Sunday, December 21, 2008

Living it UP!!

The build up to the series was a quiet one unlike the previous one when Smith had come out all firing.

This time round, it was a much quieter Smith, one that Cricinfo likes to call Graeme Smith 2.0.

An upgraded version!

Since Smith wasn't doing any talking, we decided we would do it for him instead.

Hence started the preview.

Damith billed it as the biggest test series of the year.

And I argued saying it hardly was.

After the 1st day's play and Australia's fightback after being down at 15-3, Damith responded saying that the first day had definitely lived up to the billing.

It sure had. We got everything.

A Hayden and Ponting failure that has become all too familiar with this Australian line up, a Clarke and Symonds fightback (I wonder how that went), the upgraded Haddin 3.0, and a fighting Australian tail including a spinner at number 9 who remained unbeaten on 30!

I thought so too.

I thought the test lived up to the billing of being a big test series.

But then the unthinkable happened.

Johnson took 7 wickets! I was shocked!

The South Africans collapsed, which to me wasn't shocking at all and I asked Damith again if now it were living up to the hype.

He thought it was. I didn't, because a South African collapse meant it was over.

Then for 2 days I ran away to Pakistan.

I got back last night and found out that Johnson had finished with an 8-for, Haddin had upgraded from 3.0 to 10.0, Australia had South Africa a target of 414, Smith had responded with a 100, and South Africa were left with 190 odd to get on the last day with 7 wickets in hand.


This morning I woke up and what do I see?

92 to win. 6 wickets in hand!


Finally an Australia vs South Africa match was living up to its billing.

I can see that smile Damith!

This is just us neutrals getting excited about the series - go have a look at the Aussies here, here, and here.

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