Monday, July 21, 2008

Random Dip

It was quite a happening weekend in Dubai where I was attending a conference, meeting up and socializing with some old friends, and doing everything unrelated to cricket.

But for some reason, cricket refuses to leave me.

Inzamam Ul Haq happened to be staying at the same hotel where my conference was. He was there with family in tow. Probably enjoying the summer heat of Dubai.

Its definitely the worst time of the year to come to this part of the world so I'm not sure what Inzi was doing here.

I heard Younis Khan is in Saudi Arabia for an Umrah (the religious pilgrimage) - maybe Inzi stopped by on his way there.

In striking contrasting styles, another cricketer, namely Yuvraj Singh, chatted up Well Pitched blogger O2's wife at the Mall of the Emirates when a polite request for an autograph was met with demands for taking him partying around Dubai's night spots.

All this while his team mates Sachin, Karthik, and Gambhir piled 50s against a Sri Lankan Board XI.

Speaking of Karthik, I wonder why fellow blogger Ottayan keeps calling him "Kaarthick" - someting to do with numerology Ott?

Later at night I sent an SMS to O2 asking if he was partying with Yuvraj and I got an instant reply that read:

"Hahaha. No Scene. Sleazy B£$&%^*!"

Well thats Yuvi for you I guess.

Kapil Dev today had his thoughts on him too when he said "He must exhibit his talent at a proper place rather than elsewhere".

India's test series against Sri Lanka seems to be building up well with the hype around Mendis along with the return of Sachin and him aproaching Brian Lara's record for most rest runs.

I just hope the matches aren't high scoring boring draws.

My blogging frequency dipped during last week as I got busy planning my month long sabbatical in August, which was quite a tough task.

Its almost done now. I will be away for all of August but I'm sure Obaid, Sledge, Nazhar, and O2 will be able to keep you entertained.

I'll be back in time for the Champions Trophy, the location of which we still don't know.

What I also don't know is how I will keep track of the cricket blogosphere while I'm away.

I disappear for a weekend and I find that J Rod has posted more than what other blogs do in a weeks time. This is a month I'm talking about.

Oh well, I'll find out soon enough.

There won't be much cricket to miss though or will there?

Sachin getting to 12,000 test runs, Mendis breaking the record for most wickets in a 3-test series, South Africa winning their first series in England since their readmission, Asif winning his doping case, another doping scandal for Pakistan cricket as yesterday's test results come out may be just some of the stories that would be written on while I'm away.

I'm here for another week though but still doing quite a bit of planning.

Make your pitch on this post...

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10 Pitched:

  1. Gaurav Sethi said...

    random Q to Yuvraj: what batch are you?
    YS: bachelor

  2. Viswanathan said...


    He spells his name with an extra 'a'.

  3. Q said...

    Nice one NC.

    Ott.. Cricinfo has it down with 1 'a'.. But u also wrote with a 'c' behind the K.. so I was just wondering if Karthik had also gone to one of those numerologists to get his fortunes changed like all those bolly stars.

  4. Viswanathan said...


    It is definitely a numerology thing.
    It is commonly spelled as Karthik.

  5. straight point said...

    sorry kapil paaji...the talent he shows at night parties cant be shown at cricket ground...

  6. Som said...

    Already Yuvi's mom is fuming. She said Kapil is no angel himself and hurled an idiom at him as well...that those who live in glass houses...I didn't know Kapil's is a glass house.

  7. Anonymous said...

    @Q, why is Mendis breaking the record? And why isn't India winning the series? ;)

  8. Q said...

    VM - Mendis breaking the record is just a hunch based on his hype ;-). What is the record anyway? 27?

    India could win the series but given their record here they will probably not.

  9. Q said...

    Som, I'd like to know why Kapil is no angel ;-)

  10. Anonymous said...

    sleazy #$%^* indeed... what a nerve. Once helped my friend do a commercial shoot with him... we found him irritating and full of crap.

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