Monday, October 27, 2008

How Could I?

I'm dissappointed in myself for not knowing that Lawson's time was up.

I'm dissappointed that I actually trusted what Ijaz Butt said in his 1st press conference.

For a moment I had forgotten that this was Pakistan, where no one sticks to their word. Where everyone says big things to hog the headlines and then forgets about them.

Some people have said to give this new administration some time.

I was doing exactly that when Ijaz Butt said that Lawson would stay till his contract expired and then let go.

Little did I know that Ijaz Butt would make a U-Turn within a week!

So what happened Mr. Butt?

I thought the board had no money to pay off Lawson in case they fired him - where did you get the money suddenly?

When you met him on Friday, you promised to get back to him after discussing certain issues with the board. Instead Lawson heard on TV that he was being fired - what happened to that discussion?

The start of the new Chairman's term has been nothing less than dramatic.

It's as if Chota Rajan has been welcomed by Karachi and he has gone about business by initially getting rid of all of Dawood Ibrahim's men and traces.

In came the new PCB Chairman and out went the COO, the media director, the HR director, the Chief Selector, various other staff members, and now the coach.

Who next?

Now lets hope this Ijaz Butt seriously means business and is not only speaking for the sake of it!

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Malik is next! And maybe Afridi and Shoaib Akhtar too.

    What difference does it make if Lawson was fired 6 months earlier?

    We all forget that we all wanted this to happen the only thing missing is removing Malik and kicking out Akhtar, as a nation we like to criticize every step we take, once you decide that an employee is useless he has to go and the sooner it is accomplished is the better, but I do agree that there could have been better ways to execute the plan.But the end result would have still remained the same,IMO the only reason this happened because Lawson must have tried to settle scores with Butt in the last meeting between the two and that made Butt & co change their mind.
    Why do we care about Lawson so much when he did a lousy job? He was disrespectful of the Pakistan media never took the expectations of a nation seriously and always considered himself above accountability, he never exercised discretion while dealing with journalists in Pakistan and never handled the media properly because of his arrogance.I have no sympathy for him.
    All I have to say to him is:
    Yeh duniya goal hey, iss mein her paap ka double role hey.
    You finally met your match.

  2. Soulberry said...

    Let's face it Q, when the adminstration of the nation changed, one expected them to percolate down to the PCB. That's how it is structured.

    However, as Wasim suggested, there was discomfort with many aspects of the team.

    I don't know why things moved into fast-forward mode so quickly but this was on the cards, wasn't it?

    What matters is to see how much good the new adminstration and coach do. That's what they should focus on.

    Top of the agenda will have to be briniging test cricket back to Pakistan.

  3. Q said...

    Wasim, my point was not why Lawson was removed. I also wanted him out.

    My point is that dont say one thing and do the other.

    Ijaz Butt said to the world that Lawson would see his contract out. If you have said that stick to that. Thats all I say.

  4. Q said...

    SB I agree.. lets c how good they do.

    Intikhab is a good man to be at the helm of cricketing affairs.

    He was the coach/manager of the 92 world cup winning team. And he's not a coach like the coaches are today. He's more of a man-manager and I guess that is something Pakistan needs right not.

    Who was that man who did this for India when they were without a coach after the world cup?

  5. Anonymous said...

    Q, the decision was changed after the meeting between Butt and Lawson the details of the meeting nobody knows,but its not hard to imagine
    given the arrogant and rude nature of Lawson to have made matters worse for himself in that meeting.
    The guy from day one mistreated and disrespected Pakistani journalists, never took criticism positively always responded in a rough manner, nothing predicts behavior like behavior, I am sure instead of reassuring his new boss he must have resorted to the same arrogant response to which Pakistanis have already been used to in the last 15 months.
    Management is not an easy job, the flip flop decisions and the spineless administration of the previous administrators embolden a lot of people in the PCB hierarchy and the team,I won't be surprised if we see more decisions like this in near future.
    They say in Punjabi " Danda pir wigray tigrayaan da".

  6. Anonymous said...

    How come Lawson got sacked when the Pakistan team doesn’t play cricket these days?

  7. Q said...

    If that is the case Wasim then Ijaz Butt should not have spoken about Lawson before meeting him.

  8. Q said...

    LB, the sacking happened because of the little cricket they had played.

    The new PCB admin thought he was "useless"... no point keeping useless stuff on board is it..

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