Monday, January 5, 2009

Fiery Gul in Australia

Due to the New Year holidays I missed the progress of Umar Gul and Sohail Tanvir down under in the ongoing Twenty20 Big Bash.

But now, I am back, and am pleased to find that Gul has been in fiery form for Western Australia.

Last week he managed a 4 wicket haul in his first game for WA, and last night he managed 3-21 against Tasmania.

What's more, Gul even hit the winning runs of the only ball he faced in the game - a 4 of the penultimate delivery of the match leading WA to 2nd place in the points table.

Gul even held 3 catches in the match - wonder where he was fielding.

He didn't have that good a game in his 2nd match against New South Wales, where he went for 41 runs in his 4 overs.

On the other hand, Sohail Tanvir hasn't tasted the same success with South Australia losing to defending champions Victoria.

Victoria haven't lost many 20-20 games in Australia over the last 3-4 years. They have also won the competition 3 times on the trot prior to this one.

When South Australia managed 183, they may have smelled a chance with the best 20-20 bowler in the world in their ranks.

But Victoria showed why they are the best 20-20 side in Australia, if not the world.

Hodge, the leading 20-20 run scorer in the world and White, the captain with the most 20-20 wins creamed the SA bowling.

And they have an opener named Blizzard!

AC Blizzard !!!

What an amazing name you have there Aiden.

And apt for 20-20 cricket too.

Its only appropriate that a man with the name 'Blizzard' has a 20-20 strike rate of 177.95!

I forgot I was writing about Gul. Yep he's been fiery with the ball.

But AC Blizzard. Watch out for the future - the papers can have a field day with headlines.

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  1. Jrod said...

    On my Vic blog i have nicknamed Blizzard "Headline".

  2. Q said...

    That is the most apt name for him Jrod.

    I'd never heard of him before today when I checked the scorecard of that game.

    I will visit your Vics blog soon.

    I've never really followed the domestic competitions in Australia apart from this year because of the inclusion of the Pakis.

    Though I used to read up on the 20-20 success of Victoria and about the NSW team being an international side and so on... I think i'm going to be a regular follower now. I'm gradually becoming a Victoria fan and I think it will be gross injustice if they fail to reach the final and lose a chance to appear in the champions league.

    Not cos they've won the competition the last 3 times but cos millions will lose the chance to watch a champion team.

  3. Jrod said...

    Here he is in action.

    They have such a well blanced 2020 team, although they are missing Siddle and McDonald at the moment.

    Glad you are finally converting.

  4. Q said...

    That was absolutely amazing... that 3rd six that went out of the ground was bloody awesome!

    I think this is last year's final right? How did he not get picked by the IPL?

    We need to get this stuff on TV here.

    Loved the other guys name - D'Ball.. haha.. D'ball De-balls the opposition!

  5. Jrod said...

    It's a huge hit, yeah it was the final.

    Some teams enquired about him, but no one picked him up.

    D'ball is Brad Hodge, Dodge ball.

  6. Q said...

    Oh didn't recognise Hodge..

    I just read that Blizzard hit 89 off 38 in his debut 20-20 innings. Great stuff!

    And he sits 3rd in highest strike rates in 20-20 cricket -

  7. Q said...


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