Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Smith Wants Pietersen

England and South Africa have always been the 2 teams that I have never enjoyed watching - well England for their boring cricketers and South Africa for their wannabe Australia attitude.

Niether of these teams have the supreme talent that Australia possess, nor the gutso and aggression that the West Indies has.

Nor do they bring out the excitement of watching a team like Sri Lanka or New Zealand.

Nor do they create the emotional drama, at least for me, from watching a Pakistan or an India play.

Despite this, their upcoming series has me interested for more reason than one.

South Africa haven't won a test series in England since they came back to cricket about 2 decades ago, England's re-emerging pace attack, South Africa possessing arguably the most fearsome test pace attack in the world, Kallis being aggressive for a change, and KP vs Graeme Smith are just some of the reasons.

For those looking for any reason to watch the series, I think one doesn't need to go beyond the war between Kevin Pietersen and Graeme Smith.

Smith has started with the attacks.

"Kevin and I would get on a lot better if he kept his mouth shut."

The news for Smith is that, KP has decided to keep his mouth shut and instead he's going to put on some boxing gloves.

Earlier, KP was seen practicing a few punches to throw Smith's way.

Come to think of it, why does Smith want to "get on a lot better" with KP?

I wonder if Smith's new found love and brewing 'friendship' with Shane Warne has anything to do with his desire to get along with KP.

Make your pitch on this post...

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  1. Viswanathan said...

    Taking off from the heading of your post, in which way does Smith want Pietersen ? :)

    Seriously, this series has a lot of possibilities. Wish they desist this pseudo aggro stuff.

  2. Q said...

    Well Smith wants to get on better with Peitersen according to his own statement - take that to mean what u may ;-)

    I agree, it could be quite an interesting series.

  3. Gaurav Sethi said...

    q - been a while, now here's a test series with a high pitch. if steyn and sidebottom are on top of their game, we've got a cracker of a series cmg up. That and if KP gets gng without breaking his ribs.
    the ind-saf series aside, saf will be hassled with spin. vaughan should bowl more. smith shouldn't.

  4. Q said...

    I agree NC. It shud be an interesting series - not only steyn and sidebottom, but Morkel and Andersen will be ones to watch out for as well.

    Besides Peitersen, Strauss has always done well against the safrikaans...

    It'll be a bowlers' series I hope.. it should be cos i really don't want to see the likes of Amla, Prince, Collingwood playing forever and ever...

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