Wednesday, January 7, 2009

England hit by Subcontinental Drama

I never thought that dressing room spats, ego clashes between players, captain-coach tussles, captain-player arguements could hit teams like England.

Australia and England somehow remained immune to such things.

These "misunderstandings" were always considered to be part and parcel of the game in the subcontinent.

Pakistan has had a fair share of them. As have India and Sri Lanka. Even Bangladesh recently.

But England?

Who would have thought.

Pietersen wants coach Moores out and till now the picture that was painted was of Moores as the villain but apparently it might just be KP who is that if this report is to be believed.

And I thought "Heroes" was confusing - Is Peter a Hero? Is he a villian?

Who knows!

Same goes for KP.

Gooch has conveniently laid all the blame on Shane Warne!

Yes Shane Warne. Not only is he responsible for tarnishing the image of Australian cricket and his own reputation but now the man is also responsible for the drama going on within the England cricket team!

Thats just amazing.

Gooch says that its Warne's influence on KP that has resulted in him not getting along with the coach.

We know the whole Warne-doesn't-like-coaches story.

Gooch also goes on to talk about KP's fall out in the Nottinghamshire dressing room and uses that to say that KP has a history of such problems.

Whats funny though is that then I wonder how Warne is to blame since KP had not even met him till he left Notts to join Hampshire.

Funnier is that Mick Newell, KP's coach at Notts at the time of the fall out Gooch talks about, has come out in support for KP!

Strange these happenings are.

I never thought that the England were capable of such subcontinental drama!

But Newell says that this is normal stuff at the county level.

Are you serious!?

Tell me more!

I hopped over to some blogs from England to figure out what their views on the whole situation were.

Suave has been busy worshipping Sehwag, hence he hasn't even had the time to think about KP but King Cricket enlightens us about an arguement emenating from differences over Liberty X.

Spigot has been relishing the prospects of a Vaughan-free England and doesn't seem bothered over what KP and Moores are upto, but Len of the the last summer whine on the other hand takes a dig at both KP and Moores in what is a hilarious take on the situation.

An even funnier take is a series done by the Night Watch Girl where she dons KP and Moores with characters from Star Trek and gives the whole drama a name as well: Star Moores!

Wonderful that is - here are the first 3 episodes (1,2,3) of the new series.

Patrick Kidd throws a spanner where he mentions that KP still calls Duncan Fletcher for advice. No way! That would kill Moores. That probably makes him feel like the wife who has just found out that her husband still calls up his ex for stress talks.

I went to the Corridor to look for Will Luke's opinion but instead I found Mark Tilley who compares the KP-Moores relationship or rather the lack of to the Vaughan-Fletcher one. He says this is just the start of the fireworks in this whole drama.

Might as well be that.

Tim gives his decision from the third umpire's room and says that if one has to go it will have to be Moores as he hasn't done enough as coach, while KP is one of the only two "stars" that England can boast of.

Mark over at the Reverse Swing Manifest not only calls for the removal of Moores but also calls to offer the job to Micheal Vaughan. Not a bad one at all.

Last but not the least, over at the Reverse Sweep the writer takes us through the history of the KP-Moores drama and mentions their hour long meeting in a hotel when KP first took over as captain, highlights Mark Butcher's statement that if Moores went he would take KP with him, and ends of with a prediction that by the time he gets up KP and Moores might have gone following the ECB teleconference and that Strauss was the new England captain.

Well as I read that and wrote this, that is exactly what happened.

KP has resigned.

Moores has as well.

Strauss is the hot favorite.

As is Andy Flower in the interim period.

The drama has finally ended.

Or has it just begun?

Make your pitch on this post...

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Too much importance is being given to the captain and coach. Captain plays with what he has got. The media's extensive hype on KP over there doesn't make matters better.

    Superstardom was always a part and parcel of English cricket however, they never will acknowledge it.

    But Q, somehow it is refreshing for us to see other team in-fighting :)

  2. Rob said...

    Saw your blog on Sky News last night. Nice one.

  3. Q said...

    Sky News? Are you serious Rob? In what context was it shown there?

    Thanks for the acknowledgement Rob. Hope you keep coming back.

  4. Q said...

    Scorps, elborate more on the superstardom bit..

    As for refreshing, yes it is.. its not pretty but it happens everywhere not just Pakistan - thats good to know.

  5. Rob said...

    It was about the Pietersen/Moores item. They said something like

    "And now we look at bloggers. He read some comments from a blog the moving background (behind him) was a shot of your blog with the banner. It was quite clear -- maybe they use it all the time :)

  6. Q said...

    Wow! Thats amazing Rob. I didn't know about that. If u happen to come across a clip of that on the web, please point it out.

    And again keep dropping by. Will pay u a visit soon and roll u down as well.

  7. Anonymous said...

    It is a small world my dear, no wounder at least we are leaders in some field and are getting so much followings.

  8. Q said...

    Raza, I am not sure what u are talking about..

  9. SledgeHammer said...

    Kamran Abbasi says that ECB is doing a good job of imitating PCB:

  10. Q said...

    Cricinfo is really picking up on Well Pitched Sledge.. first with the Warner Brothers and now with ECB doing a PCB ;-)

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