However, if you do look at it from the angle that CF points were carried forward and the relevant teams didn't play each other again, then you'd have the following situation after today's match:

SL: 4
Ind: 2
Pak: 0
Ban: 0

So in that way, SL would have to beat India anyway for Pakistan to have a chance.

Regardless, I think the best would be to have everyone play each other as happened, but no CF points. Combining the two makes no sense.


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  1. Miriam said...

    This hadn't occurred to me. I see what you mean. That's crazy.

  2. Q said...

    Had there been no points carried and everyone played each other again, the situation would have been:

    SL - 4
    Pak - 2
    Ind - 2
    Bang - 0

    With each team having 1 game left and Pakistan would have still had a chance to qualify even if India had beaten SL.

    Actually it would have been a 3 way tie in that situation.

    If there were carries and teams ddnt play each other again it would have been how u pointed out.

    I prefer the first option - no carries, play each other again, but then whats the point of the 1st round?

  3. SledgeHammer said...

    First round is to get rid of the two extraneous teams - go from 6 to 4.

    The Super-4s is then sort of a brand new tournament.

    The CF points in this tournament are more like bonus points.

  4. Q said...

    Yeah I know Sledge... Im just thinking it would have been a more interesting situation had their been no points carried forward and each team had played the other in the Super 4.

    But then some people would have complained about there being no advantage for teams that won games in round 1.

  5. Darren Demers said...

    Last time it was some obscure bonus point that screwed Pakistan. This time it very well could be CF points. sofa cover sofa cover , velvet bridal bed sheets ,

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