Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Misbah Returns, Shoaib Strikes, Leopards Win Easily

Misbah Ul Haq played his first match in the ongoing Pentangular One Day Cup and scored a run a ball 63 to guide the Bears to a good total of 275, but Umar Amin and Afaq Rahim led chase with brilliant unbeaten centuries leading the Leopards to an easy 7 wicket victory with over 4 overs to spare.

Kamran Hussain, who had led the Bears to a thrilling 1 wicket win over the Dolphins with an unbeaten 45, smashed 56 off only 34 balls to push the Bears total to 275.

Shoaib Akhtar, captaining the Leopards, and Sohail Tanvir were both in great form with the ball picking up 7 wickets between them.

The Leopards chase was made easy through an unbeaten 251 run partnership for the 4th wicket between U19 opener Umar Amin and Islamabad opener Afaq Raheem, both batting in the middle order for this match.

Brief Scores:

Baluchistan Bears 275 all out in 49.3 overs (Fahad Iqbal 68, Misbah 63, Shoaib Akhtar 4-57, Sohauil Tanvir 3-5) lost to Federal Areas Leopards 276-3 in 45.2 overs (Umar Amin 125*, Afaq Rahim 129*).

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  1. Damith S. said...

    hey is this from the ICL or another tournament ?

  2. Anonymous said...

    why is younis khan playing domestic cricket in australia and not in pakistan?

  3. Q said...

    Damith - this is the domestic one day tournament in Pakistan..

  4. Q said...

    Anonymous - Younis Khan got the board's permission to play for South Australia earlier this year - at that time Pakistan's domestic season was not planned. I guess the board is just keeping their word to Younis..

  5. Anonymous said...

    Akhtar back among the wickets... interesting. If he can show his fitness in this tourno, it would be good for him.

  6. Q said...

    Scorps, he always starts of any competition at peak fitness, peak form, peak motivation, peak everything and as the tournament wears on so does he...

  7. Anonymous said...

    The frequent changes in structure of domestic cricket in Pakistan are ridiculous.

    I know PCB gave him permission to play in Aus.

    But even if the season was not planned, there was going to be a season.

    Playing in Aus when seasons in Pak and Aus conflict makes no sensse.

  8. Q said...


    Firstly the changes are not frequent.. akistan's domestic structure was the same for 3 decades with departments controlling the game... it changed around 4 years ago for the first time with the regions being introduced..

    This season has been different because the PCB was unsure abt which international commitments will go through and which not, hence many of the tournaments were planned last minute.

    Where they probably went wrong was that they did not have a back up domestic comp planned in case the int'l teams did not tour, but even that would not have made a difference since the entire board practically changed after DNA left...

    On Younis Khan - he's played domestic cricket in Pakistan for almost 13-14 seasons now.. he's an established member of the team and if one season he goes off to Australia for some more experience and / or to make money, it seriously should be ok..

  9. Anonymous said...

    I had read about the changes in the following article and hence I wrote about it.

    May be the article is wrong.

    The domestic structure should not be on factors such as international schedule, composition of the board etc.

    Regarding Younis Khan playing in Australia, will the board be consistent in this policy? He is one of the very few world class batsman in Pakistan at the moment and one of the senior most player.
    If he done not play in Pakistan, it sends wrong signals about Pakistan cricket. How will the bowlers gain experience if players like him dont play in domestic cricket?

  10. Q said...

    Anonymous, the article's not wrong.. i misunderstood what u were saying. Basically the structure of the domestic competition previously used to be departmental. A few years back it was changed to regional.

    I thought u were talking abt the changing every year.

    What does change every year is the kind of tournaments they have, what tournaments they have, and how many teams participate.

    What u say is absolutely right. The domestic season should be independent of the international schedule and other external factors.. however it does depend on the board composition because it is them who decide on the format and structure and so on..

    Sadly our board members change quite frequently and everyone tries to bring on an implement their ideas. On top even if the board remains the same, the people are so fickle minded that every year they change their mind.

    Hence the state of out domestic season.

    As for Younis Khan. Again I get your point. The thing is that playing domestic cricket in Pak is not financially beneficial as it is in England and Australia and as it is becoming in India. All these cricketers are professionals and seek contracts elsewhere just for that extra buck. Safeguarding thei future so to say...

    The board needs to make the domestic season more attractive for the cricketers otherwise they will lose many for different reasons.

  11. Anonymous said...

    Agree abt cricketers being professionals and safeguarding their future.

    But I think the timing for that was wrong.

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