Monday, October 20, 2008

Operation Clean-Up

Once the new Chairman, Ijaz Butt, took over the PCB, changes were expected by everyone; however, no one really expected the changes to take place this rapidly.

PCB's management, the selection committee, and the team management have all changed since Ijaz Butt took over, and will continue to do so over the next few months before the big series against India in January 2009.

PCB Management

A number of Nasim Ashraf's yes men have been asked to leave office and more will be doing so in the coming weeks.

Shafqat Naghmi, PCB's Chief Operating Officer, is the latest one to resign from his post. Rumours are however suggesting that Naghmi will not be allowed to leave till an investigation into the PCB's operations under Nasim Ashraf is completed.

The news doing the rounds is that financial irregularities have been discovered and Naghmi along with Nasim Ashraf have been at the centre of them. While Ashraf may be able to escape scott-free, Naghmi would have to bear the brunt.

Salim Altaf, who was fired a few months ago by Nasim Ashraf for leaking news to the media is back in the PCB offices owing to his association with Ijaz Butt.

Salim Altaf has always been involved with Pakistan cricket one way or another, but what he has exactly done during all this time is a question mark. Its also unknown as to in what capacity he has been brought back.

Over the next few weeks, Ijaz Butt is expected to hire a fresh team to manage the PCB including a CEO, COO, and other directors for HR, marketing, media, etc.

This necessarily may not be a bad thing as majority of the management who have been asked to leave were part of the Nasim Ashraf camp, and Ijaz Butt has every right to have a team of his own.

Furthermore, being a former test cricketer, it may also be a good thing that Ijaz Butt is looking to hire professionals with some sort of cricket experience, unlike the administrators and bureaucrats who managed the board under Nasim Ashraf.

Selection Committee

Chief Selector Salahuddin resigned the day after Ijaz Butt took over.

Even though he mentioned that he left because he wanted Ijaz Butt to appoint his own selection committee, the true reasons behind the resignation was the tampering of the squad chosen for the T20 Quadrangular in Canada.

Since then the Sports Ministry has come out and said that a PCB official had asked for a change in the squad, which was approved by the Ministry. Who exactly that official was, we don't know but rest assured he is one of the men who have been asked to leave by Ijaz Butt.

Shagqat Rana, who was part of the selection committee, has also resigned since then, while the 3rd member of the committee, Saleem Jaffar, has been appointed as the Chief Selector by Ijaz Butt.

Jaffar's appointment is however an interim one with his immediate tasks including selecting the squads for the Hong Kong Sixes and the 3 ODIs against the West Indies next month.

It is believed that Ijaz Butt will find a replacement for Jaffar by the end of the year, in time for preparation for the series against India in January.

Former test cricketers Ijaz Ahmed and Shoaib Mohammad have been appointed selectors under Jaffar. Whether they are interim members or permanent is yet unknown.

Once again, a selection committee comprising of former test cricketers can only be a good thing.

Team Management


Talat Ali, who was the manager of the team for 2 years resigned after the T20 Quadrangular in Canada.

News reports again suggested that Talat Ali resigned with the view that the new Chairman should hire his own team, however a certain controversy on tour in Canada is believed to have resulted in Talat Ali's sacking.

Firstly, Ijaz Butt was never happy with the fact that Talat Ali invited Nasim Ashraf to the team's dug out during the match against Zimbabwe in Canada.

Secondly, some players complained against Talat Ali for not informing them about a particular team dinner that was held for all participants by the hosts in Canada. Half the Pakistan players did not attend because they were not aware of the dinner, while the other half were left embarassed as they were not dresssed appropriately, again because they were not aware.

Sultan Rana and Yawar Saeed have been named as the managers for the Hong Kong Sixes and ODIs against West Indies respectively, while a permanent manager is expected to be named before the end of the year.


Ijaz Butt openly criticized Geoff Lawson soon after he was appointed as PCB Chairman, which led everyone to believe that Lawson's days were numbered.

I still believe that Lawson's tenure will be over after the ODIs against the Windies, however Lawson in his latest interview thinks otherwise.

There is strong speculation that Waqar Younis will take over as coach before the series against India. Waqar is definitely lobbying for the position and it seems that Ijaz Butt is more in favour of a Pakistani coach rather than a foreign one.

Waqar or no Waqar, Lawson will definitely be going as Ijaz Butt has announced that Lawson's contract will not be renewed when it expires in April 2009. I won't be surprised if he's allowed to leave much before that.


With the axing of Talat Ali, and the speculation surrounding Lawson, it seemed that Shoaib Malik was living his last few days as Pakistan captain as well.

Misbah, Afridi, Younis were all being rumoured to take over as captain. Besides Misbah, the other two were also heard lobbying for the post and speculation was that one of them would take over by the end of the year when Malik's term expires.

But all that took a back seat after a meeting was held yesterday between the 3 cricket heads - PCB Chairman, Chief Selector, and Captain.

Following the meeting it was concluded that Malik will now have a greater say in squad selection as well as the team composition.

Now that's interesting to say the least. How Malik got his way with Ijaz Butt and Jaffar is still a mystery.

This is a drastic change from the previous policy, where the selection committee had total control over team selection.

How this will change the team comprosition will also be intriguing to witness.

Malik's problems with Afridi and Younis are well documented - will this lead to their axing or will Malik include them despite his differences?

Imran Khan and Wasim Akram showed that a captain with all powers is the way to go in Pakistan, however Inzamam showed why it should never be allowed.

Which way Shoaib Malik will go, we can only speculate right now, but this in no way means that Malik's status as captain following December is secure as Ijaz Butt has stated that Malik's term will be reviewed once the current one ends.

Thus come the series against India and Pakistan could be taking the field under a new man.

Time will only tell whether these changes will bring about a change in fortunes for the Pakistan team or not, but one thing is definite - Ijaz Butt is here with a plan and that plan has kicked off with operation Clean Up.

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29 Pitched:

  1. Anonymous said...

    This selection committee is only for the interim period and will select the team for Hong Kong sixes and the the team for the Odi series against the WI.
    Saleem Altaf is the father in law of Sardar Zulifqar Khosa the Ex CM of Punjab and an influential political figure, I am also not sure what he has done for Pakistan cricket over the years.

    Malik's time will end when he will play some test matches as a captain his own selection and place in the team comes under scrutiny when it comes to test format,he is ok in the shorter version in fact has improved.

    The biggest challenge and test for this new administration will be to restore Pakistan teams strength as a test team.

    This operation clean up was long due, I don't think PCB needs 750+ employees, and those who have been involved in financial embezzelments
    should face the inquiries,only time will judge the sincerity of these steps right now all I can say is that these steps are in the right direction.

  2. Anonymous said...

    I was a little surprised to read that Younis Khan (I presume that is the Younis you mean) is a candidate for captaincy considering he is now playing in Australia.

    I'm looking forward to watching him play at Bellerive in two weeks and will try to say G'Day and point him to the Well Pitched blog.

    So make sure write nice things about him until at least Nov 8!

    If there are any questions you'd like me to ask him send them to my email. There is a link at 99.94.


  3. Anonymous said...


    I don't have any hope with this new PCB admin because we are seeing the same faces that have played their part in destroying Pakistan cricket in the past.

    Ijaz Butt is going to appoint his own yes-men now and I don't think there will be any difference in the results. First of all they need to appoint a new captain and get rid of this coach. These are short term changes and they can be implemented without many problems.

    In Pakistan people will always differ about selection issues because everyone wants to have things his own way. Either the squad and playing XI should be fully decided by the captain, or by the selection committee. If both have the duty to decide selection there will always be friction.

    When youngsters are introduced they must be given chances to perform, but if they fail in a few innings they must not be persisted with. PCB has tried this strategy for too long where people like Imran Farhat and Imran Nazir got plenty of opportunities to play but could not capitalise. It is easy to get rid of openers because they will always get chances to perform, unlike middle and lower order batsmen like Fawad Alam who had to rely on an impossible situation batting at no 9 to prove his worth.

    Giving confidence to youngsters is important and people like Sohail Khan and Najaf Shah did not do anything wrong to be relegated like this. We had Mohammad Khalil and Wahab Riaz who did not appear very impressive but Sohail and Najaf showed promise.

    PCB also has to think about issues like when the right time is to introduce a youngster. There are calls to introduce Mohammad Aamer and Ahmed Shehzad, but both are only 16 and we have to assess whether they are the right age to make their debuts. They don't seem very experienced to me and there are other players more experienced than them who can be tried.

    Shoaib Akhtar should be considered a forgotten entity but this new admin will be more friendly with him. He is a liability and we should accept he will never become fit enough to play competitive international cricket. So it is time to forget about Akhtar and Asif and move on.

    I also feel two of Pakistan's "Fab Four", Yousuf, Younis, Misbah and Malik, should retire from ODI's and T20 and younger, fitter and multi functional players should be used.

    By the way the news has just come that Lawson's contract will not be reviewed after April 2009.

  4. Anonymous said...

    By having double standards I have never seen any problem getting resolved,Ejaz Butt has every right to bring in those he trust and kick out those who are responsible for mismanagement and corruption. PCB needs downsizing for its financial and administrative health.

    I think the same standards with which we judge Afridi's performance if we judge the rest of the team then nobody will ever get dropped from the team, talking about chances, I don't think Afridi would have survived in any other country for this long not even Bangladesh he is the one who got the most chances.If you disagree with me then Q I would suggest take a poll, We celebrate his quick fire 10's and 15's but when Hafeez used to score a quick 20 or 30 along with his economical spell that was never appreciated and was never good enough, Imran Nazir same problem we always expected him to score 50 in every match one failure and the knives were out, Malik if he was out of form with the ball he didn't deserved a place in the team but the same rules don't apply on Afridi and Fawad, if Afridi fails to bat lower down the order its Malik's fault who didn't sent him up the order, if he fails as an opener again its Malik's fault who changed his batting position, Fawad Alam performs in one match with the ball he joins the immortals but when he fails with the ball usually there is a huge silence as if nobody noticed it, but the usual argument is that he is only a batsman its Malik's fault who gave him the ball to ruin his career. These are childish arguments and have no fairness in them.

    Aamer is no longer U16 but compare his record to any other bowler in RBS. Sohail Khan and Anwar ali are already in the team they are on the bench right now and soon will be front line bowlers thats how system works everywhere else in the world.

    I do agree Fawad Alam should bat higher he should come before Afridi, Akmal and Tanveer. I don't think that he has accomplished any thing so big that he should take Younis Khan's or Misbah's place.

    Coming to Shoaib Akhtar, the same match in which Shoaib got hammered did anybody cared to examine Umar Gul's performance he was the main culprit, on Akhtar's bowling their were edges which could have gone either way, but Gul was the one who bowled a wayward spell and was completely up and down the track.

    Najaf shah who??

    BTW at what age Afridi got his debut?

    I didn't mean to offend any one and only wanted to give my opinion I don't think if Afridi is given the captaincy it will solve any of the problems,first of all he can never get a place in the test team due to his current batting form and he has never been a test bowler.

    Sometimes we need to carefully examine what we are wishing for, Afridi is still surviving because he is not playing in test matches, in past on several occasions his career almost came to an end because of his poor performance in test matches, if he becomes captain not only that he will have to defend himself but also the performance of the team which will not transform overnight will remain the same even if he takes over, I don't think he will be able to sustain anymore pressure.His plate is already full.

    By kicking out key players nothing will get accomplished, Malik's captaincy will get re-examined in December I think its fair and I expect the board should continue or remove him after the Indian series based on his performance.

    By kicking out Misbah, Younis, Yousuf and Malik or any two of them yeah we will definitely be able to make a North Nazimabad eleven which will of course be world beaters.

  5. Damith S. said...

    Lol, is it true that Ijaz Butt said that Lawson is "Useless" haha.

    I hope for pakistans sake this clean up act goes well.

    I cant imagine, well i can, the corruption within the board. coming from sri lanka its all too familiar to me.

    world cricket needs a solid pakistani team.

    great site mate.
    how about a link exchange.

    already added you.

    think ull need to create a new category for me :)

  6. Q said...

    "The biggest challenge and test for this new administration will be to restore Pakistan teams strength as a test team. " ---> Wasim, we have always been a better ODI side than a test one and key reason behind that has been that we don't play enough tests in a season. There has always been more emphasis on the ODI game and hence the test performance has suffered.

    I don't think we can solely blame the PCB for this. The ICC and their FTP has also not allowed Pakistan to play as many test matches.

    The last time Pak played a 5-test series was 1992!

  7. Q said...

    Nesta, Younis had signed up to play for South Australia this year, but he's there for a few matches only. He's a regular member of the Pakistan side and will be back for the 3 ODIs against the Windies. Hope he has a good run down under.

    I will think of some questions and mail em across.

  8. Q said...

    "First of all they need to appoint a new captain and get rid of this coach. These are short term changes and they can be implemented without many problems."

    Khansahab - Ijaz Butt said that Lawson will be replaced when his term expires. He also stated that it can't be done now cos PCB would face a big loss which they cannot afford to right now. Ijaz Butt has also said that Malik's performance will be reviewed when his contract ends in December.

    I think this is the right thing to do at this point. There isn't much justification to replace Malik right now. Last year there was when they lost the back to back test series but this year the performance has been alright.

  9. Q said...

    Good to see you here Damith. Will blog roll you right away.

    As for that comment on Lawson - yes thats true.. he did say that Lawson is Useless. !!

  10. Q said...

    Wasim - I think that Nazimabad comment is uncalled for.

  11. Q said...

    Khansahab - I agree that whenever new players are given chances to play they should be persisted with for longer. Only then will we be able to figure out their temperament and whether they are long term prospects or not.

  12. Q said...

    Wasim & Khansahab

    U know my stance on Afridi. I have always considered him a bowler and will continue to do so. He is by far our best and I believe if he is given a chance in test matches, he will do better than Kaneria. Remember Afridi's test debut against Australia?

    As for Hafeez - again I have always supported him and have always called for him to open with Butt. And that too because of his contributions with the ball. He is a very good utility player.

    As for our openers and pacers - we need to give them more chances. There have been way too many chops and changes.

    They need to find the best ones for the job and stick with them for some time.

    Shoaib Akhtar - he still has time. He should continue to play ODIs and T20s in my opinion.

  13. Anonymous said...


    When I said PCB needs to remove Malik as captain, I did not suggest Afridi should replace him. I believe Afridi is the ideal captain for the team but at the moment anyone can replace Malik. You can blame the selectors and blame the administration but the fact is in the last year Pakistan has suffered more from Malik's strange decisions such as sending Fawad Alam later down the order than people like Tanvir.

    By the way, thank you for pointing out the racist comment of one of the bloggers here. I am glad to know that except one, everyone on this blog is mature and refined. I will continue to post on Wellpitched because I don't think one person's uncouth and racist comments should deter anyone from posting.

  14. Anonymous said...

    Ijaz Butt has done something completely idiotic by prematurely announcing Lawson will not continue as Pakistan's coach after April 2009.

    Pakistan plays West Indies next month and then also plays India early next year. If the Pakistani team performance is satisfactory (although that looks unlikely with Malik as captain) questions will be raised as to why the decision not to renew Lawson's contract was made so early?

    And Butt will look like an idiot.

    As for Malik, he is OK in T20 and even in ODI's he can get a place. He can bat anywhere in the order which is his biggest asset. He is just not the ideal captain.

    I will reiterate that unless changes are made in the Fab Four of the Pakistan batting line up we will not see consistency in the team's results. Pakistan's bowling is not so weak because of Gul and Tanveer and I still maintain Rao is a good bowler in ODI's and T20. PCB has started treating Rao like Shahid Nazir who was always a reliable bowler but he didn't have the pace and aggression of Shoaib Akhtar.

    We talk about Shoaib Akhtar being a match winner which is not disputed but he has lost Pakistan so many matches too. Pakistan depends on him so much yet he is so unfit and lacks commitment. Look at how fit Mohammad Sami is despite not even being half as effective as Akhtar. In the ICL Sami is constantly bowling at 140 kph and he is looking fit as a fiddle. Look how fit Brett Lee is.

  15. Q said...

    I do think that Afridi leading the team can bring about an overall positivity in the team, which is definitely required. Afridi is the sort of chaacter who can bring out the best in players. Somewhat in the same mould as Dhoni. You need a confident man leading you. Malik unfortunately does not exude that confidence. That is my only reason for suggesting Afridi for the captaincy.

    Ideally though, in order to have the same man in charge in ODIs and Tests, Misbah should be the choice.

    Rao is useless. He has not demonstrated even once that he should be part of a starting XI. Never. As is Sami. The guy has no brain. He may be fit but he has no idea how to bowl in what situation.

    Shoaib Akhtar is by far a huge match winner for Pakistan. He may not have won us as many games as we would have liked, but he surely did not lose us that many.

    He was just unlucky with the edges in the T20 final against SL.

  16. Anonymous said...

    Q whats wrong with Nazimabad comment if everybody from Punjab in the team is being constantly criticized just for the sake of it and calls are being made to kick them out of the team, then what is left, I have seen several times Pakistan team being referred as Punjab 11 by the same people who are now- offended, so whats wrong with Nazimabad 11, I am just returning the negative karma.

    I know your comments are always balanced and fair even though we have a little disagreement on Afridi being a test player but our comments always remain civil.I have no problem in Malik being removed as a captain eventually it is going to happen in December, but I don't think Afridi has done any wonders in the last two years that he should be rewarded with captaincy, the same standards of leading from the front and giving all round performance should also apply on him. As far as Captaincy skills are concerned Malik has beaten him three times in a row in domestic competitions and this time with a much weaker team.

    Ejaz Butt has done nothing wrong by announcing early about Lawson's contract, he can't do any worse than what he has already been done.

  17. Anonymous said...

    I think people should stop making stories up because I've never called Pakistan XI, "Punjab XI" and I've never called Pakistan Cricket Board, "Punjab Cricket Board" and I've never called Pakistan, "Punjabistan".

    LOL @ "everybody from Punjab in the team is being constantly criticized". I've criticised everyone including Afridi's batting form, and I've also spoken against Faisal Iqbal, Mohammad Sami, Danish Kaneria etc. I have also complained about Gul's fitness problems. Conversely I have supported Yasir Arafat, Najaf Shah, Saeed Ajmal and Nasir Jamshed. So I don't know how come "everyone from Punjab" is being criticised. Or maybe these players are not "thaite Punjabis" which is why Wasim is offended. On other blogs I have criticised people who want to see a Karachi XI playing for Pakistan, just like how I criticise Punjabi jingoists who think of themselves as a superior race.

    I know some others commonly refer to Pakistan XI as Punjab XI, however I don't see why this racist blogger is venting his frustration out on me. He tries to make many statements against me and I have been ignoring him so far. I find his cowardly style very amusing because he seems to afraid to confront me directly.

    Wasim sahab, I have said this before and will say this again, stop this child's play because you are a grown up and I think you should take anger management classes.

  18. Anonymous said...


    All I would say is go read your own comments on your own blog that will show you the mirror,our difference of opinion always turns ugly because of your uncouth language and personal remarks.

  19. Anonymous said...

    Wasim sahab,

    Firstly it is not only "my blog" because I have to seek permission from two other people before I do anything.

    Secondly I am pleased to realise you are a regular visitor. We do discuss a lot of politics but we also discuss non political issues which I hope you find interesting.

  20. Anonymous said...

    Ovais the language you use for others is only reflective of how you were brought up, I feel sorry for you, everybody is free to express their opinion on this blog so did I without name calling and personal remarks, its your immaturity that you back off from your statements made on your own site and here and think others won't remember anything,the language you use about aged officials/players from a particular ethnicity clearly reflect your racist mindset, your mind is corrupted with racism and Jingoism not mine, I have always been fair in my comments, have never liked or disliked any player or official just because of his ethnicity,It is also your immaturity that you think that I am afraid of you in any way and can't respond you, I only refrain from it because of Q.

    You have a Bipolar personality disorder,your behavior is not normal either you are extremely respectful or you get extremely disrespectful, your mood swings clearly indicate the problem, you need to get this thing evaluated.

  21. Anonymous said...

    Wasim sahab

    I don't hate you for what it's worth but you seem to hate me with all heart and soul even though you are the one who has always attacked me first and even used abusive language against my parents. Perhaps this reflects how both of us have been brought up.

    As for your suggestion of me having a dual personality or the like, many people that we both know seem to find you unnecessarily arrogant, biased and immature. So perhaps you should see the faults within yourself first.

    I may be wrong, after all I am human and to err is very human. I have never discounted that possibility. Only our Creator knows who is wrong and who is right. On my blog which you visit regularly I keep on saying that we are all humans and we can make mistakes- at least I have the integrity to admit that and am not like you who is so confident that you are right and perfect.

    Please don't insult my intelligence by suggesting that I am not aware that you or anyone else on Wellpitched reads my blog. Wellpitched is a different platform and politics is not discussed here even though you seem hellbent on talking about Karachi and Nazimabad. May I suggest next time you stick with Nazimabad or Dastageer or Azizabad, because using the word "Karachi" can be misleading since less than half of the city's population is ethnically Urdu Speaking. Karachi has around 15% Pathan population and 17% Punjabi population you know, and a huge number of the Punjabi population is rich businessmen who live in the posh areas. :)

    Yes, my mind is plagued with jingoism and racism even though all people who left you to your own devices on your blog belonged to different ethnicities, one of them being a Punjabi. The problem is with you, sir. If I make a remark against Malik without any prejudice to you, you interpret it as a personal attack. Malik is not your relative so please don't be so protective of him. You seem to have forgotten how supportive I was of Malik on Pakspin. As for Afridi his bowling is very good now and if he isn't made captain there is no point in keeping him in the side because his batting is out of order. That is why I keep suggesting he should be captain.

    The other reason why you are the problem is because I always make statements against a Karachi based political party and people who support Karachi, yet you have totally sidelined that. That is because you are racist. If you were unbiased you would take everything into account. I don't have a problem with a particular ethnicity, I have a problem with whoever I believe is doing wrong.

    If you really cared about this blog or Q, you would not keep on mentioning Karachi and Nazimabad and you would not keep on attacking me. If you must know I have raised this concern with Q and I have specifically mentioned all those occasions when I have kept silent but you have tried to make racially motivated comments.

    You seem to be very critical of my upbringing although you admit I can be very respectful at the same time. The person who deserves the most respect is the one who respects everyone else, even his enemies.

    You are playing childish games with me who is half your age. I know you don't care about what I say because I know you more than you know yourself, but please think about Q and stop this child's play.

    For the record I will say two things which I believe to be true- and I have no qualms admitting them. These are facts and I sincerely hope you will not be so biased to disregard the following:

    1) As a race Muhajirs I find are more educated and mature. Educated and unbiased people in Pakistan, regardless of what ethnicity they are, agree to this. This is a fact whether you like it or not. Of course many Muhajirs are uneducated and backward- there is no denying this but compared to others they are still superior thinkers.

    2) Jingoism comes from pride and Muhajirs have the least pride amongst all ethnic groups. This is because Muhajirs as a race have not stemmed from a singular source/roots unlike Punjabis, Pathans and Sindhis. My ancestors were real Pathans a few generations ago. Most Muhajirs a few generations ago were either Punjabis,Pathans, Persians, Biharis or Hindi/Sanskrit speakers. This ethnic amalgamation has diluted any semblance of any "regional pride" or "ethnic jingoism".

    We all know we inherit most qualities from our parents. The Muhajir culture has been greatly influenced by Hindu culture in India where education and wisdom is encouraged from a very young age. Muhajirs were also rural in their mindset some time ago (and a few of them still are, even now) but they abandoned those principles a long time back whereas most ethnicites in Pakistan, in particular Punjabis are still largely rural in their mindset. The origin of the word, "Paindoo" actually stems from Punjabi culture and it is not a word that has been created by any "enemy of Punjab".

    The reason why you sometimes see backward or unreasonable behaviour from Muhajirs in Karachi is because it is after they came to Pakistan that they made an attempt to devise an ethnic identity. In doing so they committed some unreasonable and uncalled for acts, which I have always criticised.

    Every generation is more knowledgeable and savvy than its past generation. Since Muhajirs abandoned the rural mindset much, much earlier than any other ethnicity in Pakistan, they are more critical, analytical and aware. So when they sometimes criticise what they feel is wrong with Pakistan, their comments are perceived to be racist propaganda by Punjabis, who don't realise they are actually being biased and racist themselves.

    Again, I will emphasise that Muhajirs can also be very backward and unreasonable in their actions and that reflects in the turbulent political history of Karachi.

    Wasim sahab, a lot of our disagreemtns are because of what I have mentioned here. Please stop hating and start tolerating. And for once I hope you will pay attention to the wrongs committed by Muhajirs which I have taken the pains to highlight.

  22. Anonymous said...


    First of all I don't hate anybody especially you, and that is why while expressing my opinions in my first post I didn't used any personal attack and also stated its my personal opinion and doesn't mean to offend anybody. But your response made it again personal as usual.

    I never abused your parents or anybody else's until you didn't stopped from using bad language against me and my family on your blog and Pakspin, I hope your memory is still with you and I remember when I pointed out that to you what was your response so stop portraying yourself as innocent.

    I don't care if your partners consider me arrogant, of course they will call me arrogant as I always expressed my independent opinion and never cared for their bullying.

    Why are you so mad on my sarcastic remark of Nazimabad 11 when you have expressed at least a 100 times on different platforms that Pakistan team is becoming a Punjab 11,not to mention that you and your partners don't leave any opportunity to ridicule, demean Punjabi players and officials, do you think only you have the right to say whatever you want and others will just have to listen, if you are so sensitive then learn to respect others.

    Malik is not my relative and Afridi is not yours, everybody knows how much I criticized him when he was not performing but your criticism comes in a racial tone and is based on trivial things, just like a tyrant mother in law who criticizes her DIL for every small petty issue and adds racist insults with it," Atta ghondti ho to hilti kiyon ho

    If you will express biased and racist opinions on a public platform sooner or later you will get a response.

    Kick out Yousuf, Younis, Misbah and Malik and give captaincy to Afridi because he is not batting well. lol
    Ek teer se itney shikar subhaan Allah, Afridi captain bhi bun gaya aur sara competition bhi khatam ho gaya, wah.

    I don't care if Afridi becomes captain if he will perform he will get appreciated from me wholeheartedly if not then I will criticize him just like any other player.It was me who for the first time called him a bowling all rounder 2 years ago on Pakspin, Ask your partner he will tell you about it.

    He is a good bowler but fails to perform his role as an allrounder role and thats my only criticism on him,I give a hoot about his race or ethnicity for me he is just a national cricketer.

    The difference between my and your comments is that I never attacked or abused any player from Karachi except on one occasion when I expressed my frustration about Afridi,I usually just appreciate or criticize them as regular players of the national team based on their performance,whereas your comments always have an agenda, bias and racist hatred against Punjabi players nobody will tolerate them. I don't twist facts to make any player look bad or good based on his ethnicity thats your trait so racism is your problem not mine.I will again suggest you go read your own comments on your own blog and you will be able to see your true self.

    Its true this is not a political blog and unlike you I will refrain from discussing politics.

    Paindoo is a punjabi term which means "village idiots" or "simpleton" I think if all the village idiots of the world make a village of their own, despite all your education, western background and shrewdness, you will still be a perfect fit in that village just because of your views.

  23. Anonymous said...

    Wasim sahab

    Please can you highlight when exactly I abused your family?

    In fact my rule is never to bring anyone's family into the question. If any of my "partners" ever insulted your family please don't blame me for it.

    You called me "something ki aulad"- have you forgotten? It is in response to that and nothing else that I insulted you.

  24. Anonymous said...

    Again..... you are calling me a village idiot....your childish games have not stopped.
    I won't dignify this child's game with a retort, so please be happy at your childish endeavors.

    I think you should start posting on Abdul's site because you are the perfect target audience for that.

  25. Anonymous said...

    Why don't you admit openly as a man, what you guys did, why are you behaving like a "meesna". I warned you before I counter attacked but you never paid any attention to my warning and continued the smear campaign against me on your site.

    Hate begets hate and an eye for eye, what do you expect.

  26. Q said...

    And then everyone wonders why the Pakistan team can't play like a unit.

  27. Anonymous said...

    Butt is going to take Pakistan cricket to more deep rooted problems with his verbal diaorrhea and cynicism!!

  28. Anonymous said...


    After reading all this can you imagine how Malik must be treating poor Afridi and Fawad Alam?


    Wasim sahab, this is just a joke so please don't lose any sweat over it.

  29. Q said...

    Buzzz, Pak Cricket today needs an outspoken and aggressive man like Butt.

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