Saturday, January 17, 2009

I haven't had the time to ...

... do a tribute post for Matthew Hayden and wonder whether he's retired to become a fisherman or a cook or maybe both in a sea food restaurant.

Irrespective, I believe Australia have lost the man who put into practice Steve Waugh's plans for winning first sessions of test matches. Without those starts, Australia of the last decade would not have been Australia.

... refute Mohammad Yousuf's disgruntled arguements regarding Malik's captaincy, his status as a member of the ODI team, and how India hasn't backed Pakistan in times of need.

MoYo needs a reality check.

... laugh, write, and provide evidence against Ponting's claim that Hayden might be the best opener ever in the history of cricket.

Ponting needs to get on to StatsGuru.

... write about how the last World Cup held in the subcontinent turned a minnow into a champion and how the next one could do the same.

Bangladesh need to continue Shakibbing.

... ponder over why Fawad Alam was dropped without ever getting a chance to prove himself while remaining with the squad for over 2 years.

Pakistan selectors need more consistency.

... highlight Sehwag's comment on Hayden - "I haven't seen an attacking batsman of such calibre".

Sehwag needs to take a look at the mirror.

... be amazed at Sri Lanka slipping to 6-5 and then be shocked at Muralitharan playing a match winning knock!

Lanka's batting needs work.

... point out that for the first time since he started playing ODI cricket, Mendis' bowling average topped the 10.0 mark.

Mendis needs to be more consistent.

... wonder which IPL team will snap Shakib Al Hasan and how he will probably be the star attraction at next month's auction.

Shakib needs a million dollar contract.

... describe JP Duminy's amazing run with the bat in all forms of the game and how South Africa had a ready replacement for Kallis once Prince gets fit.

Kallis needs to go. Duminy is here to stay.

... list the things Sehwag does in his free time if he doesn't listen to people, watch TV, or read the papers.

Sehwag needs some entertainment.

... gag at ICC's list of all time greats.

ICC needs to stop rating players.

... be amazed at Warne's and Mcgrath's awe of David Warner.

Warner needs to be pinched.

... write about how Pakistan plan to cope against Murali and Mendis.

Pakistan needs to do a lot and I will talk about it... soon.

Over the last week I had all these points jotted down as topics for my posts.

Never happened.

Been a busy week.

Make your pitch on this post...


3 Pitched:

  1. Gaurav Sethi said...

    Excellent time mgt.

  2. Anonymous said...

    "Ponting needs to get on to StatsGuru."

    Ponting just needs to dispose off his blinkers

  3. Q said...

    Was doing just that NC!

    And yes that too Raj..

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