Thursday, November 20, 2008

India Shining

The team - yes. The city of Kanpur - no.

Today's ODI between England and India ended in slightly strange circumstances as bad light abruptly ended play early, and India won on D/L. This is nowhere near the farcical end of the WC final, but it does bring into light (no pun intended) a few things.

First, the match was delayed by 45 minutes, yet only one over was cut from each team. I've heard of slow over rates, but 22.5 minutes per over??? C'mon!

Second, the lunch break was untouched at 35 minutes. Look, I know the players need a break. But think about it, the previously-batting-now-bowling team is pretty well rested and is probably ready to field. And only a few players on the other side would be affected. It's not like this would apply to all matches, but just ones where there's a delay. Now, ICC has a rule about lunch break being affected only if 60 minutes or more are lost. I say this - make that a guideline, and allow the captains to decide before the game starts (or once light/weather become a factor).

Third, there were lights at the stadium. OK, these are not certified ICC/BCCI lights and maybe that's enough to exclude their usage in this specific match. But, in general, lights should be used when they can be. Per this Cricinfo article, the captains decide on playing conditions before a series (which includes use of lights). Maybe the ICC should make it a rule - i.e. use lights when they exist.

I like D/L, I think it ends up being fair, and credit to India for keeping D/L in their sights. My issue is not with D/L at all, it's with how playing times are affected by weather/light. So, what's the solution? Should games like this go into the next day? Should lights be used whenever possible? Should lunch break go away? Should matches in stadiums without lights require a half-hour earlier start? A combination of all I guess. Let's hope the ICC will start thinking - hey, miracles can happen!.

(Sidenote: I also think that playing cricket in North India in late November is not the best idea. I know there's a whole rotation system, but give preference to central/southern cities in winter tours, and northern cities in fall/spring tours. There are enough grounds to go around.)

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  1. Anonymous said...

    I think the lights should be used if available and if not then the number of overs should be reduced if the play starts late, but anyways India were going to win this one regardless, Pieterson should have taken the batting power play when Flintoff and Bopara were batting they lost their chance to post a health total because they took the power play too late, they were also extremely cautious against the spin bowlers their batsmen couldn't rotate the strike and there were too many dot balls, quality teams keep on taking singles during the normal overs and cut loose during the power plays, only 21 runs were scored during the batting power play because Patel and Owais failed to clear the ropes.

    England couldn't even coop with the part time spin of Yousaf Pathan and Yuvraj singh that shows the quality of their team.

  2. Anonymous said...

    During day matches the white ball should not be used, it gets too dirty and the hard to see, I can't understand the logic of using the white ball during day matches.

  3. SledgeHammer said...

    I think the reason they use the white ball in day cricket is colored clothing.

    But then again, MCC is trialling pink balls that they hope to use in ODIs and T20Is.

  4. Q said...

    Orange balls are also being trialled in Australia.. the pink balls I believe was a successful experiment..

    As for white balls for day matches - besides the colored clothing it is also to keep it consistent during a series, which has a mix of both day and day-night matches.

  5. Q said...

    I agree with your views Sledge.. the ICC need to step up on this big time.. they shud have afer the WC final last year..

    Cricinfo asks: "if Dhoni was prepared for such a chaotic ending, why on earth weren't the match authorities prepared to prevent it in the first place?"

    Absolutely spot on!

  6. David Barry said...

    I don't really keep up to date with the various playing conditions around the world, so I'll just spout off from a position of ignorance.

    What I'm guessing happened is that they're playing under conditions which allow for an extra half-hour at the end of the day. Isn't the usual innings break 45 min? If so, then the effective loss of time at the start of the day was 45 - 30 - 10 = 5, which you can turn into two overs.

    Anywhere you play, you need to be able to have an extra half-hour at the end of the day. If they're already starting at 9am or something, then yes, you shouldn't be playing cricket there in November.

    And yes, always turn lights on when needed, even poor lights should be able to extend play a little bit.

    Orange balls were used for day-night first-class matches in Australia in the mid-90's. They swung all over the place, and they went back to day games and red balls quickly.

  7. Anonymous said...

    The lights were perfect BCCI/ICC certified ones.

    It is the stupidity of these folks to hang on to the absolute rigidity of these rules that made such a farcical outcome.

    The next match also has the same scenario.

  8. Anonymous said...

    Exactly Wasim... is coloured clothes more important than a better quality ball!

  9. Anonymous said...

    I think they must make use of flood lights when play is not possible because of any reason except rain.
    But unfortunately the captains have not made a pre-match agreement to use the flood lights...

  10. Q said...

    DB, I heard orange balls were being tried recently as well.. maybe in women's cricket?

  11. Q said...

    Scorps, as I said I think the white ball is to maintain the consistency wihtin a series comprising of both day and day-night matches.. thats the only thing that makes sense..

  12. Q said...

    But Sri, despite the pre series agreements, the captains can agree on the ground itself to use the lights if needed. And in hindsight, why wud the captains oppose to using lights even in pre-series agreement?

  13. Damith S. said...

    I like DL too, but I dont agree on teams having to score more than the other team.

    Drop by my place to have a discussion.

    Maybe teams should be allowed less wickets in hand when starting their innings ?

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