Sunday, August 31, 2008

John, did you really mean that ?

Here's a quote I saw on Cricinfo. It's John Buchanan, Australia's former coach, reacting to the review/referral system:
"Cricket ought to initially clean its own backyard and then strive to secure a place in the Olympics. I consider it miserable that the decisions of the authorities are questioned. I'm totally against the referral system and Twenty20 cannot be a part of the Olympics as the referral system is against the spirit of the Games."

Wow! Questioning the decisions of the authorities is "miserable"??? Which ex-Soviet state did he grow up in? (The rest of his statement is equally bizarre, and I'll leave discussion on that for another time).

Cricket fans have had just about enough of the horrible decisions (intentional or not) by the so-called "elite" umpires, as well as seeing the culprits not taken to task for their failures. So they have put enough pressure that a system is finally in place to provide reasonable correction. It has its quirks but, just like with everything else, those will smooth out over time and increased usage.

So Mr. Buchanan, stop acting like a Communist Dictator and embrace the democratic movement of cricket fans worldwide. If you are afraid that Australia will suffer since less-than-honest Australian fielders and umpire bias (in favour of Australia) and will be exposed by the system, don't be. Australia is still an awesome and unparalleled team, even without those advantages they have enjoyed for quite some time.

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  1. David Barry said...

    That is indeed a strange thing to say. Teams can and regularly do protest officials' decisions in traditional Olympic sports such as athletics and swimming.

  2. Anonymous said...


    its not the first time john has said something that din't make sense.

    in another interview, he said Oz has got quality spinners right now.

    again didn't make sense.

  3. Jrod said...

    Well he was in Queensland during the Sir Joh years, that was like a redneck dictatorship, so that may be the reason.

    akkpaddedup, I assume he meant Bryce McGain.

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