Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dhoni's Angels

We all know that Dhoni is not touring Sri Lanka with the Indian squad.

We all know that Dhoni wanted to rest his aching bones from playing cricket day-in day-out.

But do we know what happened when Dhoni got to Ranchi, his hometown, to find some rest.

Noone let him have that rest.

He was mobbed by fans who gathered around his house wanting a glimpse of India's biggest cricket sensation since Sachin Tendulkar.

Not surprisingly, majority of these fans were female.

Thus, in order to save himself from all these mobsters, Dhoni got himself some security guards.

Whats unique though is that Dhoni has got FEMALE security guards!

Thats True!

We are proud to present, for the first time in India, Dhoni's Angels!!!

The author says "His good looks and powerful performance on the field have earned him many fans, including a lot of young women ....".

I wonder if Salman Ravi has the desire to meet Dhoni one day.

And why female guards, you may ask.

Well, that is so because according to the senior police offcier "we decided to deploy women commandos for his security as they can do the job with ease".

Uhh, what job sir?

Oh keeping the female fans away! You had me thinking there for a moment.

And Commandos? My my!

The story also mentions Dhoni being hugged by a fan who ran onto the playing field at the Eden Gardens in Calcutta.

The author says that some of Dhoni's friends claim that "Dhoni is yet to get over the embarrassment" - regarding the Calcutta incident.

Why is he embarassed? He must have loved it. Any guy would!

To that another police official says "The next three weeks that he is here we will ensure that he does not have to face any kind of embarrassment like the one in Calcutta".

Again, Calcutta was not an embarassment. That was probably the most exciting single moment of Dhoni's career!

However, even if we think of it as an embarassing situation for a moment, Dhoni might be in for some different kind of embarassing situations now, contradictory to what the police official has said.

This is what one of the female guards at Dhoni's door step had to say:

"I watched him play on television and never thought I would see him from such close quarters" she giggles.

She giggles!?

Well hello. We have some more fans here!

So whose going to save Dhoni from these fans then?

And there isn't one of them. There are as many as 15.

15 females guarding Dhoni's home!

Oh no wait. 15 female commandos guarding Dhoni's home!

Now which guy wouldn't want that?

That too when one of them says "It is good to be deployed for his security".

Now we all know why Dhoni opted out of the Sri Lanka tour.

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9 Pitched:

  1. Anonymous said...

    You got to be kidding me!
    Multi purpose force?
    He must be watching a lot of james Bond movies I guess.

  2. Q said...

    Hahaha.. check out the link Wasim, I'm serious!

    This has got to be a first.

  3. Anonymous said...

    All he need is to give those girls a little make over, dress them up in Sarees and Dhoni will leave Roger Moore behind.
    Remember Octopussy!

  4. a fan said...

    This reminds of a post by a CNN-IBN Reporter,aptly titled as "Done with dhoni"

  5. Q said...

    Thats an interesting one Mr. fan..

  6. Q said...

    Wasim, as they say - Dhoni ooper se aaya hai!

  7. Anonymous said...

    ha ha ha... excellent post q... you made my day... I in fact had someone mail me from my blog contact form whether I could help her provide dhoni's address to her... Needless to say am dumbfounded... the fact of the matter is a hell-of-a-lot of women just writes a letter addressing it vaguely to Jharkhand with the name Mahendra singh dhoni and an extra note to the postmen that they can call their numbers when it is delivered and money be given :).

  8. Q said...

    Thanks Scorps ;-)

    If the women do send stuff to Jharkand with Dhonis name on it, theres no way the post man wont know where to deliver it.

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    Hope you will like it!!

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