Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Let Them!

Dhoni opted out of the test series against Sri Lanka, and the BCCI accepted.

No big deal really.

Dhoni was tired, he had played too much cricket - the 20-20 world cup, ODIs against Australia, Tests and ODIs against Pakistan, tests against Australia, the CB series, the IPL, the Kitply Cup, the Asia Cup - its been non stop for Dhoni for a long time now.

Wicketkeeping, batting, captaincy, dune buggying, he'd been doing it all.

So he deserves a break. He definitely does. And he's got it.

I have one worry though.

The fact that he's opted out of the tests and not the ODIs and the fact that he played through the IPL, despite not wicketkeeping due to injury, will bring out the knives from all those critics, players, former players, journalists, and everyone else who have been going on about how players in the future will cut short their careers to play in these 20-20 leagues.

There are many arguements here about how players will skip tests to play in the more financially lucrative 20-20 leagues.

One argument is that Dhoni knew what the schedule was going to be like for the year - he could have sat out the IPL.

Its not a worry to me though. Its Dhoni's choice. He's doing what he wants to do. He's too valuable to India, so he can do what he wants to do.

But shouldn't he be opting out of the ODIs? I'm not saying that, others are.

Well definitely not. He's the ODI captain after all. How can he give that seat to anyone else. He needs to marshall that ship.

As of how things stand today, Dhoni is a more vital cog in the ODI scheme things for India than he is for the tests.

So its fine really. Its not the end of the world.

Maybe he's telling the world that his priorities lie with ODIs and 20-20 and not tests.

Thats also fine, why is that a problem?

He doesn't want to play test cricket. Many players don't. There's nothing wrong with that is there?

Its the free market. Players will pick and choose what they want to play.

Let them!

Make your pitch on this post...

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9 Pitched:

  1. Jrod said...

    He opted out of a test series.

    Burn him at the stake i say.

  2. straight point said...

    cant it be more simple Q...

    he opted out of tests coz they happen to be played before ODIS in SL...and he just wanted to break the shackle from continuous cricket...

    i believe he would have opted out anyway if ODIs scheduled earlier...he deserve this benefit of doubt...

  3. Q said...

    In India, they'll burn the posters J Rod.

    SP - I don't think so. Had the ODIs been played before, he would have played them and then opted out of the tests. I think Dhoni himself knows that its more important for him to play ODIs than tests at the moment. In tests his contribution isn't even half of what it is in ODIs.

  4. Gaurav Sethi said...

    no taming of the shrewd msd

  5. Trideep said...

    I agree with u Q. Dhoni has the right to rest when he feels that he cannot give 100% to the team. The only lesson to be learnt as i have also posted is by the boards. They should start scheduling the tournaments keeping in mind the rest time given to players.

  6. Q said...

    Right said NC!

  7. Q said...

    Tri, the boards will never learn. All they want is money and more money so they will continue to schedule and it will be the players who will continue to opt out.

    Maybe that won't be that bad as more players will get a chance to play and you'll be able to create a significant talent pool.

  8. Jrod said...

    You all make valid points except, test cricket is the only cricket. If he wanted a rest, why not rest from one day cricket.

    Cause he doesn't care about test cricket, he cares about MS Dhoni.

  9. Q said...

    JRod - thats exactly what I said. Dhoni has shown where his priorities lie, so at the end of the day if thats what he prefers (Odis over tests) then let it be.

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